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Galleries: Art, Photography and Design

  Jordi Feliu, Abstract  2014, Mixed Media 100 x 80, one example of artworks in galleries. via Wikimedia Commons                                          

  ART NEWS : Art, photography and designs galleries across the globe.

Image: Abstract, a mixed media painting by Jordi Feliu is one the works art lovers will see in galleries

Jordi Feliu, Abstract 2014, Mixed Media 100x 80. via Wikimedia Commons

Art galleries are essential for the growth of young and established artists. It is, therefore, not surprising that many young artists have found homes in one art gallery or another. From New York to London and Barcelona, galleries have played major roles in bringing new art to art lovers.  In Baltimore, art galleries like The Alchemy of Art, C. Grimaldis Gallery, Art Gallery of Fells Point, Light Street Gallery, The Metro Gallery, Robert McClintock Gallery, Gallery 788, Mark Cottman Art Gallery and many others have been at the center of the growth of young artists in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Gagosian Gallery is one of the most reputable galleries in the United States. With branches in New York, Beverly Hills, London, Paris, Rome, Athens, Geneva and Hong Kong, the contemporary art gallery has been at the center of  major exhibitions featuring emerging and established artists.   Owned and directed by Larry Gagosian, the gallery has showcased works by   Georg Baselitz, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Serra, Maurizio Cattelan and Thomas Ruff among many others

Contemporary Art Gallery located at the  San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art has been very instrumental in helping the growth of many young artists, especially graduates of the schools. Over the years, the art gallery has featured  exhibitions including On The Road, Passage, Memory Goes as Far as this Morning and Demarcate:Territorial Shift in Personal and Societal Mapping and many others. The success of the gallery has encouraged others to set up art spaces around the area.

The Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery at Smith Center for Healing and the Arts in Washington DC. brings a new approach to art by combining art with good health. The gallery explains the  gallery’s objective thus: we feature artwork that speaks to our larger community; selecting art that serves to educate, enlighten, empower, and cultivate greater healing, beyond the physical.

In Auckland, Auckland art gallery is a major source of pride for young artists and famous visual arts in New Zealand. Located at the Kitchener and Wellesley Streets, Auckland, the gallery has featured exhibitions and works by famous international artists, including Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Rachel Whiterea, Frances Hodgkins, Francis McCracken and Roderick O’Conor.

The Vancouver art gallery in Canada is helping young and established Canadian artists put their works in the front of art collectors.  So also is Tara Gallery that has been showcasing the works of Iranian artists in the United States. The  Art Gallery of New South Wales located in The Domain in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, has been unrelenting in promoting the work of Australian artists.

Below is a list of Galleries across the globe. Alongside art galleries are photography galleries. These are just a few of the art galleries that have helped young artists grow.  While this is not a detailed list, it guide for artists in search of places to promote their works.

List of art, photography  and design galleries around the world.


A arte Invernizzi

A Gentil Carioca

A Gentil Carioca (Rio de Janeiro).

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space – Chengdu


A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts

Aaron Galleries

Abby M Taylor Fine Art

Aberrant Art Gallery (Daytona Beach)

Absolute Americana Art Gallery

ACA Galleries


Acquavella Galleries | New York

Acquavella Galleries, Inc.

Adagio Art Glass

Adah Rose Gallery (Kensington, MD)

Adam Williams Fine Art Ltd.

Adams Davidson Galleries

Adamson Gallery

Addison Gallery (Delray Beach)

Addison Ripley Fine Art

Adler & Co.

Adler & Conkright Fine Art

ADN Galería, Barcelona

Ago Gallery (Ouray)

AICON Gallery – New York

Air de Paris | Paris

AKINCI, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Alan Brown Gallery

Alan S. Maltz Gallery

Alarcón Criado, Seville

Alaska Gallery Guide

Alaska Glass Gallery

Alaska Indian Art

Alaskan Village Arts

Albemarle Gallery, London, UK

Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens

Aldis Browne Fine Arts

Alex Gallery

Alexander and Bonin | New York

Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin | Beijing, Berlin/ Beijing, Germany/ China

Alfonso Artiaco | Napoli

Alison Jacques Gallery

Allan J. McIntyre Fine Art

Allan Stone Gallery

Alliance for the Arts

Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art

Almine Rech Gallery

Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Alpha Gallery

Altitude Fine Art Photography Gallery

Altman Siegel Gallery

Altomani & Sons

Amelia Johnson Contemporary, Hong Kong, Robin Katz Fine Art, London, UK


American Art Gallery

American Painting

Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

Anchorage Art Galleries

Andre Harvy Bronze Sculpture

Andrea Rosen Foundation

Andrea Rosen Gallery

Andrea Schwartz Gallery

Andréhn-Schiptjenko | Stockholm

Andrew Kreps Gallery

Ángeles Baños, Badajoz

Ania Milo Fine Art & Pet Portraits

Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery

Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery

Anna Ning Fine Art – Hong Kong

Anna Nova Art Gallery, St Petersburg, Russia

Annely Juda Fine Art

Annemarie Verna Galerie

Annet Gelink Gallery

Annie Kaill’s

Anthony Meier Fine Arts

Anthony Reynolds Gallery

Anton Kern Gallery

Anton Kern Gallery

Anton Kern Gallery

Antreasian Gallery

AP Contemporary – Hong Kong

Arario Gallery – Seoul, Beijing, Cheonan


Arati Artists Gallery

Arcature Fine Art

Archeo Gallery

Arizona Gallery Guide

Arkansas Arts Center

Arkansas Craft Gallery (Mountain View)

Arkansas Gallery Guide

ARNDT – Singapore, Berlin

Arndt & Partner | Berlin

Around the Corner Art Gallery (Montrose)

arsFutura Galerie | Zürich

Art & Public-Cabinet P.H. | Genève

Art & Soul Gallery

Art : Concept

Art Bendann Galleries Inc

Art Brokers of Colorado

Art Center Sarasota

Art Collective WA – Perth

Art Front Gallery – Tokyo

Art Galleries at 49 Geary Street

art gallery

Art Gallery of Fells Point

Art Gallery of Fells Point

Art Gallery of the Rockies

Art Gone Wild Gallery

Art Inventory Services

Art League of Fort Myers

Art Mart

Art Musings – Mumbai

Art Nueve Gallery, Murcia

Art of the Olympians

Art of the Rockies

Art on Mountain Fine Art Gallery

Art On Purpose

Art Plural Gallery – Singapore

Art Sawa, Dubai, UAE

Art Seasons – Singapore, Beijing

Art Source International

Art Uptown Gallery

ARTCOURT Gallery,  Osaka

Artemis Fine Arts


ArtHouse429 (West Palm Beach)

Artic Rose Gallery

ARTicles Gallery & Custon Framing

Artinformal – Manila

Artique, Ltd.

