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Top 10 Baltimore Contemporary Art Galleries

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Top 10 Baltimore Contemporary Art Galleries

Art Lovers at the Baltimore Artscape, an annual art event  that has helped the growth of contemporary art galleries in Maryland Photo: Kazad/ Artcentron

ART & DESIGN: Baltimore contemporary art galleries help enhance Maryland’s Cultural sector


Image: Fans of anime culture at Otakon in Baltimore, an annual cultural art event that has helped the growth of contemporary art galleries in Maryland

Fans of anime culture at Otakon in Baltimore. Photo: Kazad/ Artcentron

BALTIMORE– With each passing year, Baltimore continues to grow as a  cultural city. From music festivals to art events and other cultural activities, Baltimore cultural sector is bringing many cultural enthusiasts and tourists to this truly cosmopolitan city in the heart of Maryland. At the core of Baltimore’s cultural growth is visual arts. The annual Artscape which brings thousands of people to Baltimore is one great example of the growing cultural events in Baltimore.

Building on the impact of the Artscape and other cultural developments, the last decade has shown the growth of contemporary art galleries across Baltimore. From artist-run spaces to art organizations, galleries are springing up across Baltimore. Although the galleries have different approaches to bringing art to the Baltimore growing art community, they all have a common goal: to showcase regional and national artists.

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For those interested in collecting art or purchasing art, Baltimore contemporary art galleries provide a variety of artworks by emerging and established artists.   From fine art photography to contemporary art, traditional fine art, glass art, print, and sculpture, there is so much to see at Baltimore contemporary art galleries. These are some of the best contemporary art galleries and arts organizations in Baltimore.

C. Grimaldis Gallery

Image: Marja Pirila's Milavada #6 2013 on display at C. Grimaldis Gallery, one of the oldest Baltimore contemporary art galleries

Marja Pirila, Milavada #6 2013. Edition of 7. Pigment Ink Print. 44.1 x 47.2, 112 x 120 cm. Image courtesy of C. Grimaldis Gallery

C. Grimaldis Gallery located on Charles Street is one of the foremost galleries and contemporary art spaces in Baltimore. Since opening in 1977, the gallery has hosted many art exhibitions, showcasing photography, sculptures, paintings and other art forms. The gallery has hosted solo and group exhibitions. Presently at the gallery is Within/Without, a photography exhibition featuring ten photographers from around the world. Alongside curated exhibitions, the gallery which specializes in post-second World War American and European art has also made appearances at different art fairs across the country, including Art Miami, Texan Contemporary Art Fair, (E)Merge Art Fair and Palm Springs Art Fair.  The gallery represents some very important artists, including the famous sculptor Richard Serra,  John Ruppert, light sculptor, photographer Ben Marcin and painter Raoul Middleman among many others.

C. Grimaldis Gallery, 523 N Charles St #1, Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 410 539 1080

 Jordan Faye Contemporary

Image: Lori Larusso's Afterparty (with cherries on top) 2014 on display at Jordan Faye Contemporary art gallery in Baltimore

Lori Larusso, Afterparty (with cherries on top) 2014 acrylic and enamel on panel, 36 x 36 x 3 inches. Image courtesy of Jordan Faye Contemporary

In Baltimore, Jordan Faye Contemporary is one of the major contemporary art galleries exhibiting the works of emerging artists from across the country. Established in 2006 by Jordan Faye Block, a Sotheby’s -trained gallerist and curator, the gallery has been at the center of exhibiting thought-provoking works by young and enterprising artists who are not afraid to take on topical issues of our time. An artist herself, Ms. Block who was the co-founded of  Gallery Imperato, is focused on presenting artworks that are engaging and that will stand the test of time. Beyond addressing the need of artists and art enthusiasts through innovative exhibitions, Jordan Faye is committed to redefining the traditional concept of a gallery. Jordan Faye gallery represents more than 20 enterprising artists. The list includes  Lori Larusso, Kate Mackinnon, Jenee Mateer, Lisa Dillin, Erin Fitzpatrick and several other.

