Photography Enthusiast La Keysha Edwards Celebrates Win

La Keysha Edwards, Into the Clouds. Photo:La Keysha Edwards

Into the Clouds by La Keysha Edwards, the photography enthusiast that won the 2nd prize in the Artcentron Flowers We Love Photo Contest. Photo: La Keysha Edwards


Photography enthusiast and designer La Keysha Edwards celebrates winning 2nd Prize in the 2016 Artcentron Flowers We Love Photo Contest.


Rainbows in the Sky by La Keysha Edwards. Photo: La Keysha Edwards

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND- The winner of the 2nd Prize in this year’s Artcentron Flowers We Love Photo Contest is La Keysha Edwards.  A designer, who works with silk flowers, La Keysha is also a photography enthusiast.  As a photography lover, Keysha, as she is fondly called, loves taking pictures of things and people around her.  While some of her images have inspired new designs, others have served as reminders of important events in her life.

Although a photography enthusiast, Keysha never entered for any photo contest. However, when she saw the Artcentron Flowers We love Photo Contest, she was convinced it was time to participate in a photo contest.  Her love of flowers was the main reason for entering the photo contest. Held annually, the Artcentron Flowers We love Photo Contest is open to amateur and professional photographers who love flowers and nature.

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How does Keysha feel about winning the 2nd Prize in the Artcentron Flowers We love Photo Contest 2016?  Here is Keysha in her own words:

“My name is Keysha and I love flowers. They are so beautiful and fragrant that I make every effort to preserve them. I usually work with silk flowers for my business, Keysha Kreations.  However, when I saw the Artcentron Flowers We Love Photo Contest, I just knew I must enter. Although I had never entered a photo contest before, I was very excited about this one. Maybe it was because it had to do with flowers and nature.


“One sunny afternoon, I decided to go to the local park here in Baltimore.   I went to The Howard Rawlings Conservatory & Botanic Gardens of Maryland located at Druid Hill Pack. Little did I know that the beauty I encountered at this historic conservatory and botanical garden will inspire a winning image. It took no time to spot the beautiful, ornamental peppers that won me the 2nd Prize in the Artcentron Flowers We Love Photo Contest.


I was ecstatic when I got the news that I won the 2nd Prize. As a photography lover, it was a thing of joy to have won in a competition that included professional photographers.  Winning the prize is now a major source of inspiration for me, and I am already preparing for next year’s contest. Next year, I hope to enter the contest again with an even more exquisite bloom.”

La Keysha Edwards, Buschetta is Ready. Image: La Keysha Edwards

Purple and Green by La Keysha Edwards. Image: La Keysha Edwards

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