Artisans (Mentone)

Artisans Harbor (Old Saybrook)

Artistic Images Gallery

Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat

Artists Incorporated (Vestavia Hills)

Artists’ Workshop Gallery


Arts at Georgetown (Georgetown)

Arts Club of Washington

Arts Exclusive Gallery (Simsbury)

Arts for Act Gallery

Arts on Douglas (New Smyrna Beach)

Arts Prescott (Prescott)

Artspace, Dubai/ London, UAE/UK

ArtZone 461 Gallery

Asian Arts and Culture Center

Aspen Art Galleries

ASPN,  Leipzig

Aurora Lights Gallery

Avondale Artworks

Axe Vervoordt


Babcock Galleries

Back to the Picture

Backslash Gallery, Paris

Bahti Indian Arts

Baisden Gallery


Baltimore Clayworks

Baltimore Clayworks

Baltimore Gallery

Bantam Fine Arts

Barbara Krakow Gallery

Barbara Mathes Gallery

Bare Hands Gallery

Barker Animation Art Gallery (Cheshire)

Barnett’s Art and Frame Gallery

Baxter & Cook Art Advisors

Beam Contemporary Art – London, New York

Bear Creek Glass

Beck & Eggeling

Beers Contemporary,  London

Beijing Commune – Beijing

Bekris Gallery

Ben Brown Fine Arts – London, Hong Kong

Ben Janssens Oriental Arts

Bentley Gallery

Berko Fine Paintings

Berlin Gallery

Bernard J Shapero

Bernard Jacobson Gallery

Bernier/Eliades Gallery – Athens

Berz Gallery of African Art

Beta pictoris gallery / Maus Contemporary, Birmingham, AL

Betty Cuningham Gallery

Beyeler Galerie – Basel

Big Horn Galleries

Big Red Gallery (Bentonville)

Birch Tree Gallery (Soldotna)

Birmingham Art Galleries

Black Belt Treasures (Camden)

Blank Space SE

Blondeau & Cie

Blue Circle Studio (Higganum)

Blue Coyote Gallery

Blue Moon Gallery

Blue Room Gallery & Gift Shop (Ocean View)

Blue Streak Gallery

Blum & Poe

Boca Raton Art Galleries

Boers-Li, Beijing, China

Bogena Galerie – Saint-Paul De Vence

Bold Hype

Boltons Art (Palm Bay)

Bond Latin Gallery


Boswell Mourot Fine Art *

Boulder Art Galleries

Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery

Boulder Street Gallery

BQ Berlin

Brad Cooper Gallery

Brancolini Grimaldi, Florence/ Rome/ London, Italy/ UK

Braun Gallery

Breckenridge Art Galleries

Breckenridge Gallery

Brenda May Gallery – Sydney

Brian Gross Fine Art

Brito Cimino Galeria – São Paulo

Broadmoor Galleries

Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower

Brooke Alexander, Inc.

Bruce Silverstein

Brunnhofer Gallery, Linz

Bruno Art Group – Singapore, Tel Aviv, Grand Turk

Bruno Bischofberger Galerie – Zürich

Brusberg Berlin Galerie – Berlin

Buchmann Galerie | Lugano, Köln

Buffalo Mountain Gallery

Bunnell Street Gallery

Burton Marinkovich Fine Art

Butler Fine Art (New Canaan)

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery


C & M Arts | New York

Grimaldis Gallery

C.G. Boerner


Cain Schulte Contemporary Art

Cais Gallery, Hong Kong/ Seoul, Hong Kong/ South Korea


Cantrell Gallery

Canyon Spirit Gallery

Cardi (Italy)

Carl Solway Gallery

Carlier Gebauer | Berlin

Carmichael Gallery

Carrera Gallery

Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago, USA

Carroll Janis

Carroll/ Fletcher, London, UK

Carspecken-Scott Gallery

Carte Blanche

Carzaniga + Ueker Galerie – Basel

Casewerks, LLC

Casey Kaplan Gallery

Catharine Clark Gallery

Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, New York

Catriona Jeffries

Cavalier Galleries, Inc.

Cave Creek & Carefree Art Galleries

CDA-Projects, Istanbul, Turkey

CDS Gallery

Center for Art & Education (Van Buren)

Center for Art Design and Visual Culture

Cernuda Arte

Cha for the Finest

Chalk Horse – Sydney

Chan Hampe Galleries – Singapore

Chandler Fine Art

Chantal Crousel Galerie – Paris

Charles Cowles Gallery, Inc.

Charlie Smith London,  London

Charmed Life Gallery & Tattoo Studio

Chatterjee and Lal – Mumbai

Cheim & Read | New York

Chemould Prescott Road

Chester Art Galleries

China Art Archives & Warehouse | Beijing

Chi-Wen Gallery – Taipei

Chloe Fine Arts Gallery

Chouakri Brahms Berlin | Berlin

Christian Stein

Christopher Clark Fine Art

Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin/ Hamburg, Germany

City Art

City Gallery

CityArts Factory

Civilian Art Projects

Claggett/Rey Gallery

Clark & Del Vecchio

Clayton Galleries

Clear Edition & Gallery – Tokyo

Clothesline Creative

Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach (Orange Beach)

Cobalt Fine Arts Gallery

Cocco and Salem Gallery

Cogswell Gallery

Cohen Abee Gallery

Collectors Gallery and Framery


Colorado Gallery Guide

Colorado Springs Art Galleries

Coloring the World Gallery

Columbine Galleries

Conner -Rosenkranz LLC


Conrad Wilde Gallery

Contemporary by Angela Li – Hong Kong

Contemporary Fine Arts

Contemporary Fine Arts Galerie | Berlin

Continua Galleria – San Gimignano

Contreras Gallery and Jewelry

Copper Mine Picture Cafe (Miami, AZ)

Coral Gables Art Galleries

Cornell Fine Arts Museum

Corporate Art Source

Corse Gallery & Atelier

Cosanti Originals (Paradise Valley)

Cottonwood Center for the Arts

Covington Fine Arts Gallery

Cowboy Art Exchange

Creations Fine American Craft

Creative Arts Workshop

CRG Gallery

Crissy Galleries

Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art

Cristophe Van de Weghe (US)

Cross MacKenzie Gallery

Crown Point Press

Crown Point Press Gallery

Crystal Moll Gallery

Crystal Moll Gallery

Crystal Moll Gallery

C-Space – Beijing

Cuba! Gallery of Fine Art

CUC Gallery – Hanoi


Current Gallery

Cutter & Cutter Fine Art Galleries

Cynthia-Reeves, Hanover/ New York, USA


DA Arts

Dabbert Gallery

D’Amelio Gallery

Danbury Art Galleries


Daniel Blau Galerie

Daniel Blau Galerie – München

Daniel Buchholz Galerie – Köln

Daphne Alazraki

Dark Matter Studio, London, UK

Darvish Collection, Inc.

