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Artcentron is a global multi-media and entertainment company with a focus on news and information about art and culture. We are devoted to the promotion of art through publishing, organizing events, and promoting innovative art projects that provide new ways of experiencing art.

Artcentron documents and promotes innovations across a broad range of platforms and art industries. Our brand encompasses magazines, websites, art projects, price guides, art database, exhibition catalog, and book publishing. Others include conferences, art acquisitions, art education, art licensing, and photography.

Our mission is to provide unparalleled access to the world of art and culture by connecting tastemakers to a dynamic network of information, people, and ideas. With a focus on news and information about art auction, art market, art business, film, luxury, design, lifestyle, and travel, we inspire, educate and inform our readership. Working with galleries, museums, auction houses, art biennials, and fairs, Artcentron has become one of the most trusted resources for world art professionals and collectors.  With our spread and innovative projects, we have the ability to provide our advertising partners with outstanding marketing opportunities.

Image: A beautiful Acrylic on watercolor paper painting shows artcentron growing

Growing Acrylic on watercolor paper1. 2011. Image courtesy of Kazad/Artcentron  is a digital art newspaper established in 2011 with the main objective of promoting all genres of contemporary art, culture, and designs. One of our fundamental objectives is to provide and disseminate current news and useful information about some of the most important art, design, and cultural events happening around the globe daily. Working in collaboration with museums, art centers, galleries, biennials, art fairs, film and video festivals, magazines, art journals, art book publishers, distributors and many others, we are committed to ensuring that art professionals such as artists, curators, collectors, art historians, teachers, writers, visual artists, and art aficionados are efficiently informed about art events, art market trends, art collecting, art fairs and other related issues and activities happening across the globe.

Our mission:

To enhance knowledge by disseminating information and providing resources on art, design and culture

Since inception, has generated interest across the globe, attracting readership and contributions from different parts of the world, including the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Poland, Australia, Spain, Norway, France, Hong Kong, India, Greece, Portugal, Italy and many other countries. We are today one of the most influential online sources for news, information, and resources for emerging artists, art professionals, cultural enthusiasts, designers and art aficionados. We have and continue to disseminate Content through our e-mail list, newsletters and by posting them on our website. They are also distributed through the Artcentron RSS feeds.


Every day we strive to bring you the latest news and happenings in the art world. We focus on all areas of art including photography, design, installation art, architecture, drawing, animation, painting, and street art. Our Art Auction News has been rated one of the best in the world. Please stay in touch with by subscribing to our newsletter. Also feel free to connect with us on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn if you are active on those networks.


We hold regular art competitions. Flowers We Love is one of the annual photography competition we host at the beginning of Spring. The photo contest allows emerging and professional photographers to send in beautiful photos and images of flowers they love. You can read more about the photo competition here. We are also working on other exciting art competitions and art events.



One, we do not feature artists, we celebrate them by spotlighting their artworks, art projects and artistic career. One of our main objectives is to throw light on the work of all those in the creative filed. ART PROJECT and ARTCENTRON CELEBRATED are two of the main features on that helps us celebrate artists, designers, writes, photographers, art collectors and other art professionals. If you are in the arts and creative field, you can submit your work for evaluation. Please read the instructions about submitting works for ART PROJECT and ARTCENTRON CELEBRATED before sending in your works.


Image: Like the beautiful rose flower, Artcentron continues to grow

Artcentron continues to grow like the beautiful Rose flower. Photo: Kazad

Since inception, ARTCENTRON has continued to grow. We are attracting more readers every month. Drawn from different parts of the world, our readers have been very supportive of our effort not just at presenting the latest art news but also promoting the work of emerging young artists from across the globe.

Although we have a long list of art, cultural and design institutions that we have been collaborating with through the years, our focus is to include even more institutions and publishers from across the globe. Therefore, we continue to add more art institutions to our ever growing list of museums, galleries, cultural centers, magazines, publishers and art fairs.

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Artcentron: It is okay is tImage: Graphic design states- Artcentron: It is okay is to be crazy about arto be crazy about art

Artcentron: It is okay to be crazy about art