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Banksy West Bank Mural ‘Donkey Documents’ Set for Auction

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Banksy West Bank Mural ‘Donkey Documents’ Set for Auction

Banksy British (b. 1975), Donkey Documents2007, Aerosol on composite stone wall, 126 by 84 inches. Image courtesy of Julien’s Auctions

ART AUCTIONS: Donkey Documents, Bomb Hugger and other artworks by graffiti artist Banksy expected to make record auction prices

By Kazad

Image: 'I Remember When All This Was Trees', 2010, an aerosol on cinder-block wall by Banksy expected to make record auction price at Julien’s Auctions

Banksy, I Remember When All This Was Trees, 2010, aerosol on cinder-block wall, 84 by 84 inches. Image courtesy of Julien’s Auctions

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – Donkey Documents, Banksy largest and most significant mural by Banksy from his 2007 visit to  Israel, is presently on display at the  Design Center, Chelsea Harbour, London. It will be on display until October 23. Donkey Document  is part of a series of artworks  Banksy created  along the concrete barriers  separating the Palestinian West Bank  and Israel. Done with  aerosol, the piece was made to promote his holiday fundraiser exhibition, Santa’s Ghetto.

Many of Banksy fans and art aficionados first became aware of the mural painting when artist posted it on his own website shortly after it was created. Measuring 7 feet high by 10½ feet long, the detached mural is the largest and most significant intact Banksy mural in existence.

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Soon after the notice, Banksy fans and enthusiast throng the location of the Donkey Documents mural  to have a glimpse of the work. The owner of the original building was flummoxed by the unusual crowd that had thronged his premises.

Speaking on displaying Banksy’s Donkey Documents  at the Design Center, Darren Julien, founder of the eponymous Julien’s Auctions  explains that  this is the perfect space to display the mural. Julien who initiated the idea of giving the mural a UK public view notes that the ‘Design Centre is the epicenter of innovation, so the mural is a natural fit.’

Claire German, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour managing director, is delighted that mural has been unveiled and on display at the Design Center. Claire German. The presentation which coincides with  Focus/15, when international showrooms launch their new design directions for autumn/winter for Germany is something to be proud about. ‘We are a nerve centre of many forms of creative expression. So we are proud to give Banksy’s innovative works of art a temporary public home.’

This politically charge mural depicts a donkey having its identification papers checked by an armed Israeli soldier. The controversial mural not only mocks the stringent security measures enforced by the Israeli Government, it  also speaks to the suffering of Palestinians as they try to cross into Israel for work.

Donkey Document is a reflection of modern times in the Middle East. It is a reminder of the conflict between the Palestinian and Israel that led to the erection of a wall dividing the two countries. Borrowing from the well-known Biblical Christmas story of the donkey that  transported Mary into Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus, Banksy’s mural is very poignant. It draws a parallel between the experience of the Palestinians and this Bible story.

After the showing at the Design Center, Donkey Document  will be auctioned  at the upcoming Julian’s Street art and Contemporary  Art Auction  on September 30, 2015.  Estimated at $400,000-$600,000, it is expected that this Banksy mural will be bought by a private collector.

Donkey Document will be auctioned alongside another Banksy mural titled I Remember When All This Was Trees. Painted on a crumbling 7 feet by 7 feet that was once the Packard automobile factory in Detroit, Michigan, the murals is estimated at $200,000-$400,000. The  aerosol stencil and freehand figural work with text depicts a young boy holding a can of red paint and a brush. The boy, having just written the statement I Remember When All This Was Trees laments the  loss of nature and deforestation with a depressing look on his face. Created in 2010, Banksy’s fingerprints can still clearly be seen on the red paint.

Bomb Hugger also by Banksy will be auctioned during the September 30 auction in London. Estimated at $25,000-$35,000), the  black and red aerosol stencil depicts a young girl hugging an aerial bomb. Sprayed onto a cardboard panel which was used as a placard during the International anti-war protests of 2003,  Banksy Bomb Hugger shows the impact of war and the consequence on children.

On display alongside Donkey Documents is Sperm Alarm, another  piece by Banksy. The  smaller-scale work of art is witty. Originally sprayed onto the wall of the Hesperia Hotel, in Victoria, SW1, the work shows some sperms swimming around a red alarm bell.  Sperm Alarm will be auctioned alongside Donkey Documents during the September auction.

Bansky came to limelight in 2010 after  the premiere of the documentary Exit through the Gift Shop (Paranoid Pictures, 2010), was released. Prior to this period Banksy identity was unknown. Although his stencil art was attracting a lot of attention, Banksy face was not known to many. Since becoming famous, Banksy wall art have become hot cakes in the art market. The upcoming Julian’s Auctions Street Art Auction is expected to emphasis that  fact.

Johnny Rotten, a large-scale wheat paste panel by Shepard Fairey  will also feature prominently during the sale. Estimated at $10,000-20,000), it is expected that the work will surpass  auction estimate. Additional works by such artists as Retna, Space Invader, Craola, Ben Eine, Rene Gagnon, Nick Walker, Blek le Rat, Zevs, Seen, D*Face, Ron English, Morely, Wrdsmth, Jules Muck, Shark Toof, and works from the Conart collection.

Image: Banksy, Sperm Alarm, 2011, aerosol on aluminum panel

Banksy, Sperm Alarm, 2011. Aerosol on aluminum panel. Approximately 35 by 30 inches, framed. Image courtesy of Julien’s Auctions

Image: Banksy, Bomb Hugger, 2003, Aerosol on cardboard

Banksy, Bomb Hugger, 2003. Aerosol on cardboard, 34 1/2 by 21 1/2 inches. Image courtesy of Julien’s Auctions

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