David B. Smith

David Findlay Jr. Gallery

David Kordansky Gallery

David Nolan Gallery

David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen

David Tunick

David Tunick Inc.

David Zwirner (US)

David Zwirner Gallery

Davis / Keil Fine Art

Davis and Langdale Company, Inc.

Davis Dominguez Gallery

DC Moore Gallery

DCA Art Consultant – Bangkok

De Sarthe Gallery – Hong Kong

Debra Force Fine Art, Inc.

DeBruyne Fine Art

Decker Morris Gallery

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun

Delaware Gallery Guide

Delhi Art Gallery – New Delhi, Mumbai

Denise René Galerie – Paris

Denver Art Galleries

Desert Art Gallery (Bullhead City)

Desert Artisans’ Gallery

Deweer Gallery, Otegem, Belgium

Di Meo Galerie – Paris

Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami, USA

Diane Birdsall Gallery

Dianne Tanzer Gallery + Projects – Melbourne


Dickinson Roundell, Inc.

Didier Aaron & cie

Didier Aaron, Inc.

Dinnerware Contemporary Art Gallery

District of Columbia Arts Center

Dockside Gallery

Dolby Chadwick Gallery

Dominique Lévy Gallery

Domobaal, London, UK

Don Barese Fine Art (Hamden)

Don Soker Contemporary Art

Donald Morris Gallery, Inc. – Birmingham

Donald Morris Gallery, Inc. – New York City

Donald Young Gallery

Donna Gordon Gallery & Studio

Dover Street Gallery

Dryden Pottery

DTR Modern Galleries

Dupont Circle Art Galleries

Durban Segnini Gallery

Duru Art Space – Seoul

Dvir Gallery


E.V. Thaw & Co., Inc.

Earthwood Artisans & Collection (Estes Park)

Earthwood Gallery

Eastside Editions

Eaton Fine Art (West Palm Beach)


Echoes of Alaska (Skagway)

Eclectic Galleries (Jacksonville Beach)

Edouard Malingue – Hong Kong

Edward and Deborah Pollack Fine Art

Edwynn Houk Gallery

Eigen + Art Berlin Galerie – Berlin, Leipzig

Elaine Baker Gallery

Eleanor Harwood Gallery

Electric Works

Eleven Eleven Sculpture Space

Eleven, London, UK

Elinoff & Company Gallery

Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery

Elizabeth Rice, Inc.

Elk Horn Fine Art Gallery (Winter Park)

Ellen Charapko Gallery

Ellen Rice Gallery (Ocean View)

Ellis Contemporary (Durango)

Elms Lesters Painting Rooms – London

Emmanuel Moatti

Emporium Collagia

eo art lab

Equator Art Projects – Singapore, Yogjakarta

Ernest Fuller Fine Art (Arvada)

Espacio Valverde, Madrid

Esprit Decor Gallery

Esther Schipper

Ethan Cohen Fine Arts – New York

Etherton Gallery

Eureka Springs Art Galleries

Eureka Thyme

Everard Read, Johannesburg, South Africa

Exhibit 320 – New Delhi

Expressive Arts Florida

eye lounge


Fairbanks Art Association

Fairbanks Art Galleries

FaMa Gallery, Verona, Italy

Fattahi Frame and Art Gallery

Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Fecal Face  Gallery

Feingarten Galleries

Feminine Mystique Gallery

Fergus McCaffrey

Fifth Avenue Art Gallery

Fine American Art

Fischbach Gallery

Five 15


Fleming Street Gallery

Flinn Gallery

Florida Craftsmen

Florida Gallery Guide

Flowers, London/ New York, UK/ USA

Fogle Fine Art

Foksal Gallery Foundation

Force Gallery – Beijing

Forre & Co. Fine Art

Fort Collins Art Galleries

Fort Lauderdale Art Galleries

Fort Myers Art Galleries

Fortes Vilaca

Fortes Vilaça (São Paulo), Vermelho (São Paulo)

Fortes Vilaça Galeria – São Paulo

Forum 57 at the Four Seasons Hotel

Forum Gallery

Fost Gallery – Singapore

Fouladi Projects

Foundry Gallery

Fox Pass Pottery

Fox Ridge Gallery

Fraenkel Gallery | San Francisco

Francis M. Naumann Fine Art

Frangipani Gallery

Frantic Gallery – Tokyo

Fredlund Gallery

Fredric Snitzer Gallery

Fresh Window, Brooklyn

Freymond-Guth Fine Arts

Friedrich Galerie – Basel

Friedrich Petzel Gallery

Frith Street Gallery | London

Frosch & Portmann, New York

Full Circle Gallery

Fusion Art Glass (Seaside)


G Fine Art

G/P+G3/ Gallery – Tokyo

G13 Gallery – Kuala Lumpur

Gagosian Gallery (US)

GAGPROJECTS – Adelaide, Berlin

Gajah Gallery – Singapore

Gajah Gallery, Singapore, Singapore

Galeri Apik – Jakarta

Galeri Canna – Jakarta

Galeri Zilberman, Istanbul, Turkey

Galeria de la Raza

Galeria EL Museo – Bogotá, Madrid

Galería Elvira González

Galería Emma Molina

Galeria Enrique Guerrero, Mexico City

Galeria Fortes Vilaça

Galería Helga de Alvear

Galería Juana de Aizpuru

Galeria Luisa Strina (São Paulo)

Galeria Nara Roesler (São Paulo)

Galeria Pedro Cera

Galerie 1900-2000

Galerie Alice Pauli

Galerie Anne de Villepoix,  Paris

Galerie Barbara Weiss

Galerie Bärbel Grässlin

Galerie Berinson

Galerie Bernard Ceysson – Luxembourg, Paris, Saint-Etienne

Galerie Blue Square

Galerie Bob van Orsouw

Galerie Buchholz

Galerie Camus (Huntsville)