Jordan Faye Contemporary, 823 Park Ave, Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 443 955 1547

The Alchemy  of Art

Image: Installation view of artworks at The Alchemy of Art, one of the top contemporary art galleries in Baltimore

Installation view of artworks at The Alchemy of Art. Image courtesy of The Alchemy of Art

There is something for every art lover at The Alchemy of Art. Owned by  Sheridan Costa, the contemporary art gallery features art by new and established artists and craftsmen from across the country. The Alchemy of Art covers a wide range of art areas, including prints, paintings, sculptures, photography, and an amazing collection of hand crafted jewelry. There is a new exhibition every month, accompanied by music and so much fun. Every show at the gallery is focused on providing a unique experience for art lovers. The list of artists represented by the gallery includes Tyler Merbler, Shannice Wollcocj, McCabe Jamrozs, and Brendan Hamilton,

The Alchemy of Art, 1637 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD, USA

Goya Contemporary Gallery

Image: Installation view of 'Places To Be' by Sally Egbert at the Goya Contemporary art Gallery

Sally Egbert, Installation view of Places To Be. Image courtesy of Goya Contemporary Gallery

Goya Contemporary Gallery located on Chestnut Avenue in Baltimore is celebrated for its promotion of art and culture across the city and the country.  With an innovative range of exhibitions and collaborations, Goya Contemporary Gallery holds a prestigious place in contemporary art practice. It is one of the long running galleries in the mid-Atlantic. Goya Contemporary Gallery is devoted to promoting the work of young and established artists by presenting new works and ideas through innovative curatorial practice, catalogue, and print publishing.  Beyond independent exhibitions,  Goya Contemporary Gallery has presented works by young and emerging artists at art fairs including Art Miami, IFPDA Print Fair and (E)merge Art Fair.  Some of the artists represented by Goya Contemporary include Louise Bourgeois, Sam Gilliam, Ann Hamilton, John Baldessari, Joyce J. Scott, Ellsworth Kelly, Bruce Nauman, and Timothy App. Goya Contemporary Gallery’s thought-provoking exhibitions and collaborations with artists have earned it international acclaim. In addition to hosting innovative exhibitions, the gallery also has Goya-Girl Press, an aspect of the gallery that collaborates with artists across the country to create unique fine art edition prints.

Goya Contemporary, 3000 Chestnut Ave, Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 410-235-8730

Baltimore Clayworks

Image: Potter at the potter's wheel at Baltimore Clayworks, one of Baltimore's to contemporary art galleries

Potter at the potter’s wheel at Baltimore Clayworks. Image courtesy of Baltimore Clayworks

Baltimore Clayworks is the center for ceramics art in Baltimore. The nonprofit center provides an opportunity for art lovers, artists and all those interested in ceramics to carry on their interest. Devoted to developing, sustaining and promoting interest in ceramics, Baltimore Clayworks hosts solo and group exhibitions throughout the year. Located on Smith Avenue, Baltimore Clayworks has been a center for artists working within the field of ceramics to express their artistic ideas. While many ceramists have shown their works at the center, others have held art conversations. Some of the artists who have shown at the space include  Sallah Jenkins, Deborah Bedwell, Leigh Taylor Mickelson, Laure Drogoul, Kate Borcherding, Amy Carnahan, Shalya Marsh, Brett Freund Roberto Acosta, Yeon Soo Kim, and Lawson Oyekan among many others. Baltimore Clayworks has a Community Arts Program that connects established ceramic artists with members of the Baltimore community interested in learning about art and clay. The program has been running for more than two decades.

Baltimore Clayworks, 5707 Smith Ave, Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 410 578 1919

Guest Spot

Image: Install shot at Guest Spot at The Reinstitute, one of the top contemporary art galleries in Baltimore

Guest Spot Install shot at The Reinstitute. Image courtesy of Guest Spot

Located at The Reinstitute, the School for Innovation and Self-Accreditation for the Arts and Sciences,  Guest Spot is an exciting place to visit. With a particular focus on experimental exhibitions, Guest Spot has made a name for itself as the place to encounter art that explores the relationship of space and purpose.  Independently run by a team of artists, the curatorial approach is to accentuate new ideas about art while also emphasizing space utilization and the concept of the ‘American Home.’  Presently at the Guest Spot is Painting Between The Means, an exhibition featuring works by Chicago artist Jean Alexander Frater. The gallery has also featured works by John Bohl, Eric Doeringer, Matthew Northridge, Jason Lazarus, Adam Farcus and Carl Gunhouse. Guest Spot also frequently invites guest artists and curators to give talks. These conversations have been an invaluable resource for artists and curators in the Baltimore community.

Guest Spot, 1715 N Calvert St, Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 718 541 9672

Current Space

Image: Installation view at the Current Space, one of Baltimore's top contemporary art galleries

Installation view at the Current Space, Baltimore. Image courtesy of Current Space

At the core of  Current Space mission is the need to engender dialogue between artists, performers, designers, curators, activists, and thinkers. Through the organization of solo and group exhibitions, art projects and workshops, the gallery has been making great effort to meet the objective of engaging Baltimore and international art community since 2004. An artist-run gallery, studio, and hub cultural production, the space provides opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their works and present their ideas to a larger crowd. Exhibitions at the Current Space cut across different media, including sculpture, painting, photography, video and new media art. Several local and international artists have shown their works at the gallery. Some of the artists that have shown their artworks at the gallery include Sophia Belkin and Suzanna Zak. The gallery also engages in collaborative projects and events that expand the understanding of art within the Baltimore community.

