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Yoga Girls Fight for Supremacy in California Yoga scene

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Yoga Girls Fight for Supremacy in California Yoga scene

Gorgeous Jackie Smyth strikes a seductive yoga pose in Yoga Girls, a reality series on Z Living that pits several yogis against each other in their quest to dominate social media and the California Yoga scene.


The quest for supremacy and the need to grow their yoga business put Jackie Smyth, Sophie Jaffe and other yogis at crosshairs in Yoga Girls.


Image: In yoga girls, a series on Z Living, beautiful Sophie Jaffe strikes a seductive yoga pose with her hand in the air

Sophie Jaffe strikes a yoga pose in Yoga Girls, a series on Z Living

LOS ANGELES- In the last ten years, Yoga has become more popular in the United States. Across the country, many people are turning to yoga as a way to relax after a busy day at work or for wellness and good health. As the turn to yoga for wellness continues to grow, business-minded people are seeing opportunities and are doing everything to make yoga available everywhere.  One of such places is “Westside” – LA’s hottest new yoga scene and a subculture of savvy entrepreneurs.

The challenge of making yoga easily available for those who need it and the struggle to get clients in Santa Monica and Venice, CA is the focus of Yoga Girls, an original series on Z Living. Yoga Girls follows an elite group of yoga instructors as they compete to build their client rosters, and leverage their increasing fame and popularity.

Realizing that Yoga has found a new “mecca” in Southern California, several yogis, including Baltimore-native Jackie Smyth and Boonsboro-native Sophie Jaffe, decided to pitch their tents in Los Angeles to forward their careers. Jackie and Sophie are two of America’s most sought-after yoga instructors and wellness entrepreneurs/web influencers. In Yoga Girls, they compete to attract clients and gain the most recognition, many by harnessing the visual power and reach of social media.

Yoga Girls: A Cutthroat Competition

Getting clients and growing their yoga businesses was no easy task. In addition to competing against each other, Jackie Smyth and Sophie Jaffe had to compete against seven other dynamic yogi instructors, including Caley Joyner, Elise Joan, Koya Webb, Calvin Corzine, Jesse Schein, Vytas Baskauskas, and Sadie Nardini who are cultivating their own careers by exploring the power of social media and veritable hustle. Gaining visibility under such intense competition is a battle of wit and strategy that pits yoga “traditionalists” and a new generation of social media-driven brand-builders against one another.

Yoga Girls exposes the lifestyle of Jackie Smyth and Sophie Jaffe on and off the mat.  Whether they are attempting to make a splash at a new studio, maneuvering around an ongoing love triangle, mitigating a shocking revelation or sizing up a new instructor with a radical approach, viewers are granted insights into the dynamics of life and business. There is conflict and mudslinging as yoga instructors from two different schools of thought (Modern and traditional) navigate conscientious capitalism, and the inevitable clash of personal lives and professional agendas pervading the exclusive yoga enclaves of Santa Monica and Venice, CA.

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Yoga Girls reveals a never-before-seen side of yoga in a cutthroat city where the practice can sometimes lead to backstabbing, betrayal, dishonesty, and deceit.  “The magnetism of these characters, and the disruption caused by such strong personalities in this tight-knit yoga community, are really going to surprise and fascinate viewers. While the cast continues to explore enlightenment of mind and body, their ambitions spark plenty of drama,” notes Tim Krubsack, Z Living EVP and Head of Programming.

Produced by Charlie Ebersol’s The Company, with showrunner Andrew Perry, Charlie Ebersol, Mike Lanigan and Tony Testa serving as executive producers. Ross Breitenbach for BC+M and Tim Krubsack for Z Living are also executive producers. Yoga Girls airs Sundays Z Living.


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