Galerie Carzaniga

Galerie Chantal

Galerie Daniel Templon

Galerie de Roussan, Paris

Galerie Denise René

Galerie Du Monde, Hong Kong/ Macau, Hong Kong, Macau

Galerie du Soleil

Galerie Dukan, Paris / Leipzig

Galerie Dumonteil – Paris, New York, Shanghai

Galerie EIGEN + ART

Galerie Eva Presenhuber

Galerie Francesca Pia

Galerie Georg Nothelfer

Galerie Gisela Capitain

Galerie Gisèle Linder

Galerie Gmurzynska

Galerie Greta Meert

Galerie Guido W. Baudach

Galerie Hans Mayer

Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt, Germany

Galerie Hopkins

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi

Galerie Ivo Kamm, Zurich, Switzerland

Galerie Jocelyn Wolff

Galerie Jochen Hempel, Berlin / Leipzig

Galerie Kamm

Galerie Karsten Greve AG

Galerie Kashya Hildebrand – London

Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig

Galerie Klüser

Galerie König, Berlin

Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin

Galerie Krinzinger – Vienna

Galerie Lahumière

Galerie Lelong

Galerie Mark Müller

Galerie Martin Janda

Galerie Martin Kudlek, Cologne

Galerie Max Hetzler

Galerie Michael Haas

Galerie Micheline

Galerie Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen

Galerie Minsky, Paris, France

Galerie Myrtis

Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder

Galerie Nagel Draxler

Galerie Natalie Seroussi

Galerie Nathalie Obadia

Galerie Neu

Galerie Nordenhake

Galerie Paris-Beijing – Paris, Beijing, Brussels

Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris/ Beijing/ Brussels, France/ China/ Belgium

Galerie Perrotin

Galerie Perrotin – Paris, Hong Kong, New York

Galerie Peter Kilchmann

Galerie Pompom – Sydney

Galerie Richard, Paris / New York

Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam

Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle

Galerie RX, Paris/ Ivry sur Seine, France

Galerie Sogan & Art – Singapore

Galerie SoNo (South Norwalk)

Galerie St. Etienne

Galerie Tanit, Munich/ Beirut, Germany/ Lebanon

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

Galerie Thomas

Galerie Thomas Schulte

Galerie Thomas Zander

Galerie Tschudi

Galerie Urs Meile

Galerie Van Der Mieden, Brussels, Belgium

Galerie Vera Munro

Galerie Vincenz Sala, Berlin/ Paris, Germany/ France

Galeries Bartoux – Singapore, Paris, New York

Galerija Gregor Podnar

Galerija Vartai, Vilnius, Lithuania



Galleri Jacob Bjørn, Aarhus

Galleri Nicolai Wallner

Galleri S.E – Bergen

Galleria Continua

Galleria Continua – San Gimignano, Beijing, Le Moulin

Galleria dello Scudo

Galleria Franco Noero

Galleria Fumagalli, Milan, Italy

Galleria Massimo Minini

Galleria Sileccha

Galleria Tega

Gallerie Alegria

Galleries in Other Colorado Cities

Gallery 211

Gallery 26

Gallery 444

Gallery 788

Gallery 9 – Sydney

Gallery Absinthe – Seoul

Gallery Baton – Seoul

Gallery Biba

Gallery CA

Gallery Central

Gallery E At Warehouse

Gallery Form – Busan

Gallery Four

Gallery Guy Pieters – Knokke, St Paul de Vence

Gallery H.A.N – Seoul

Gallery H.A.N, Seoul

Gallery Hilger – Vienna

Gallery Hirota Fine Art –  Tokyo

Gallery Hyundai – Seoul

Gallery Kogure,  Tokyo

Gallery Koyanagi

Gallery of Sculpture

Gallery of the North

Gallery One Artists (Kissimmee)

Gallery Paule Anglim

Gallery Paule Anglim

Gallery plan b

Gallery Sumukha – Bangalore

Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore/ Chennai, India

Gallery Sun Contemporary – Seoul

Gallery Wendi Norris

Gallery West


Gana Art – Seoul, Busan

Gardner Colby Gallery

Gary Edwards Gallery

Gasiunasen Gallery

Gavin Brown’s enterprise

Gavlak Gallery

Gazelli Art House, London/ Baku, UK/ Azerbaijan

GB Agency

Gebr. Douwes Fine Arts

Georg Kargl Fine Arts

George Adams Gallery

George Krevsky Gallery

Georgetown Frame Shoppe

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

Geras Tousignant Gallery

Gerhard Hofland, Amsterdam

Gerhardsen Gerner

Geukens & De Vil, Antwerp/ Knokke, Belgium

Gilded Lily Gallery (Milford)

Gingerbread Square Gallery

Gió Marconi

Gladstone Gallery

Gladstone Gallery – 515 West 24th Street

Gladstone Gallery – 530 West 21st Street

Glass Reunions

Good Earth Pottery (Evening Shade)

Goodman Gallery

Gorrell Gallery (North Little Rock)

Gorrell Gallery (North Little Rock)

Goya Contemporary

Goya Contemporary.

Graffiti Alley


Grand Bohemian Gallery

Greenberg Van Doren Gallery – Eleven Rivington

Greenberg Van Doren Gallery – New York City

Greenberg Van Doren Gallery – St. Louis

Greene Naftali Gallery

Greene Naftali Gallery


Greenville Art Galleries

Greenwich Art Galleries

Greenwich Arts Center Gallery

Greg Kucera Gallery

Greg Thompson Fine Art

Gregory James Gallery (New Milford)

Gregory Lind Gallery

Guarisco Gallery

Guild Hall Gallery


Habatat Galleries (West Palm Beach)

HackelBury, London, UK

Haines Art Galleries

Haines Gallery

Haines Gallery

Haitian Art Company

Hakgojae, Seoul, South Korea

Hall and Niight

Hamilton Gallery

Hamiltonian Gallery

Hands On Key West

Hang Art

Hans P. Kraus Jr., Inc.

Harco Gallery

Hardcastle Gallery

Hardcastle Gallery (Centreville)

Harmon-Meek Gallery

Harrison Gallery

Hartford Fine Art & Framing (East Hartford)

Haunch of Venison, London/ New York, UK/USA

Hauser & Wirth

Haye gallery, Beijing, China

Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert

Hearne Fine Art

Helen Gory Galerie – Melbourne

Helga de Alvear Galeria – Madrid, New York

Helly Nahmad Gallery

Hemphill Fine Arts

Henrique Faria (US)

Herald St

Hespe Gallery

High Tide Gallery

HilgerBROTKunsthalle, Vienna / Jersey City

Hillcrest Gallery

Hillyer Art Space

Hiram Butler Gallery

Hirschl & Adler Galleries

Hirschl & Adler Modern

Hodgell Gallery

Holden Luntz Gallery

Homer Art Galleries

Honfleur Art Gallery

Hosfelt Gallery

Hot Springs Art Galleries

Howard Greenberg Gallery

Howard Greenberg Gallery

HOWL Gallery

Huntsville Art Galleries

Huntsville Art League Gallery

Hygienic Art Galleries


i8 Gallery

Ikkan Art Gallery – Singapore

Illustrated Light – Fine Art Photography

Inman Gallery

Instituto de Visión (Colombia)

International Gallery of Contemporary Art

International Visions

Intersection for the Arts

Ipreciation – Singapore

Ironwood Gallery (Ridgefield)

Irving Galleries, Inc.

