Exit from Aden: New Works by ALO at Saatchi Gallery

ALO, Drunk Lady. Mixed media on canvas, 30 x 40 cm. Image: Saatchi- Gallery

Drunk Lady by ALO, one of the new works on display at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Image: Saatchi Gallery


New works by ALO at the Saatchi Gallery includes portraits of real people and mythical figures. March 15  – April 10, 2017

LONDON, UK Exit from Aden at the  Saatchi Gallery features new works by the artist ALO. Located in the Prints & Originals Gallery, the new works are portraits of real people observed in the street, mythical figures and people that the artist has encountered in life or in the media. These new works constitute an impressive body of work by ALO focusing upon the human figure in contemporary society.

Executed in his distinctive style, each piece goes beyond the surface to excavate the emotions of the people represented. ALO describes his style as urban expressionism, Exit from Aden: New Works by ALO  is the second solo exhibition of works by the artist at the Saatchi Gallery following the highly successful exhibition Hail to the Loser in 2014.

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The new works in Exit from Aden were partly inspired by the poetic prose work A Season in Hell by Arthur Rimbaud. In particular, this passage had a significant resonance for the artist:

J’ai vu l’enfer des femmes là-bas; – et il me sera loisible de posséder la vérité dans une âme et un corps.

“I went through women’s Hell over there; – and I will be able now to possess the truth within one body and one soul.”

Born in Italy, ALO relocated to London in 2011. His distinctive style has made him one of the highly regarded artists in London. His studio work has become highly collectible. ALO is also a street artist, and his artworks are recognized in London and across the globe.

ALO, A French Gypsy Lady. Mixed media on canvas, 61 x 122 cm. Image: Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery, Duke Of York’s HQ, King’s Road, London, SW3 4RY, United Kingdom