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National Puppy Day: Time to Pamper Your Puppies

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National Puppy Day: Time to Pamper Your Puppies

This beautiful portrait photography of three cute Weimaraner Puppies is a reminder of why we celebrate National Puppy Day. Photo: Emarquetti. via Wikimedia.


The National Puppy Day is an opportunity for puppy owners to pamper their pets and lavish them with gifts.


Image: These playful H-litter get their puppy lesson, a great reminder of the happiness puppies add to our lives and why we celebrate National Puppy Day #NationalPuppyDay #Dog

First puppy lesson H-litter Lightning Dreams. Photo: Dirk Vorderstraße.via Wikimedia

For puppy owners, the National Puppy Day is the real day to pamper their little friends. Celebrated annually on March 23, the day is an opportunity to celebrate puppies and encourage adoption across the globe. Above all, it is a day to educate people about animal cruelty. The National Puppy Day began 2006 when Colleen Paige, who has dedicated her life to bringing attention to the cruelty against animals by special days to recognize and celebrate animals. A home style expert and author, Colleen is also the founder National Dog Day and National Cat Day among many others.     Since inception, National Puppy Day National Puppy Day has gained global recognition and it is now considered an international holiday.

On National Puppy Day, puppy owners go out of their way to give their dogs the best they can offer. One thing many puppy owners do is shower their pet with gifts.  While some take their puppies for special grooming massage and or holistic spa treatment, others shower them with gifts. Some of the gifts range from stuff animals to vegetarian food.  Some even take their puppies on pet-friendly vacation.

If you have seen paintings of puppies, you will know how cute they are.  You can also pamper your puppy with one of those beautiful paintings. They are not as expensive as you might think. The trick is to look for a young artist around you and commission him to paint the portrait of your puppy.  You will be surprised by the amazing work you will get for a low price.  There are so many young artists who will be delighted to paint a picture of your puppy for a few dollars.

For those who cannot afford to hire an artist to paint the portrait of their puppies, they can take their puppies to a photo studio to have their photographs taken.  There are many studios out there that will be glad to take pictures of your puppy.  If you do a Google Search, you will find many photographers dedicated to pet photography. They will be glad to take the photograph of your puppy as well as print the photograph on a canvas for you. The result will get you as close to a painting.

In your preparation for the photo session, you can buy your puppy a cute new outfit, fashionable collar and leash that will make the photo shoot memorable. There are so many designers who have in the past few years devoted their time to designing for pets, including puppies.  There are designs for male and female puppies that will give character to your puppy during the photo shoot. While you are at it, here are some beautiful pictures of puppies for inspiration.

Happy National Puppy Day

Image: Corgi Shih Tzu Hybrids, Allie (on bottom) with her brother (on top) play in a grass near their home one beautiful summer day, a reminder of why we celebrate National Puppy Day #NationalPuppyDay #Dog

Corgi Shih Tzu Hybrids at play in the grass near their home. Photo: Ltshears. via Wikimedia

Image: These beautiful Six week old Dachshunds playfully pull at a toy during play time, a reminder of why we celebrate National Puppy Day #NationalPuppyDay #Dog

Six week old Dachshunds during play. Photo: Bartlomiej Derski . via Wikimedia

Image: A puppy sleeps peacefully on her dog bed after hours of play, an example of why we should pamper our puppies on National Puppy Day #NationalPuppyDay #Dog

A puppy sleeps on her dog bed. Photo: Jami430. via Wikimedia

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