Isselbacher Gallery

Ivan Gallery (Romenia)


J.N. Bartfield Gallery

Jablonka Galerie

Jack Bell Gallery, London, UK

Jack Fischer Gallery

Jack Kilgore and Co

Jack Shainman Gallery

Jack Tilton Gallery

Jacksonville Art Galleries

Jacobs Fine Art

James Cohan Gallery

James Coleman Signature Gallery

James Goodman Gallery, Inc. – Buffalo

James Goodman Gallery, Inc. – New York City

James Kelly Contemporary

James Makin Gallery  – Melbourne

James Reinish & Associates, Inc.

Jan Morsink Ikonen

Jan Mot

Jane Corkin Gallery | Toronto

Jane Hamilton Fine Art

Jane Haslem Gallery

Janet Borden, Inc.

Jarmuschek+Partner, Berlin

Jason McCoy, Inc.

JAVAARTS – Phnom Penh

Jealous Gallery, London, UK

Jecza Gallery, Timisoara

Jeffrey H. Loria & Co., Inc. – New York City

Jeffrey H. Loria & Co., Inc. – Southampton

Jenkins Johnson Gallery

Jennifer Harwell Art Studio / Gallery

Jerome Zodo Contemporary, Milan, Italy

Jessica Silverman Gallery

Jill Newhouse

Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery

Joan Hodgell Gallery

John Berggruen Gallery

John Berggruen Gallery

John H. Surovek Gallery

John Martin Gallery, London, UK

John Mitchell & Son

John Pence Gallery

Johnen Galerie

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans

Joseph Gross Gallery at UA

Josephine Keir Ltd.

Journeyman Gallery


Julie Saul Gallery

June Kelly Gallery

Juneau Art Galleries

Juneau Artists Gallery

Justin Gaffrey Studio & Gallery (Santa Rosa Beach)

Justin Winkel Fine Art


K Gallery – Chengdu

Kálmán Makláry Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

Kamel mennour

Karin Newby Gallery

Karin Newby Gallery

Karmic Calamity

Karsten Schubert, London, UK

Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich, Switzerland

Katharine Butler Gallery

Katzen Arts Center

kaufmann repetto

Kehler Liddell Gallery

Kelsey Sculpture Gallery (Roxbury)

Kemper Galleries

Kennedy Gallery & Studios

Kerlin Gallery

Keskinis Gallery (Carefree)

Ketchikan Art Galleries

Kevin Kavanagh, Dublin

Kevin McPherrin Gallery


Key West Art Galleries

Key West Fine Art Printing

Kicken Berlin

Killer Designs Studio & Gallery

Klughaus Gallery

Known Gallery

Kobayashi Gallery – Tokyo

Kodama Gallery – Kyoto, Tokyo

Konrad Fischer Galerie

Konrad Fischer Galerie | Düsseldorf

Koru Contemporary Art – Hong Kong

Kouros Gallery (Ridgefield)

Kraushaar Galleries

Kukje Gallery – Seoul

Kukje Gallery / Tina Kim Gallery

Kunst Haus Buehler

Kunsthandel Frans Leidelmeijer

Kunstkammer Georg Laue

Kunstzalen A. Vecht


Kurimanzutto (Mexico)


L&M Arts

L.A. Louver, Inc.

Landau Fine Art

LARMgalleri, Copenhagen

Laura Bulian Gallery,  Milan

Laura Mars Grp., Berlin, Germany

Laurence Miller Gallery

Lawrence Markey

Lazarides, London, UK

Le Trianon Gallery

Leehwaik Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

Lehmann Maupin

Lehmann Maupin – 201 Chrystie Street

Lehmann Maupin – 540 West 26th Street

Leif Nilsson Spring Street Studio & Gallery

Lennon, Weinberg

Leo Castelli Gallery

Leo Gallery – Shanghai

Leon Loard Portraits

Leonard Hutton Galleries

Leonid Afremov

Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects

Levy Galerie, Hamburg, Germany

Lewes Art Galleries


Lia Rumma (Italy)

Liang Gallery – Taipei

Light Street Gallery

Light Street Gallery

Lillian Heidenberg Fine Art

Lin & Lin Gallery

Lin & Lin Gallery – Taipei, Beijing

Lincoln Gallery

Linda Gallery – Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta

Lisson Gallery – London, Milan, New York, Singapore

Litchfield Art Galleries

Little City Gallery

Little Rock Art Galleries

Locks Gallery

Long March Space

Long View Gallery

Longmen Art Projects – Shanghai

LoPressionism Gallery

Loretta Goodwin Gallery

Lori Warner Studio / Gallery

Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery

Loveland Art Galleries

Lucas Gallery

Lucinda Gallery of Fine Art

Lucky Street Gallery

Luggage Store Gallery

Luhring Augustine

Luis Campaña Galerie – Köln

Lundeen Sculpture

Lustre Gallery

Lyda Rose Gallery (Homewood)

Lynn G. Epsteen


M Gallery – Singapore, Vientiane

MA2Gallery,  Tokyo



Macconnal Mason Gallery

MAD Museum of Art & Design – Singapore

Madaras Gallery

Madeby Gallery


Mai 36 Galerie

Maison dArt

Maisterravalbuena (Spain)

Makler Gallery

Manny Silverman Gallery

Maple & Main Gallery of Fine Art

Marc Rosen Fine Art

Marcia Weber / Art Objects

Margo Leavin Gallery

Marian Goodman Gallery

Marianne Boesky Gallery

Marianne Boesky Gallery

Marianne Friedland Gallery

Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery

Marine Arts Gallery

Mark Cottman Art Gallery

Mark Cottman Gallery

Mark Hachem Gallery – Paris

Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery

Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art

Marlborough Fine Art


Marsha Mateyka Gallery

Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen

Martin Lawrence Galleries

Martyn Gregory

Marx & Zavattero

Mary Boone Gallery: Chelsea

Mary Boone Gallery: Fifth Avenue

Mary Ryan Gallery

Mary Williams Fine Arts

Mary Woerner Fine Arts (West Palm Beach)

Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art – Miami

Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art – New York City

Massimo De Carlo

Matthew Marks Gallery

Matthew Marks Gallery: Chelsea – 522 W 22 Street

Matthew Marks Gallery: Chelsea – 523 W 24 Street

Matthew Marks Gallery: Chelsea – 526 W 22 Street

Maureen Paley

Maurice Keitelman Gallery

Maxwell Davidson Gallery

Mayoral (Spain)

McFadden Art Glass

McKee Gallery

McRae Art Studios

Mehdi Chouakri

Melbourne Art Galleries

Mena Art Gallery (Mena)

Menconi & Schoelkopf Fine Art, LLC

Mennello Museum of American Art

Meredith Gallery

Meredith Long and Company

Meredith Ward Fine Art

Meridian Arts (Gurley)

Meridian Gallery

Merkur Gallery – Istanbul

Mesa Arts Center (Mesa)

Metro Gallery

Metro Gallery, Armadale, Australia

Metro Pictures

Meyer Riegger

Meyerovich Gallery

Mia Joosten Galerie

Miami Art Galleries

Michael D. Higgins & Son

Michael Goedhuis, London, UK

Michael Hoppen Gallery, London, UK

Michael Janssen Singapore / berlin

Michael Kohn Gallery

Michael Murphy Gallery

Michael Rosenfeld

Michael Schultz Gallery – Berlin, Seoul, Beijing

Michael Werner (US)

Micheko Galerie – Munich

Middletown Art Galleries

Miguel Abreu Gallery

Milani Gallery – Brisbane

Millennium Art Collection

Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami

Mirage Crystal Gallery

Mirus Gallery

Mitchell Brown Fine Art (Paradise Valley)

Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Mitchell-Innes & Nash: Chelsea

Mitchell-Innes & Nash: Madison Avenue

Mizuma Gallery – Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing

Mnuchin Gallery

ModenArte Gallery

Modernbook Gallery


Modernism Inc.

Modified Arts

Moeller Fine Art

Moeller Fine Art New York – Berlin

Molina Emma Galería

Mona Berman Fine Arts

Montage Handcrafted Decorative Signs

Montgomery Art Galleries

Montgomery Gallery

Montgomery Gallery

Monty Stabler Galleries (Homewood)

Monty Stabler Galleries (Homewood)

More Than Fine Framing, Inc.

Morean Arts Center

Moretti Gallery

Morse Museum of American Art

Mo’s Gallery & Fine Framing

Mossenson Galleries – Perth, Melbourne

Mountain Man Gallery & Custom Framing (Como)

Mountain Spirit Gallery (Prescott)

Mountain Traditions Gallery


Muriel Guépin Gallery, New York


NadI Gallery – Jakarta

Nadja Brykina Gallery, Zurich/ Moscow, Switzerland/ Russia

Naked Art Gallery

Nancy Hoffman Gallery

Nancy Markoe Gallery


Naples Art Galleries

Nara Roesler (Brazil).

Natalie Serousi (France)

Native American Fine Art

Native Visions Galleries


Neugerriemschneider (Germany)

Nevska Gallery

New Door Creative Services

New Haven Art Galleries

New Langton Arts

New London Art Galleries

Newark Art Galleries

Newman Gallery

Nick Michael’s Fine Gallery

Nicolas Krupp

Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery

Nils Staerk

Nohra Haime Gallery

Non-Profit Art Organizations and Alternative Exhibition Spaces

Non-Profit Art Organizations and Alternative Exhibition Spaces

North Central Art Gallery

North Point Gallery

Nuance Galleries

Numthong Gallery – Bangkok


Obsidian Gallery

October Gallery, London, UK

Ode to Art – Singapore, Kuala Lumpur


Officine Dell ‘Immagine – Milan

Oggi Murano Gallery

O’Hara Gallery

Old Lyme Art Galleries

Old West Iron Art (Apache Junction)


Onessimo Fine Art (Palm Beach Gardens)

Opera Gallery – Singapore, Paris, New York

Orlando Art Galleries

Ota Fine Arts – Singapore, Tokyo

Other Alabama Art Galleries

Other Alaska Art Galleries

Other Arizona Galleries

Other Art Galleries and Exhibition Spaces in Arkansas

Other Art Galleries in Delaware

Other Connecticut Art Galleries

Other Florida Art Galleries

Other San Francisco Art Galleries

Other Washington D.C. Art Galleries

Ouroboros Stone Sculpture Gallery


P & C Art

P•P•O•W – Pilkington-Olsoff Fine Arts, Inc.

P74 Gallery, Ljubljana

PABA Gallery

Pablo’s Birthday, New York

Pace (US),

Galerie Peter Kilchmann (Switzerland)

Pace Prints – Chelsea

Pace Prints & Pace Primitive

Pace/MacGill Gallery

Paerzgalerie, Leipzig/ Berlin, Germany

Palm Avenue Fine Art

Palm Beach Art Galleries

Palmers Gallery 800

Paradise Gallery

Paragon Press, London, UK

Parsons Art Gallery

Pascal de Sarthe Fine Art (Paradise Valley)

Passages Gallery (Hartford)

Pata Gallery – Shanghai, Taipei

Patou Fine Art (Dania Beach)

Patricia Sweetow Gallery

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London

Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Ottawa / Montreal

Paul Kasmin Gallery

Paul Mahder Gallery

Paul Stolper Gallery, London, UK

Paul Thiebaud Gallery

Paula Cooper Gallery

Pavel Zoubok Gallery

Pavo Real

Pearl Gallery

PEarl Lam Galleries – Shanghai, Hong Kong

Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai/ Singapore/ Hong Kong, China/ Singapore, Hong Kong

Pekin Fine Arts Co. Ltd. | Beijing, China

Peninsula Gallery

Pepe Cobo Galería – Sevilla

Perihelion Arts

Peter Blum Blumarts Inc. | New York, Zürich

Peter Blum Gallery

Peter Freeman, Inc.

Peter Lik Gallery

Petzel Gallery

Philabaum Glass Gallery

Philippe Denys

Phoenix Art Galleries

Phoenix Art Group, Inc.

