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Nail Art Designs Set Mood for the Holidays

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Nail Art Designs Set Mood for the Holidays

Holiday Bling, one of the  nail art designs for the holidays. Photo: Keysha

STYLE: Christmas nail art designs set the mood for the holidays

Image: Swirly purple konad nail art by Courtney Rhodes show one of the nail art designs by nail art artists

Courtney Rhodes, Swirly purple konad nail art. Black nail polish and purple mix. wikimedia

BALTIMORE– As Christmas draws closer, many women are thronging nail art studios to get their nails done. To accommodate these women of style, many nail art studios are creating Christmas nail art designs that are absolutely charming.  Using Christmas colors like red, yellow, green, gold and silver, the designs are pleasing and captivating. Some salons are also using Christmas images and symbols, including Christmas trees and ornaments.

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At a nail art studio in Baltimore, many nail art images are posted on windows and walls to attract customers. Anisha will be getting her nails done here. “I am going to do my nails for Christmas because it is an important holiday. My friends will be doing  theirs as well.  I guess mine will be better than theirs because I will be using Christmas images and ornaments. That is my holiday bling bling,” she said.

But Christmas nail art is not the only nail art design getting all the attentions this season. With the release of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens, many nail studios are  creating designs featuring Star Wars characters and scenes.  From Rey to  Fin, Han Solo and stormtrooper,  the creativity is endless. “I will be going double: One hand will be for star wars as I am Star Wars fan. The other will be for Christmas,” notes Angel, a student.

Beyond the holidays and the launch of new movies, nail art trends continues to grow. With the growing interest in nail art designs, it is not surprising that people are forming nail art clubs. The Nail Art Club on Facebook has so many nail art ideas  that will benefit those interested in new trends in nail art designs. With members from across the globe,  the nail art club is the place to get fresh insights into international nail art trends.

A look at the Nail Art Gallery for Pinterest show how nail art designers are adapting new forms, incorporating them into new nail art styles. While some nail artists are using traditional nail art products, others are very inventive, using stones, flowers, ornaments jewelry, and designs to create nail arts that are masterpieces. There are exceptional designs for other holidays besides Christmas. There are St. Patricks Day nail art designs, Bridal wedding nail art designs, Halloween nail art designs  and pop culture nail art designs among many others.

For those who cannot afford to go to the nail studio or salon, there are nail art DIY (Do It Yourself). All those interested in DIY can buy nail art supplies and nail art kit  from Walmart, Amazon and other stores. There are also many nail art video tutorials on YouTube.

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