Creative Photographer Martin Smith Has a Zest for Life

Martin Smith, Heart of the Dandelion. Photo: Martin Smith

Heart of the Dandelion by Martin Smith, the Bulgaria-based creative photographer who won first prize for 2016 Artcentron Flowers We Love Photo Contest. Photo: Martin Smith


Martin Smith, Winner of  the Artcentron Flowers We Love Photo Contest 2016, is a creative photographer with zest for life

Martin Smith, Dragonfly

BALTIMORE, MD— This year’s Artcentron Flowers We Love Photo Contest attracted entries from across the globe.  Among the entries was Red Rose Reflection by Martin Smith, a creative photographer based in Bulgaria.  After much deliberation, Red Rose Reflection won the first prize.

In addition to other prizes, winners of the Artcentron Flowers We Love Photo Contest are also celebrated on  The main objective of celebrating the winners is to provide an opportunity for our readers to know more about them. Above all, put their works in front of a large audience. It is with great pleasure that we present this creative photographer and his works.  KAZAD

Martin Smith

Martin Smith, Bulgaria-based creative photographer and winner of 2016 Artcentron Flowers We Love Photo Contest. Image: courtesy of Martin Smith

Martin Smith is a retired amateur photographer. Born in the UK in 1952, he retired to a small village called Stambolovo located in South Bulgaria in 2012, where he now lives with his Bulgarian wife Aneta, and Merrie the dog.

He spends most of his time passionately renovating their 80-year-old house and what spare time he gets is spent on the other passion in his life, photography.

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Martin loves to take all kinds of photographs, but his main areas of interest are close-up and macro photography, landscapes, and nature in all forms.  A creative photographer, Martin also uses everyday objects to create photographic images.

His current set up consists of a Canon 70D DSLR, 50 mm kit lens, Tamron macro lens and his trusty Manfrotto tripod.  You can see more of Martin Smith’s images on Facebook and on his website. All images courtesy of the photographer.

Martin Smith, Tomatoes Reflection. Photo: Martin Smith

Martin Smith, Ocean Colours. Photo: Martin Smith

Martin Smith, Autumn’s End. Photo: Martin Smith

Martin Smith, Oak Leaf. Photo: Martin Smith

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