Phoenix art Palace – Wuxi

Ph-projects, Berlin, Germany

Picture Alaska Art Gallery

Pifo Gallery, Beijing, China

PKM Gallery

PMW Gallery

Ponce + robles, Madrid

Portiera Designs

Primo Marella Gallery – Milan, Beijing

Project 4

Project Fulfill Art Space – Taipei

Project Space . Luang Prabang – Luang Prabang


Proyectos Monclova

Proyectos Monclova

PSM (Germany)

Purcell Galleries of Fine Art

Purdy Hicks Gallery, London, UK

Purple Roof Art Gallery – Shanghai


Quester Gallery

Quester Gallery (Stonington)

Quicksilver Gallery


Roberts Gallery

Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery & Workshop

Railroad Square Art ParK

Ratio 3

Raubacher Gallery (Dover)

Ravens Window

Rayko Photo Center and Galleries

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, London/ New York, UK/ USA

Red Canyon Art Co. (Lyons)

Red Cloud American Indian Art

Red Dot Gallery

Reena Spaulings Fine Art

Regen Projects

Regen Projects II

Regency Gallery

Rehoboth Beach Art Galleries

Reholboth Art League


Rena Bransten Gallery

Rena Bransten Gallery

Renaissance Fine Art

Renaissance Gallery (Northport)

Rennards Gallery & Gifts (Cullman)

Rhea Gallery

Rhona Hoffman Gallery

Ricardo Monteverde Galleries

Richard Gray Gallery

Richard Gray Gallery – Chicago

Richard Gray Gallery – New York City

Richard Green

Richard Koh Fine Art – Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

Richard L. Feigen & Co.

Richard L. Feigen & Co.

Richard Nagy Ltd.

Richard Saltoun, London, UK

Rick Moore Fine Art Gallery

Rie Munoz Gallery

Riflemaker, London, UK

Riverside Arts Market

Roadside Gallery (Carbondale)

Rob Smeets

Robert Brown Gallery

Robert Henry Contemporary, Brooklyn

Robert Koch Gallery

Robert McClintock Gallery

Robert McClintock Studio & Gallery

Robert Miller Gallery

Robert Tat Gallery

Robertson Gallery (Mobile)

Robin Katz Fine Art, London, UK


ROH Projects – Jakarta

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc.

Ronchini Gallery, London, UK

Rosa Santos Gallery, Valencia

Rossi & Rossi – London, Hong Kong

Rossi & Rossi, London, UK

Royal-Athena Galleries

Royale Projects: Contemporary art, Los Angeles

Ruth Benzacar (Argentina)


SA SA BASSAC – Phnom Penh

Sacred Machine

Sac’s Gallery

Sadie Coles HQ

Sadie Coles HQ Gallery | London

Salander-OReilly Galleries

Salomon Lilian Gallery

Salon 94: 94th Street

Salon 94: Bowery

Salon 94: Freeman Alley

Samuel Own Gallery

San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery

Sanchez Art Center (Pacifica)

Sanchit Art – Delhi, Agra

Sanders Galleries

Sankofa African & World Bazaar

Santa’s Gallery

Sarah Stocking Fine Antique Posters

Sarasota Art Galleries

SCAI The Bathhouse

Scanlon Gallery

Schein & Schein

Schoonover Studios Ltd.

Schuebbe Projects –  Düsseldorf

Scott Nichols Gallery

Scott Richards Contemporary Art

Scottsdale Art Galleries

SCREAM – London

Sean Kelly-Gallery

Sebastian Izzard LLC Asian Art

Sedona Art Galleries

Segura Publishing Company (Tempe)

Selby Gallery

Select Fine Art

Semarang Gallery – Semarang

Senior & Shopmaker Gallery

Serge Sorokko Gallery

Sergio Ladron de Guevara Fine Art

Settlers West Galleries

SF Camerawork

Sfeir-Semler Gallery

Shadow Mountain Gallery (Evergreen)

Shanghart – Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore

ShanghART Gallery

Shankar Gallery

Shapiro’s Gallery of Contemporary American Crafts

Shark’s Ink (Lyons)

Shaw Gallery

Sheldon Fine Art

Shugoarts – Tokyo

Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center

Sies & Hoeke (Germany)

Sies + Höke

Signature Art Gallery

Signature Gallery

Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

Silvano Lodi Jr. Galleria

Silverlens – Manila, Singapore

Silverman Gallery

Simon Lee Gallery

Singapore Tyler Print Institute STPI Gallery – Singapore

Sitka Rose Gallery (Sitka)


Skarstedt Gallery, Ltd.

Skopia P.-H. Jaccaud

SkyLofts Gallery & Studios

SkyLofts Studios and Galleries

Slag Gallery, Brooklyn

Slate Contemporary

Smith Center for Healing and the Arts

Smith Klein Gallery


Somerville Manning Gallery

Sonnabend Gallery

South Pointe Gallery

Southern Exposure

Space 39

Space BM – Seoul

Space Cottonseed – Singapore

Space One Eleven

SPECTA, Copenhagen

Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York

Sperone Westwater

Spirits in the Wind Gallery (Golden)

Spoke Art

Sprüth Magers Berlin London

St. Augustine Art Association

St. Augustine Art Galleries

St. Petersburg Art Galleries

St. Petersburg Clay Company

St. Pierre Galleries

Stagecoach Gallery (Granby)

Stamford Art Galleries


Standard (Oslo)

Standing Pine, Nagoya

Starmach Gallery

State of the Arts Gallery

Station North Arts Cafe Gallery

Steamboat Springs Art Galleries

Steamboat Springs Arts Council Gallery

Stellers Gallery

Stephan Fine Arts Gallery

Stephano’s Fine Art Gallery

Stephen Friedman Gallery

Stephen Friedman Gallery | London

Stephen Mazoh & Co, Inc.

Stephen Wirtz Gallery

Steven Scott Gallery

Steven Scott Gallery

Stewart Fine Art

Stonehenge Gallery

Stuart Shave / Modern Art

Studio 2000

Studio 33 Art and Frame Gallery

Studio 55 Art Gallery and Studio

Studio E Gallery (Palm Beach Gardens)

Studio Gallery

Studio Sandra Recio, Geneva

Sullivan+Strumpf – Sydney

Summerfield Fine Art (Greeley)

Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York/ Beverly Hills, USA/ Hong Kong/ Singapore

Sundook Fine Art Gallery

Super Window Project, Kyoto/ Bordeaux, Japan/ France

Susan Calloway Fine Arts

Susan Sheehan Gallery

Susanne Vielmetter: Los Angeles Projects

Syd Entel Galleries (Safety Harbor)

Sydney McKenna Gallery


TAG Galleries

Taka Ishii Gallery

Takada Gallery

Take Ninagawa

Tallahassee Art Galleries

Talley Dunn Gallery

Tamar Dresdner Art Projects, Tel Aviv

Tampa Art Galleries

Tangent Contemporary Art

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery | New York

Tanya Leighton

Taylor’s Contemporanea Fine Arts

Team (gallery, inc.)

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art

Ten Haaf Projects, Amsterdam

Texas Gallery

Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka

The Alaska House Gallery

The Alchemy of Art

The Americas Collection

The Approach

The Art Center Cooperative, Inc.

