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10 Amazing Artist Websites That Will Captivate You

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10 Amazing Artist Websites That Will Captivate You

Down, Morpheus by Kehinde Wiley is one of the works in  The New Republic. More works can be seen on his website that  our top ten artist websites

ART NEWS: Artist websites are becoming more engaging as many artists are doing everything to captivate website visitors


With the growth of the Internet, artists across the globe are making every effort to reach a larger audience. From exploring social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and many others to present their artworks, many artists are setting up artist websites. Artist websites serve as home, studio, market place, and gallery for emerging and professional artists. While some artists use free platforms like WordPress,  Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace and several others to show and sell their works, others are using paid platforms.

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No matter what platform artists select to display their work, the important thing is that artist websites have to be well-structured to captivate visitors. In addition to images of artworks, artist websites also have to include important categories such as biography, exhibitions, and much more.

Below are some of the artist websites we find very interesting. While there are many artist websites out there, there are some unique elements on these websites that make them our top ten. If you have any favorite artist websites, please let us know.


Image: Screenshot of Banksy Website, one of the top artist websites

Banksy Website with one of his works titled Fragile

Banksy’s artist website is an extension of his street art and graffiti. On Banksy’s website, many of his poignant creations are presented for the world to see. The website is an opportunity for many of his followers who could not visit some of his site specific projects to see them.  One of my favorite of Banksy’s works is a red heart shaped balloon. On the balloon are bandages symbolizing that this is tortured heart.

Banksy’s website is divided into categories that make it easy to navigate. Under the Outside category are street art and graffiti done in different parts of the world. The Inside category allows a view of works done in the studio. Banksy is also a studio artist, and some of his studio works can be found on the website. The simplicity of the website makes it very unique.

Jeff Koons

Image: Jeff Koons sculpture welcoming visitors to his websites, one our top ten websites

Jeff Koons website with several of his inflatable sculptures

Jeff Koons is undoubtedly one of America’s top contemporary artists.  He is well-loved and heated by his contemporaries.  On Koons website, the first thing you encounter is an image of one of his Balloon Dogs. On it is the word “Enter.”

Koons website is well structured and contains some of his most important works. Some of the works on Koons website include his popular inflatable series and Balloons. There are also lesser known works like Gazing Ball Paintings and Hole.  Some of these works were part of Banality, his retrospective at the Whitney Museum of Art in New York.

Roland Faesser 

Image: Roland Faesser's website homepage allows a 3-dimentional view of his studio, making it one of our top ten artist websites

Roland Faesser’s website homepage allows a 3-dimensional view of his studio

Roland Faesser’s website is one of the most captivating artist websites that I have come across on the web.  On his home page is an image of one of his deer head wall sculpture.  The Studio category is the center of the site. It has a panoramic 3-dimensional view of the artist’s studio. As you move the cursor, the studio moves with it, revealing details of the studio and artworks. From sculptures to paintings and installations, there is so much to see. It is so much fun navigating the studio with a 3-dimensional view.  The website has a comprehensive CV of the artist, including his educational background, academic history, and projects. You can also see his commissions, public projects,  and photographs.

Victor Ekpuk 

Image: A photography of Victor Ekpuk at work on the homepage of his website, one of Artcentron top ten artist websites

A photography of Victor Ekpuk at work on the homepage of his website

Victor Ekpuk is one of the artists I have known for many years. He is a meticulous and adventurous artist.  In his works, Victor explores Nsibidi to comment on contemporary thoughts and issues.  Nsibidi is an aesthetic philosophy where sign systems are used to convey ideas. Victor’s website reflects his meticulous nature. Everything is well categorized in a way that makes navigation easy.

When you arrive at Victor’s website, the first thing you see is his now very popular signature, behind which is the word “Studio”.  The site is divided into several categories, including Paintings, Drawings, and Mixed Media to mention a few.  Looking through the whole website allows for a greater understanding of the artist’s career and how his art has continued to evolve. You should see his manuscript series. They blend culture, tradition, and religion.

