Video: Making of the Naked Trump Statues

Casting the Bust of naked Trump statues

Artist at work casting the bust of naked Trump statues. Image: INDECLINE

VIDEO : A new video reveals the making of naked Trump statues titled The Emperor Has No Balls. 

The Emperor Has No Balls from Indecline on Vimeo.

In August, a series of naked Trump statues appeared in several cities across the country. Titled The Emperor Has No Balls, the sculpture depicts  Donald Trump the Republican Party nominee nude.

The naked Donald Trump statues is a collaboration between American Activist Collective INDECLINE and sculptor “Ginger”.  In all, five life-size nude statues of Donald Trump were created.

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The naked Trump statues  were installed across the country in high-traffic locations. In New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland, and Seattle, the naked Trump statues were installed on the same day and at the same time. They immediately became the subject of controversy across the country. While some people jeered, others cheered the appearance of the explicit naked Trump statues.

The statues represent a mockery of Trumps candidacy.

In a press release INDECLINE explains why it was necessary to create the naked Trump statues: “Unlike the statues, it’s our hope that Donald Trump, our modern day emperor of fascism and bigotry is never installed in the most powerful political and military position in the world.”

Creating the naked Trump statues took more than 4 months of intense work. The process was recorded and edited by INDECLINE filmmakers. Above is a video of the process of creation.

Materials used in the making of The Emperor Has No Balls:

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