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Top 5 Facebook Groups That Will Help Improve Your Art

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Top 5 Facebook Groups That Will Help Improve Your Art

Jerry L. Kirk,  Portrait Of A Man Who watches Fox News All Day, 11″x17.” Charcoal & acrylic paint on paper ©Jerry L. Kirk. Jerry L. Kirk is a member of The Art People, one of the Facebook groups 

ART & SOCIAL MEDIA: These top five Facebook groups will help artists elevate their art


The Art People: Community. Members 118,555 

Image: Flidais Celtic Goddess , a digital art by Keith Dillon,a member of one of the The Art People Facebook groups

Keith Dillon, Flidais Celtic Goddess. Digital art 2015. Image courtesy of The Art People

The Art People is a public Facebook group for all those who love art but refuse to acknowledge that they have some form of creativity. Painters, sculptors, fashion designers, art scholars, poets and others can join this group that started in 2011. The objective of the group is adequately stated on the group’s page, where it is described as ‘A community of people who love art, who create art, participate in art, live and breathe art. In other words, everyone is welcome.’ The openness of this group is what has made it one of the best art groups on Facebook. Everyone, especially young artists, is encouraged to show their talent in a space that promotes courage and confidence:

‘We honor everyone out there who struggles to express himself or herself, because words often fail,” the group notes. The Art People acknowledges that everyone is imbued with some artistic gift,’ which must not be denied.

The art group acknowledges ‘that there is an artist who resides within every one of us, one who has instincts for beauty and intellect, color and texture, shimmer, poetry, and line,’ the group notes.

World’s Talented Artist Gallery: Closed Group. Members (38,120).

Image: Undine Maidens, an oil on canvas by Olga Zelinskaya, a Russian artist who is a member of the World's Talented Artist Gallery, one of the Facebook groups

Olga Zelinskaya Russia, Undine Maidens. Oil on Canvas. 39.4 H x 31.5 W x 1.2 in. Image courtesy of Olga Zelinskaya

World’s Talented Artist Gallery is one of the top Facebook groups for exceptional artists. Although this is a closed Facebook group, it brings together artists from across the globe. Painters, sculptors, photographers, video artists are all part of this group. According to the organizers of the group, ‘World’s Talented Artist Gallery is designed for artists from around the world.’

Members include  Nadia Heitmar, Miguel Angel Pascual Diaz, Olga Zelinskaya, Angie Romo, and  Sher Ali among many others. While members are encouraged to post often and as many times as they want to, this is a very strict art group and everyone is mandated to follow the rules.

Although art related to religion is acceptable, the group abhors posts promoting religion. Respect for other artists is also taken seriously. No one is allowed to post links in comments on other artist’s posts.  That, according to the group, is discourteous, and will not be tolerated. ‘Disrespect will not be tolerated in this group.’ There are also strict rules about posting vulgar statements, comments not relating to art and becoming unnecessarily argumentative.  As is clearly spelled out on the group’s Facebook group page, ‘If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.’  Members of the group seem to be adhering to the rules regulating the group. Many of the comments are civil and directly related to works of art. Even when discussions via away from artworks, members are very respectful.

Art Group:  Closed Group. Members 16,506

Image: Vintage style necklace with real poppy petal by Svetlana Handmadehome, a member of Art Group, one of the Facebook groups

Svetlana Handmade home, Vintage style necklace with real poppy petal. Image courtesy of the artist

Art Group is one of the well-known public Facebook groups for artists from across the globe. The group welcomes all forms of visual arts and media, including watercolor, oil, gouache, and charcoal.  Members of the group include Randall Slocum, Svetlana Handmade home, Sandra Smith, Rashmi Sharma, and Danny Peterson among many others.

Artists are allowed to post three works per day and this must be done separately. The group requests that whenever you post an image that you include your name of the artist, size, and technique of your work. Images must also be neatly cropped.

While an open art group, there are standard rules every member must follow. For instance, it is against the group’s rules to post personal photographs, political and religious contents and videos. The group also has firm rules against link sharing, posting of personal blog links, exhibition announcements, price labels, albums, and advertisements.  Like many other Facebook groups, Art Group is absolutely against the posting of pornography. Any artist who goes against the rules or post’s inappropriate material will be warned and the offending images/posts will be removed by the admin.

Les amis du peintre: Closed Group. Members 21,683 

Image: Angry Sky by Olivier Brisson, a member of Les amis du peintre, one of the Facebook groups

Olivier Brisson, Angry Sky, 40 x 30 cm. Image courtesy of the artist

Started by the painter Jean-Charles Bernard nickname Jicé B, the main objective of the Facebook group is to bring together true artists and not usurpers.  Jicé B began the Les amis du peintre by inviting his friends who are painters, sculptors, musicians to share their works and thoughts about art.  This tradition of sharing artworks and ideas has grown since the group started, attracting more artists from across the globe.

While this is an open group reserved for all lovers of art, life, love, peace, and serenity, it is by invitation only. Only the group administrators are allowed to accept new members for this Facebook group. This is the group’s way of ensuring that only artists and those passionate about art become members. The art group is constantly on the lookout for visitors and art dealers who masquerade as artists. Some members of this group include Yvelise Laurent, Letizia Colucci, Marc Mathieu, Olivier Brisson, Eric Lileman and many other artists.

Members of the group are constantly informed of important art events and events organized by either Jicé B or other administrators.  Members are encouraged to leave comments as a way of encouraging other artists to do better and improve their skills. While this is just one of the Facebook groups, it has a lot to offer young artists.

Fine Art Universe: Public Group, Members: 14,512 members

Image: Dust and Ashes 2015 by Laurent Marchais, a member of Fine Art Universe, one of the public Facebook groups

Laurent Marchais, Dust and Ashes 2015, ballpoint pen drawing, 29×42 cm. Image courtesy of DarkHues

Fine Art Universe is one of the public Facebook groups for artists and all those who love art.  It provides the opportunity for artists to share their artworks.  Since it began, this group has become home for artists from around the world. Painters, sculptors, photographers and others in the creative field have their artworks displayed on this group’s page. Members of the group include Margarita Avramovska, Antonio Squicciarini, Shaparel Salleh, Janine Jacobs-Beleski, Urban Joy, Christiane Cappone, Crystal Lyne, and  Iyabo Tijani among many others.

Fine Art Universe is not just for artists alone. Lovers of art also have the opportunity to share what they love, as well as discuss and share ideas. Although an open group, this Facebook group has rules that must be obeyed by all members. The group does not tolerate spamming or the posting of irrelevant ads or irrelevant stuff.Image: These Facebook art groups have great ideas and ideas to help you grow your art

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