5 Ways to Enjoy Christmas If You Are Alone

Esra, Christbaumkugel for Christmas

The Christbaumkugel is an important Christmas ornament that helps celebrate the holidays. via Wikimedia Commons


These 5 tips will help you beat loneliness if you are alone this Christmas


BALTIMORE, MD-It is an established tradition that Christmas is for families. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people go out to make it special for members of their family. They buy gifts and cook in the effort to make the day very special. Sadly, not everyone will have the opportunity to spend time with families on Christmas day.

If you are alone this Christmas, you should take heart that you are not alone.  There are so many people across the country that will spend Christmas alone for either personal reasons or circumstances.

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Do not be disheartened if you are alone this Christmas. There are things you can do to ameliorate the situation. “The first thing is to treat yourself,” notes Brandon, who will be spending Christmas with his dog this year. “Last year, I had an awesome Christmas with friends and neighbors. I had gifts under my beautiful tree and people to share them with. Sadly, I am all by myself this year. My supposed family went away to spend time with other people.”

If you are alone this Christmas here are five things you can do to escape loneliness or the feeling alone.

Community Christmas Party

If you do a Google search or look through community newspapers, you will find announcements about community parties. They are organized every year to accommodate those who want to spend Christmas day away from home or those who are home alone. These parties can be exciting. Just pick the one you are comfortable it and get down there. Have fun.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Use the period to volunteer at a soup kitchen or somewhere you can serve others. Utilize your time to benefit and bring joy to others. Consider visiting residents at nursing homes or take gifts to a children’s hospital.

Accept Invitations

If you are alone this year because you rejected some invitations, it is not too late to say “yes.” Call the people back and accept the invitations.

Treat Yourself

Use your time alone to treat yourself. Cook, get a haircut and buy gifts for yourself.  If you love art, go to museums or galleries. You can also go to a music event. Take the chance to indulge yourself. You can also binge watch your favorite show on TV. Use the alone time to spoil yourself more than a little.

Catch Up on Work

Your time alone presents the possibility of catching up on work. If you work from home or have the option to work, take the opportunity to be productive. Interact with coworkers and have fun. Spending time working and intermingling with coworkers will help deal with loneliness.

These are just a few of the things you can do if you are alone this Christmas day. Be creative and explore all the opportunity available to you. However, if you are unable to shake the anxiety of being alone, call a friend or a helpline. Hearing other voices can be of great help.

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