Kate Gilmore  

Image: Kate Gilmore website with her works well arranged to captivate visitors is one of top ten artist websites

Kate Gilmore website with her works well arranged to captivate visitors

Kate Gilmore is a teaser. On her website, you will find many images of her performances.  The photographs are just snippets of her work and do not provide all the details.  When you click on the images, they take you to the video projects and performances she has done over the years.  The videos are orderly arranged to allow visitors find what they are looking for on the website. The site is inviting and provides an amazing experience for guests exploring her works. You could spend hours watching the well-made videos of the performances.  The videos provide openings for a greater understanding of Gilmore’s creative process and artistic labor. Her works can be seen in many galleries across the globe. Here is one of her exciting videos titled Sudden As A Massacre, 2011. The video was shown at Time Based Art Festival, Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Oregon.

David Shrigley 

Image: One of David Shrigley's artworks on the home page of his website, one of top ten artist websites

One of David Shrigley’s artworks on the home page of his website

David Shrigley is a funny and exciting artist. His faux-naïve drawings are poignant in the ideas they communicate. On the website of this Glasgow-based artist, there are so many interesting things that tell you about Shrigley and his work. There are images of art, videos, published books and so much more.

Shrigley has a cult following and his fans will do anything to prove their allegiance to the artist. The photographs of fans that have tattooed themselves with his art on his website are a clear indication of their loyalty.  Shrigley’s website also has images of his projects, including details of a skateboard park he decorated. The site “help desk” is unusual in the true sense of the word.  There is so much to enjoy on this artist website.

Gerhard Richter   

Home page of Gerhard -Richter Artist website

The home page of Gerhard -Richter Artist website. Image Gerhard -Richter

 When you visit Gerhard Richter’s website, the first thing you see is this beautiful thumbnail photo montage of his artworks through the years. Each image enlarges when you click on them. This is an artist website set up to educate and inform visitors about the career of this famous artist spanning more than six decades.  Each image is labeled to include the year it was created, and where it was exhibited. Some images even have the year they were auctioned, estimated auction prices, and how much they sold for.

Each artwork on Gerhard Richter’s website is categorized to reflect the artistic tradition and media used by the artists in the creation of the work: Photo Paintings, Abstracts, Atlas, Editions, Drawing, Overpainted Photographers, Oil on Paper, and Watercolor. A section of the website also includes a collection of books by the artist, prints, and other works.

Gerhard Richter’s website has a fascination biography of the artist. It starts from a very young age, through his adult life and an amazing art career. The biography is supported with images, which on their own, tell the story of the life of this celebrated artist.  You can also read some of his quotes which are very inspiring and thoughtful.

Damien Hirst  

Image:Damien Hirst Website Homepage with one of his sculptures, one of top ten artist websites

Damien- Hirst Website Homepage with one of his sculptures

When you visit Damien Hirst’s website, the first thing you see is an announcement of Jeff Koons exhibition going on at the Newport Street Gallery in London. For an impatient guest, this could be confusing.  Why are Jeff Koons works on Damien Hirst’s website? The answer is simple: The works are there because the Newport Street Gallery where Koons is exhibiting belongs to Damien Hirst.  Any visitor who is able to go beyond that initial shock will find navigating the website very easy and rewarding.

Hirst’s website has several categories arranged to create a narrative. The News category includes news about the artist, his projects, and association with other artists. There is also information about what is happening at the Newport Street Gallery.

The Artworks category is perhaps one of the most important sections of the website. It includes artworks by the artist spanning many years.  Works like This Little Piggy Went to Market, This Little Piggy Stayed at Home, 1996, and The Immortal, 1997 – 2005, highlights the artist’s fascination with death. The sculptures made from dead animals Glass, painted stainless steel, silicone, stainless steel, monofilament, and formaldehyde solution generated contentious debate when they were exhibited. The main question on many minds was “but is it art?.

Hirst’s website provides the opportunity to see his artworks in great details. The website also includes a Biography section and a portrait photograph of Hirst sternly gazing at the viewer. There are also several videos of Hirst discussing his works in conversations with artists and art critics.

Edward Ruscha 

Image: Pay Nothing Until April 2003 by Edward Ruscha is one artworks on the artist website, one of top ten artist websites

Pay Nothing Until April 2003. Acrylic on canvas 60 x 60 inches, one of the featured pages on Edward Ruscha website page. Image: Edward Ruscha

When you get to Edward Ruscha’s website, you are confronted with a copyright warning. If you are able to go past that warning, there is so much to learn on this website. Under the work category, there is a section reserved for featured works. Presented as a slider, featured artworks include works by the artist that were done through the years.  Below the featured artworks are other works going as far back as 1958.  This would have been a comprehensive catalogue of the artist’s works except that it does not extend beyond 2003.

