Artcentron Flowers We Love Photo Contest Returns Bigger

Flowers in the sun Photo: Kazad/Artcentron

Flowers in the sun marks the beginning of Artcentron Flowers We Love Photo Contest. Photo: Kazad/Artcentron

ART NEWS:  Artcentron 2016 Flowers We Love Photo Contest returns with great prizes


BALTIMORE, MARYLAND— Spring is here again and the flowers are blooming.  It is also time for the annual Artcentron Flowers We Love Photo Contest. The annual photo contest provides opportunities for amateur, aspiring and professional photographers to show their love for flowers through amazing photographs.

As with other years, the flowers you capture and enter the contest do not have to grow in spring. We know that many flowers grow during other seasons. The important thing is to take the pictures of the flowers you love and send us the best ones. Pictures of flowers you took at the flower shows, flower shops, flower banquet, botanical garden, a wedding you attended, or even at the street corner can win you great prizes.

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No matter where you took the image of the flowers you love, the most important thing is to be creative. The photo of the freshest flowers can only look great if you are creative. So, go on and take the best photographs of the flowers around you and send them to us.  It is all about the #FlowersWeLove.

This year’s Flowers We Love Photo Contest begins April 15, 2016, and ends August 30, 2016, at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).  All entries must be received by the stipulated date and time. Finalists will be notified of their status on September 20, 2016, and winners will be announced October 2, 2016.

The entry fee is US$10 per entry payable by Visa, Mastercard credit cards, and Paypal.  Entry fee is non-refundable

 Contest History

Artcentron began hosting the Flowers We Love Photo Contest in 2013. In the first year, entries came from across the globe, and participants sent in the best images of flowers they love.  Some of the flowers were taken in botanical gardens while others were photos of flowers at the street corner.  One of the past winners includes Brian Lim, who won the first place prize in 2013. Her photograph of red rose flowers titled Elegant was taken in Malaysia.

Although we could not have the Flowers We Love Photo Contest in 2014 due to technical problems, Artcentron has continued to grow.  We continue to reward amateurs, aspiring and professional photographers who submit their works. This year is even bigger and better with amazing prizes.

List of prizes 


The Grand Prize Winner receives:


Our Second Winner receives:


Our Third Winner receives:

7 Honorable Mentions

Our 7 finalists will each receive

Submission of an entry in this photo contest automatically constitutes the entrants acceptance of the Contest Rules, Terms, and Artcentron Terms & Condition.

Participating in Flowers We Love Photo Contest. After paying for your entries, send your submission to Please include personal details and details of payment.

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