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Marja Pirilä, Milavida #2, 2012, Edition of 7, pigment ink print, 26 x 52 inches (66 x 132 cm) on display at C. Grimaldis Gallery

Marja Pirilä, Milavida #2, 2012, Edition of 7, pigment ink print, 26 x 52 inches (66 x 132 cm) on display at C. Grimaldis Gallery, one the oldest Baltimore galleries. Image courtesy of C. Grimaldis Gallery

ART NEWS: Baltimore galleries deserve continued patronage beyond Small Business Saturday


Alex Sanchez Torres, Carnivale, oil on Canvas 40″ x30 “. Image courtesy of Light Street Gallery

BALTIMORE– The Small Business Saturday has become an annual ritual in Baltimore, Maryland. Like many other cities across the United States, stores and shops do their best to attract buyers and patronage from many that would come to their stores. Besides providing discounts, stores across Baltimore also provide shoppers with gifts and coupons. Last  Small Business Saturday was no exception. Stores did their best to attract customers to do their holiday shopping at their stores.

Like many other stores and businesses, Baltimore galleries also presented their best artists and works to attract patronage. Baltimore galleries like other businesses need patronage to survive.  While the incentives provided by Small Business Saturday are essential to Baltimore galleries survival, patronage must extend beyond this annual ritual.

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Baltimore galleries have different forms of ownership. While some are joint ventures, others are owned and run by individuals.  One example is The Alchemy of Art. Owned by  Sheridan Costathe gallery features works by young and established artists. In a recent discussion about the importance of patronage for Baltimore galleries and art business, Sheridan Costa was very clear and concise: ‘I privately run and fund my gallery, and without patronage, we would not be able to stay open.’

Sheridan notes further that supporting local business helps ‘provide more jobs and maybe get more money into people’s hands instead of the corporations who don’t put it back into our pockets.’ To prove her point, Sheridan Costa posted a sign at The Alchemy of Art as Small Business Saturday approached. The sign clearly expressed her thoughts and those of other Baltimore galleries and business owners.

Beyond Small Business Saturday, it is important to continue to patronize Baltimore galleries. Here are just a few of the top  Baltimore galleries.

  1. The Alchemy of Art

Owned by Sheridan Costa, The Alchemy of Art features art by emerging and established artists and craftsmen from across the country.  The gallery covers a wide range of art areas, including prints, paintings, sculptures, photography and an amazing collection of hand crafted jewelry.

The Alchemy of Art:  1637 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD, USA.

  1. C. Grimaldis Gallery

Established in 1977, C. Grimaldis Gallery is one of the oldest  Baltimore galleries. It features works by local and international artists. Some of the artists represented by the gallery include Dovrat Amsily-Barak, Sofia Silva, Richard Serra, John Waters, Elaine deKooning, and Osami Tanaka among many others. Presently at the gallery is Within/Without

C. Grimaldis Gallery: 523 N. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21201

  1. Art Gallery of Fells Point

The Art Gallery of Fells Point is one of the best places to see works by local artists. Every first Monday, the gallery presents new exhibitions featuring local artists. The gallery represents more than 50 local artists. Artists include Patricia Baker, Jerome Davis, Sharon Parrish, Richard Eskin, and Jeri Haas among several others. Art lovers who cannot buy original works can get prints and reproductions of original artists work from the gallery.

Art Gallery of Fells Point: 1716 Thames Street Baltimore, MD 21231.

4. Light Street Gallery

The Light Street Gallery  puts on display original artworks by local artists and others from across the country. From sculptures to paintings and photographs, there is so much to see and buy.  The gallery also has prints and reproductions for sale. The Light Street Gallery is opened on Friday and Saturday from noon to 6 PM. On Sunday, art lovers can visit from noon to 5 PM and by appointment. Some of the artists represented by the gallery include Alex Sanchez Torres, Anna Kuczynsk, Camille Mosley-Pasley, Danny S. Conant, John Fitzgerald, Susan Sykes and many others.

Light Street Gallery: 1448 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230.

  1. The Metro Gallery

The Metro Gallery located on Charles Streets is a place of absolute fun. A multi-purpose space, the gallery provides a total art experience for art lovers. Established in 2007, the gallery organizes frequent shows with a focus on emerging artists. The Metro Gallery is also a place to enjoy great music. The gallery has hosted many music groups,  including The Antlers, Sea Wolf, The Queers, Cass McCombs and many others. The gallery also presents films and has a bar. For fun loving art lovers, this is the place to be.

The Metro Gallery: Charles North 1700 N Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201.

  1. Robert McClintock Gallery

The Robert McClintock Gallery is dedicated to the works of Robert McClintock, Baltimore premier digital artist.  His paintings capture different Baltimore scenes including the Baltimore Inner Harbor and the Orioles Stadium. Works by the artist capturing intricate scenes of other places like New York City, Boston, San Francisco and many more can be found at the Robert McClintock Gallery. The gallery also has images of animals by the artist.

Robert McClintock Gallery: Fells Point 1809 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231. (410) 814-2800

  1. Gallery 788

Gallery 788 is dedicated to promoting the works of emerging local artists. Through the use of multiple galleries, the gallery has continued to provide insight into the development of art around Maryland. The gallery organizes monthly art exhibitions and has regular musical performances. Gallery 788 is well-known for its opening night parties.

Gallery 788: Hampden 3602  Hickory Ave., Baltimore, MD 21211. (202)

  1. Mark Cottman Art Gallery

The Mark Cottman Art Gallery is devoted to the works of Mark Cottman. A painter,  Mark’s paintings are filled with passion and humor and have captivated art lovers and collectors for years.  Born and raised in Baltimore, Mark Cottman is an award winning artist. His figurative and abstract paintings are a major attraction for art collectors.  Mark’s personal service and relationship continue to attract many art lovers to his gallery.

Mark Cottman Art Gallery: Federal Hill 1014 S Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21230.

  1. Station North Arts Cafe Gallery

The atmosphere at the Station North Arts Cafe Gallery is a major selling point. From the moment you walk in, you are invited to a place of comfort where you are pampered. Surrounding you as you enjoy great food are paintings, sculptures, and photographs by  local artists and photographers.  And Kevin? He is a cheerful bundle of energy.

Station North Arts Cafe Gallery: Charles North 1816 N Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201.

  1. Crystal Moll Gallery

Crystal Moll Gallery is dedicated to presenting the works of urban landscape painter Crystal Moll. The artist, who very often paints on location, ensures that she directly engages the scene before her.  Light is an essential element in Crystal’s paintings. Very often working on several paintings simultaneously,  Crystal moves with the sun, capturing light and shadows at every moment.  She also showcases works by other local artists at her gallery.

Crystal Moll Gallery: Federal Hill 1030 S Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21230.

  1. Current Gallery

An artist-run gallery,  Current Gallery promotes and supports the work of emerging artists. Established in 2004, the gallery has been providing insights into the growth of art in Baltimore through constant exhibitions and art educational events. Buying the works of artists on display not only help the gallery grow, but also help the artists create more creative works.

Current Gallery: 421 North Howard Baltimore, MD 21201.

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