Incomplete as the catalogue is, it provides deep insight into Ruscha’s career. From his use of words and text to stints with abstract expressionism, Dada, Surrealism, and other areas of art, there is a lot to learn.  The images are correctly labeled to make searching for them very easy.

Ruscha’s website has a scanty biography section that is augmented with other areas. This is one of the very few artist websites with a section dedicated to missing artworks.  This section has about 16 works listed.  It ends with an appeal to anyone who knows about the missing artworks to contact the artist or the Catalogue Raisonné.

Olafur Eliasson   

Image: Artwork by Olafur Eliasson on the Home Page of his artist website with the all seeing golden eye that make this one of our top ten artist websites

Olafur Eliasson Artist Home Page with the golden eye.

Olafur Eliasson is a fun loving artist who makes every effort to challenge our perception of things.  The first work you see on his website is a piece that keeps going in a spiral movement. Made of green and yellow colors, the image spirals in a manner that attempts to hypnotize the viewer. But this is just an example of what makes Eliasson’s website very unique.

Eliasson’s  website was created to captivate visitors. As you scroll down the homepage, a golden eyeball floats with you, eyeing every move you make.  Eliasson’s website has a collection of his artworks dating back to 1990.  Each work is presented with text to provide a better understanding of the process of creation and where it was shown.  There are other areas on this website that makes it very intriguing. The most important feature, however, is that it is a fun place to be. You should the see Green Light. What do you think?

Anne-Marie Cosgrove  

Image: Anne -Marie Cosgrove Website Homepage with a short biography and her works show why she is one of top ten artist websites

Anne -Marie Cosgrove Website Homepage with a short biography and her works. This is one of the most engaging artist websites

On Anne-Marie Cosgrove’s website, the first thing you see is a short biography about the painter. It reads: “Born in Montréal, Anne-Marie Cosgrove currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Process based, her work interacts with language, narrative and the frame of painting.” Just under that is a detailed CV, including art exhibitions and awards.  There are also Press Links.

A deeper look through the website provides more details about the artist and her art career. The Painting category focuses on Marie Cosgrove’s Paintings.  The paintings go from 2009 through 2015. The collection of paintings provides an understanding of the progression the artist has made through her career so far.  Another section focuses on her exhibitions and project history.

There is a lot to see under Exhibition. The exhibitions date from 1987 through 2015. This category is detailed in a way that allows a profound understanding of Marie Cosgrove’s creative progression through the years.  This is a well-structured website. In addition to all the images and other information, the website also has a collection of digital and downloadable catalogues of exhibitions the artist had participated in. Although there are few catalogues on the website, this is one of the few artist websites that include catalogues and detailed literature.

Kehinde Wiley   

Image: Kehinde Wiley's website presents his artworks with cohesive theme, and that is why it is one of top ten artist websites

A page from Kehinde Wiley Website featuring some his works and project

Kehinde Wiley’s website is beautiful and presents the artist as a man of style. On Wiley’s website, the first thing you see is an announcement about an on-going exhibition. Titled A New Republic, the show has traveled to several museums and galleries before arriving at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA. The announcement for A New Republic has the image of Wiley sitting at the center of a gallery with his artworks behind him.

An excursion of  Wiley’s website reveals several categories, including Work, Projects, News and Information. Each category is carefully arranged for aesthetics and Information. The Work category provides details about Wiley’s exhibitions through the years in a catalogue format. Each catalog provides details about an exhibition, including text and selected images.

The Project category is as attractive as the Work section. The documentation of his collaboration with Art Project Fund project is very revealing of the artist’s creative prowess. The project involved Wiley placing his works on top of New York taxi cabs. The News and Information categories tie up the whole website. This is a gorgeous website. It explores different elements of art and repetition to captivate visitors. This is one of the most engaging artist websites. The effort that went into creating the site not only shows that Wiley is a meticulous artist, but also a brilliant one as well.

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