The Art of Alaska

The Art Room

The Basalt Gallery (Basalt)

The Center for Fine Art Photography

The Cooley Gallery

The Corner Joint (Mountain Home)

The Creative Native Gallery

The Drawing Room – Manila, Singapore

The Drawing Studio

The Elkon Gallery, Inc.

The Englishman

The Evergreen Gallery (Evergreen)

The Fine Art and Frame Company

The Fine Art Society Contemporary, London, UK

The Fine Arts Center of Hot Springs

The Flat – Massimo Carasi, Milan

The Fridge

The Gallery (Palmer)

The Gallery (Palmer)

The Gallery at Firehouse Square

The Gallery at Still River Editions

The Genesis Gallery, Ltd

The Golden Thread Gallery (West Hartford)

The Hole, New York

The Jacey Gallery

The Jerusalem Fund Gallery

The Large Art Company

The Laughing Dog Gallery (Vero Beach)

The Lyme Art Association

The Max Gallery

The Mayor Gallery

The Metro Gallery

The Modbo

The Modern Institute

The Old Print Gallery

The Outsiders, London/ Newcastle, UK

The Pace Gallery: Chelsea – 534 W 25 Street

The Pace Gallery: Chelsea – 545 W 22 Street

The Pace Gallery: Midtown – 32 East 57 Street

The Page Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

The Pearl Gallery

The Plainsmen Gallery (Clearwater)

The Ralls Collection, Inc.

The Saatchi Gallery

The Schwarz Gallery

The Shooting Gallery

The Squash Blossom

The Station Gallery

The Studios of Key West

The Third Line

The Watergate Gallery

The White Gallery (Lakeville)

The Windup Space

Theo Art Projects – Singapore

Thomas Ammann Fine Art AG

Thomas Ammann Fine Art AG | Zürich

Thomas Colville Fine Art

Thomas D. Mangelsen

Thomas Dane Gallery

Thomas Kinkade Gallery

Thomas Reynolds Gallery

Thomas Segal Gallery

Thomas Segal Gallery

Thomas Segal Gallery

Tibor de Nagy Gallery

Tideline Gallery

Tilt Gallery

Tim Kiusalaas Gallery (Hollywood)

Timothy Taylor Gallery

Timothy’s Gallery

Tina Keng Gallery / TKG+ – Taipei, Beijing

TIN-AW ART Gallery – Manila

Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne, Australia

Tomio Koyama Gallery – Tokyo, Singapore

Toomey – Tourell Gallery

Torch, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Toth Ikonen

Touchstone Gallery

Tradestone Gallery


Travesia Cuatro (Spain)


Trimble Court Artisans

Trinity Gallery Fine Art & Antiques

Tripp Harrison Studio and Gallery

Triumph Art Space – Beijing

Trudy Labell Fine Art

Tubac Art Galleries

Tubac Center of the Arts

Tucci Russo Studio per l’Arte Contemporanea

Tucson Art Galleries

Turquoise Tortoise / Rogoway Gallery

Tyler Rollins Fine Art, New York

Urban Art Gallery & Advertising Agency (Arvada)


V1 Gallery, Copenhagen

Vadehra Art Gallery – India, London

Vail Art Galleries

Vail Fine Art

Valerie Carberry Gallery

Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden

Van de Weghe Fine Art

Vanessa Quang Gallery – Paris

Vanguard Gallery – Shanghai

Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

Varnish Fine Art

Vasilisa Kameneva – London, Moscow

Vaughn Cochran Fine Art

Vedovi Galerie

Velvet da Vinci

Venice Art Galleries

Venice Gallery

Vertu Fine Art

Vickers Collection

Victoria Miro

Villa Del Arte Galleries – Barcelona

Village Custom Framing and Art

Village of the Arts (Bradenton)

Vilma Gold

Virginia Miller Galleries

Vision Gallery (Chandler)

Visionairs Gallery – Paris, Singapore

Vista Galleries

Vitamin Creative Space

Vitkovsky Fine Art

Vivian Horan Fine Art

Vivid Solutions

Volte Gallery, Mumbai, India

von Bartha

Von Bartha Galerie

Von Bartha Galerie – Basel


W.M. Brady and Co., Inc.

Waddington Custot Galleries

Waddington Galleries

Wally Findlay Galleries


Washburn Gallery

Washington DC Gallery Guide

Washington Printmakers Gallery

Washington Project for the Arts

Watermark Gallery

Wei-Ling Gallery – Kuala Lumpur

Weinstein Gallery

Wesleyan Potters

West of the Moon Gallery (Flagstaff)

Westport Art Galleries

Westport River Gallery

Weyhe Gallery

White Cube

White Cube – London, Hong Kong, São Paulo

White Cube (UK)

White River Gallery (Rogers)

White Space a Fine Gallery

White Walls

Whitespace Gallery Bangkok – Bangkok

Whitestone Gallery – Tokyo

Wibert Art

Wilber Gallery – Guangzhou

Wild Horse Gallery of Steamboat Springs

Wild Spirits Ltd. (Estes Park)

Wilde Meyer Gallery

Wildfire Gallery

William Art Salon – Taipei

William Criswell’s Art

Willo North Gallery

Wilmington Art Galleries

Winter Park Art Galleries


Wooson Gallery – Daegu

Work of Artists Gallery

Worthington Gallery West

Worthington Gallery, Inc. – Chicago

Wunderlee Arts

Wyland Galleries

Wyland Galleries of Florida


Xavier Hufkens

Xavierhu Fkens

XOL Gallery

XVA Gallery, Dubai, UAE


Yamamoto Gendai – Tokyo

Yancey Richardson Gallery

Yang Gallery – Singapore, Beijing

Yavuz Fine Art – Singapore

Yeo Workshop – Singapore

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

YOD Gallery, Osaka

Yone Arts – Miami

Yossi Milo Gallery

Yossi Milo Gallery, New York

You’ve Been Framed

Yufuku Gallery – Tokyo

Yumiko Chiba Associates – Tokyo

Yvon Lambert (France), Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (Austria)


Zabriskie Gallery

Zarks Fine Design Gallery

Zemack Contemporary Art – Tel Aviv

Zenith Community Arts Foundation

Zeno X Gallery


ZieherSmith, New York, USA

Zipper Galeria, São Paulo, Brazil


[Dam] Berlin, Berlin/ Cologne, Germany

11.12 Gallery – Singapore, Moscow

111 Minna Gallery

2902 GALLERY – Singapore

2902 Gallery, Singapore, Singapore

303 Gallery


621 Gallery

7 Adam Gallery – Singapore

83 Spring Street