Current Space, 421 N Howard St, Baltimore, MD, USA

 Maryland Art Place

Image: Installation view at the Maryland Art Place, one of Baltimore's top contemporary art galleries

Installation view of artworks at the Maryland Art Place, Baltimore. Image courtesy of Maryland Art Place

For more than 37 years, Maryland Art Place has been at the center of art growth in Baltimore, Maryland. The organization which was established in 1981,  has helped nurture the career of young artists while also accentuating the accomplishment of established artists. Through packed scheduled exhibitions, events, and educational workshops, the organization has facilitated new interest in art and community engagement.  Maryland Art Place has made even greater outreach in Baltimore community through public art projects that involve members of the community. This nurturing of the relationship between artists and community has made Maryland Art Place a valuable member of the Baltimore community. As the organization continues to grow, the focus continues to be on building relationships and organizing exciting exhibitions of artworks by regional artists. Claire Girodie, Justin Hoekstra, Caleb Kortokrax, Jim Leach, Nick Primo,  Dominique Zeltzman, Hasan Elahi, and Mina Cheon are some of the artists that have shown their works at the Maryland Art Place. Projects such as Out Of Order and Young Blood remain a major attraction for art lovers across the Maryland community.

Maryland Art Place, 218 West Saratoga Street, Baltimore, MD, USA, +1 410 962 8565


Image: Dina Kelberman, Screencaps on view at Nudashank Art Gallery, one of Baltimore's top contemporary art galleries

Dina Kelberman, Screencaps on view at Nudashank Art Gallery.Contemporary Art Galleries. Image courtesy of Nudashank Art Gallery

Nudashank Art Gallery located on Franklin Street is an integral part of the Baltimore community. The artist-run gallery space is dedicated to showcasing the works of emerging and established artists.  Although the gallery opened in March 2009, planning began in December of 2008. The gallery opened with Wise Guise. Since the gallery opened, it has organized more than 50 exhibitions, including outside curatorial projects, exchange, and satellite shows. Founded by Alex Ebstein and Seth Adelsberger, who are co directors, the gallery space has featured local and international artists in the group, two-person, and solo exhibitions. In their effort to bring new works and artists to Baltimore art community, the duo often carries out studio visits in Brooklyn,  Baltimore, Washington D.C., Philadelphia,  Richmond and the neighboring environment. Some of the gallery’s memorable exhibitions featured the works of Matt Connors and Andrew Guenther. The gallery has showcased works by artist like Charles Broskoski, Peter Sutherland, Laura Brothers, Joshua Abelow, Molly O’Connell, Mitch Magee, and Nick Van Woert, whose works have been shown at Grimm Fine Art in Amsterdam and Yvon Lambert in Paris

NUDASHANK 405 W. Franklin Street 3rd Floor Baltimore, MD 21201

Open Space

Image: Kris Harzinski and Will Haughery, Pastoral Lull-Trophy for Parineums on display at Open Space, one of Baltimore's contemporary art galleries

Kris Harzinski and Will Haughery, Pastoral Lull-Trophy for Parineums (detail).Contemporary Art Galleries. Image courtesy of Open Space

Like many other contemporary art galleries in Baltimore,  Open Space is an artist-run gallery. Located at 512 W. Franklin St. Baltimore, MD, the gallery first opened its door in 2009 in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore.  Since opening, the gallery has organized vibrant exhibitions, annual festivals, lectures, film screenings and music shows. The focus of the gallery is to showcase the works of national and international artists, as well as connect artists and growing Baltimore art community.  Exhibitions at the Open Space cut across different media, including photography, video, sculpture, and new media.   Since the gallery opened about six years ago in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore, it has grown from just an exhibition space to include a library and performance space.

Few years after the gallery opened, it suffered a calamity that forced it to move to its present location on West Franklin Street, where it has continued making a great impact in the Baltimore community. Open Space continues to host two-large scale annual festival: the Publications & Multiples Fair and the Alternative Art Fair. The curatorial perspective of the exhibitions at the gallery is diverse because of the various backgrounds and interests of its members.

Open Space  512 W. Franklin St. Baltimore, MD. 21201

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