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Music Videos of Prince Songs Show His Genius

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Music Videos of Prince Songs Show His Genius

Prince performing Purple Rain at the Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show is one of music videos fans are watching on YouTube. Image: Screenshot

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MINNESOTA- “Gone away too soon.” That is how Quincy Jones described the sudden death  of Prince.  Prince Rogers Nelson died  Thursday. The music icon was found in the elevator of his suburban home in Minnesota unresponsive. He was 57 years old.  His sudden passing has continued to send shockwaves across the globe.

As the shock sinks in, fans have continued to stream Prince’s music videos.  Many have also throng online destination like YouTube, Vimeo and other video websites to re-experience the iconic performances of this amazing musician through his music videos.  In less than three days, millions of people have gone back to view his music videos and performances at the Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show.

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One of the music videos features Prince performing Purple Rain under the torrential rain fall. Dressed in a blue suit, Prince performed as if everything was normal. It was brilliant. After watching the video, Sour Eggz commented that the music video showed the brilliance of  Prince:

Well, since the 80’s there have been artists who substituted singing with dancing during performances (not including the fact in the 60’s when people didn’t usually perform live on television programs). It is just a testament to Prince’s technical skill and stage presence! This is really the best way to do a live performance – using the circumstances to your advantage, using live dancers and standing/strutting as to focus on the actual signing and playing instruments.

The Purple Rain video is just one of the music videos that have continued to engender a re/engagement with this legendary musician.  The video of Prince performing Get on the Boat has garnered almost 70 thousand views, many of who are new viewers.  One of the respondents, Solomon Kessington, captures the achievement  of  Prince by drawing a correlation between Prince and other music icons like David Bowie. He mourns the death of both superstars:

David Bowie, now Prince? Both of these guys changed style of music forever and will always be in my heart. David Bowie made music soothing and beautiful and Prince made music crazy, creative, and ecstatic. Both one of my favorite artists of all time. RIP Prince my man and may God bless your soul.

A fan could not hide his fascination for the genius of Prince. After watching the video of Shoe on Vimeo, he expressed why  Prince will be greatly missed. “Another private track of his royal badness. Never heard one song sound like the other. Magnificent cool jazz soul, like Prince and Miles Davis collaborated in parallel words. Now they r up there sitting 2gether and Prince is listening to Miles feedback,” wrote  Sebo Tonin.

Beyond music videos fans have continued to throng different sites to watch interviews, discussions and important moments in the life of this great musician.

Fans have also been celebrating the life of Prince since his death was announced.  Across the globe, there have been parties and concert-like celebrations. At his Paisley Park residence  in Minnesota, fans continue to converge, leaving everything purple at a makeshift memorial: purple balloons, flowers, cards and many others items. They have also been  performing his songs,  including tracks like Purple Rain, I Wanna Be Your Lover , Shoe and many others.

But the celebration is not limited to Minnesota. In New York, fans gathered at the Apollo Theatre soon after news went around that the pop icon was dead. Even as they grieved over the life of this iconic musician, they also celebrated his absolutely productive life.

The celebration and  outpouring of emotions following the death of Prince is well deserved.   An iconic musician, Prince was a thrilling and  innovative.  Throughout his career, he created a brand of music  that captivated many hearts. Prince strove for perfection in all his work. An eccentric singer, songwriter multi-instrumentalist, producer and arranger, he devoted all his energy to dishing out the best.  He was a bundle of energy, and worked tirelessly  to create music that captivated souls.

Here are some of his music videos  to remind us of the life of this gifted musician.

Prince Feat Wendy,Lisa and Sheila E Live At Brit Awards 2006

Frederic hiebler/YouTube

Prince Cream

Hayden Clement/YouTube

Prince – Purple Rain Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show.

Mike Bowley/YouTube

Prince – I Would Die 4 U REAL song from Purple Rain

Callie C/YouTube/Warner Bros Entertainment.

Prince Shoe

Phil Griffin/Vimeo

Prince ‘SHOE’ from Phil Griffin on Vimeo.

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