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Canadian National Exhibition Returns With So Much Fun

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Canadian National Exhibition Returns With So Much Fun

At the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, Canadians have fun riding on one of the amusement park rides. 

ENTERTAINMENT: Canadians wait excitedly for the annual Canadian National Exhibition to begin with all the fun and celebrations


Image: 2015 youth grand champion Sariyah Hines performs at the Canadian National Exhibition

Sariyah Hines, youth grand-champion 2015. Image: Canadian National Exhibition

TORONTO, CANADA- There is heightened excitement as Canadians prepare for the annual Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). Spanning 18 days, the festival is one of the largest fairs in North America. The festival runs from August 18 through September 4 at the Exhibition Space.

Canadians who throng the venue to have maximum fun and celebrate the rich diversity of Toronto and the region have embraced the fun filled festival as an end-of-summer ritual.  As with other years, many events have been lined up for the almost two million guests that will visit the event. There will be entertainment, including concerts, live performances, games, Park Entertainers & interactive experiences.

Bug Delicacies at the Canadian National Exhibition

Image: Hotdog with crickets is one of the very popular bug delicacies at the Canadian National Exhibition

Bug delicacies are some of the very popular foods at the Canadian- National Exhibition. Image: CNE

For those who love food, there will be Celebrity Chef Demonstrations and food stalls with all kinds of delicacies for visitors. There will also be art exhibitions.  Those who love shopping will also get the opportunity to shop to their heart’s content. The icing on the cake is the three-day Air Show (on Labor Day Weekend).

Formally known as Toronto Industrial Exhibition, the festival was founded in 1879 as a way of providing people with the opportunity to experience the latest innovations in technology and commercial products. In addition to the chance to enjoy the popular entertainers of the time, the festival was also an opportunity for Canadians to engage in a collective community celebration.

Although the concept of the festival has changed over the years, the tradition of offering amazing entertainment and the opportunity for Canadians to experience innovations have continued. Every year, more than 1.5 million people crowd the venue of the Canadian National Exhibition to enjoy the fun it offers.

The Canadian National Exhibition is not just a major opportunity for Canadians to celebrate; it also benefits the country economically. A recent data by the Enigma Research Corporation shows that the event generates more than $102.3 million for the province of Ontario each year. This is excluding the employment opportunity it provides for many Canadians. Without a doubt, the Canadian National Exhibition is a fun festival with a lot of benefits.

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