Baltimore Farmers Markets: Path to a Healthy Lifestyle

David Jakes, Traverse Cherries. Image: Wikimedia Commons

David Jakes Traverse Cherries by are some of the fruits that can be found at the  Baltimore Farmers Markets. via Wikimedia  Commons


From bike riding to fresh farm produce at Baltimore Farmers Markets, Baltimore is gradually becoming a healthy city.


Bikes at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Image : Kazad/Artcentron


BALTIMORE MARYLAND— The death of Freddie Gray early this year brought a lot of attention to Baltimore. Across the country, Baltimore became defined by violence and poverty.  While violence and poverty continue to be a major part of Baltimore, the City has so many reasons to celebrate. An important area worth celebrating is health.

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In the last five years, there has been a special focus on the health of Baltimoreans. In addition to the constant reminders that people should maintain a healthy lifestyle, the City has also been investing in areas that will help Baltimoreans sustain a good living.

Bike riding is an important area of attention in the effort to make Baltimore a healthy city.  Baltimoreans are constantly encouraged to ride their bicycles to work and other places. To persuade more people, including the hesitant would-be bickers, great effort has gone into making the roads very safe. New signs have been installed across city streets and roads to bring awareness to car drives about respecting bikers. Additionally, there are now new visible bike lanes to accommodate and safeguard cyclists.

For those who do not have bicycles, there is the Baltimore Bike Share. The new initiative provides Baltimoreans who do have bicycles with the opportunity to borrow one, which they may ride around the City. For a monthly fee, the Baltimore Bike Share is providing the opportunity for people to ride and exercise.

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The persistent effort to make people ride their bikes is already bearing fruit. Baltimore is now the ninth best city for bike riding. With the new mention, Baltimore is gradually joining the ranks of bike-friendly cities. However, while bicycle riding has been a major area of focus, Baltimore farmers markets deserve even greater commendation for significantly influencing a healthy lifestyle among Baltimoreans. Across Baltimore, there are farmers markets serving Baltimoreans who are developing healthy eating habits.  Farmers markets have fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, and dairy. There is also arts and craft.

“I have been going to farmers markets for several years,” notes Lora, a regular visitor to Baltimore Farmers Markets. “I go to farmers markets not just because of the fresh fruits and vegetables but also to support local farmers,” she said.

Lora is not alone in her support for Baltimore farmers.  “I  like supporting our local farmers,” explained André, a nurse and regular guest at the Pratt Street Farmers Market. “I also love fresh fruits. Baltimore Farmers Markets provide us with lots of fresh products, but my best thing to get from the market is bread. There are so many traders selling bread out there. I get to taste different types of bread when I visit the Waverly Farmers Market. They are so good,” she said with a smile.

Baltimore farmers markets are open mainly from spring to late fall every year.  They are important additions to big stores like Giant, Safeway, Save-A-Lot and many others.  Baltimore Farmers Markets sell fresh farm produce, including apples, tomatoes, and oranges. There are also flowers, crafts, locally made cheeses and gifts. Some of the stands also offer unusual delicacies that many people find unusual but good.

Baltimore Farmers Markets are fun places to visit. There is something for everyone. If you are a vegetarian or meat lover, you will find what you need at the markets.  Baltimore farmers bring out their best on every market day. From the stalls managed by small local farmers to larger ones owned by big farmers, there are so many options at Baltimore farmers markets. From fresh fruits coming straight from the farms to local delicacies, Baltimore farmers markets provide every customer whatever they need. Here are some of Baltimore Farmers Markets.

Pratt Street Farmers Market

The Pratt Street Farmers Market is one of the most visited Baltimore farmers markets. Located on Pratt Street, the market offers fresh produce to its customers. From vegetables to fruits, herbs, baked food, and cheeses, the market has so much to offer Baltimoreans looking for ways to eat healthily. Apples and cherries are the hallmarks of this farmers market. Of course, there are other types of fruits and food at the market.   Operated by the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore (BPOB), this farmers market runs from May through October.

Waverly Farmers Market

The Waverly Farmers Market located at 32nd Street is more than a farmers market. Opened on Saturdays all year round, the market is the meeting point for many people living in Charles Village and those coming from East Baltimore. Each Saturday is like a festival at the farmers market. There is music entertainment and a lot to eat.

If you love fresh fruits and farm produce at cheap prices, this is the market for you.  There are also baked goods. The thick slab of meat sold at one of the stalls is perhaps the signature piece of the Waverly Farmers Market. Treated and ready for the barbecue, the meat is a major attraction at the market. This is in addition to the culinary delights, music, and entertainment. It is not surprising that Waverly Farmers Market is one of the most visited Baltimore Farmers Markets.

Fells Point Farmers Market

From May through November every year, the Fells Point Farmers Market serves as a hub for some of the freshest products in Baltimore. This farmers market has a historical significance. The space it occupies use to be home to another farmer’s market decades ago. There are still indicators of the old farmers market everywhere. Original stall numbers from decades past etched in the curbs surrounding the Broadway Square are still visible. The Fells Point Farmers Market is rich in fresh farm produce, including oranges, tomatoes, and vegetables.  They also have Paninis, crepes, and delicious quesadillas.

Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar

Located at Holiday and Saratoga Street, the Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar is a place of exciting activities. There, you will find some of the best farm produce that will serve you well at home. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, you will also find poultry, pork seafood, beef, and other kinds of meat. For those who love to cook, many of the stalls have fresh herbs that will add flavor to their cooking. The stalls also offer organically produced milk and dairy product for those who like them fresh.

For craft lovers, there is a lot here for you. Some of the booths have beautiful and unique crafts on sale, including handbags, rugs, pottery, stained glass jewelry and many others. Yes, there are many flowers, too.  On some market days, customers are entertained with live music and performances. The market also provides cooking demonstration to guide customers on how to create magic in the kitchen.  Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar is opened every Sunday, April through December.

Baltimore Museum of Industry Framers Market

Situated at the 1415 Key Highway, the Baltimore Museum of Industry Framers Market occupies a central position that makes shopping convenient for many Baltimoreans.  Like many of the other Baltimore Farmers Markets, there are many fresh products at this market. Besides fruits and vegetables, you can also buy ice cream, butter, flowers, meat, and poultry. There are also arts and crafts. Live music and fun activities are a part of shopping at this farmers market. Baltimore Museum of Industry Framers Market opens every Saturday, May through October.

Druid Hill Farmers Market

For those who love to experience nature in addition to keeping healthy, Druid Hill Farmers Market is the place to be.  Located close to the Druid Hill Park, one of the first parks in America, the market provides the opportunity for customers to enjoy nature while they shop. There are vegetables, fresh fruits, and arts and crafts.

The Druid Hill Farmers Market opens every Wednesday, June through September. With an understanding of the balance between eating well and healthy environment, the Conservatory and Botanic Gardens has extended their hours on Wednesdays from 10 a.m-7p.m.

While Baltimore continues to be defined by poverty and crime, there is so much happening in the City to better the lives of Baltimoreans. Healthy living and eating healthily continue to be major areas of focus. In addition to encouraging people to ride their bicycles, there are even greater efforts to make people eat healthily. Baltimore Farmers Markets are providing that opportunity for people to buy fresh produce that will enhance healthy living. That deserves celebrating.

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