Chicago Billboard Art Project Brings Art to the People

Vik Muniz, George Stinney Jr. 2016. Image: Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco 770x433

George Stinney Jr. 2016 by Vik Muniz is one the works selected for the Chicago Billboard Art Project. Image: Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco

ART NEWSMajor artworks selected for Chicago Billboard Art Project will give Chicagoans a new way of appreciating art.


Stephanie Brooks, Meaningful Glance (2016). Image: Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago

CHICAGO- An innovative Citywide Public Art Initiative will be part of this year’s Expo Chicago. Titled  OVERRIDE| A Billboard Project, the initiative is  a partnership between The International Exposition of Modern & Contemporary Art, and  the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE).

The Chicago billboard art project  actualizes  one of the main objectives of Expo Chicago, which is to expand the appreciation of art beyond the exposition floor at Navy Pier. Consequently, works by 15 artists drawn from major local, national and international galleries will be displayed on Chicago’s City Digital Network consisting of 28 digital billboards.

The art displays will run from August 29  through September 25.

The Chicago billboard art project is an opportunity for people to experience art beyond the white cube. Moreover, it pushes the boundaries of how visual culture is disseminated in an increasingly image-based environment.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel explains the objective of the Project thus: “This unique display of visual art will turn our city into a garden into an outdoor art gallery by showcasing artworks by prestigious local and international artists for our entire city to enjoy.”

The billboard art project exemplifies Expo Chicago’s commitment to expanding new forms of arts and cultural experiences across all of Chicago neighborhoods.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is optimistic that the “unique installation of digital imagery by artists from around the world will further elevate Chicago’s status as a global destination for the arts.”

Expo Chicago President  and Director Tony Karman echoes Mayor Rahm Emanuel optimism. “Each year we continue to expand our core programming and I am extremely proud of this initiative and our collaboration with DCASE and the City,” he said.

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Expo Chicago selected the participating artists from the 2016 exhibitors. The selection was based on their engagement with digital artwork in a dynamic way. The billboard art project features seven Chicago-based artists and galleries, alongside participants from New York, Los Angeles, Athens, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hong Kong, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul and more.

While some of the artists will create new works for the project, others will expand their oeuvre by adapting past works to fit the digital billboard setting. Notably among the participating artists are Alex Bag (Video artist), Rashid Johnson (Sculptor), and Sterling Lawrence just to name a few.

Regardless of the fact that some of the artists are not known to have worked in the digital space before, the project will be rewarding. The Chicago billboard art project will present a new way of viewing art outside the white Cube.

Wendy White, Pleasure 1 2016, Image: Andrew Razfacd, Chicago and Van Horn Dusseldorf

Here is a full list of participating artists:

Alex Bag

Manglano Ovalle

Angelo Plessas

Sanford Biggers

Stephanie Brooks

Tammy Rae Carland

Caitlin Keogh

Sterling Lawrence

Vik Muniz

Iñigo Joyce Pensato

Sanford Biggers

 Cheryl Pope

Bettina Pousttchi

Rashid Johnson


Wendy White

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