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Film Reveals Susumu Shingu’s Quest for Harmony

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Film Reveals Susumu Shingu’s Quest for Harmony

Susumu Shingu in Thomas Riedelsheimer’s Breathing Earth

FILM: Japanese sculptor Susumu Shingu strives for harmony between art and nature

Image: Installation of Susumu Shingu sculpture in the film Breathing Earth by Thomas Riedelsheimer

Installation of Susumu Shingu sculpture. Image courtesy of Northwest Film Center

PORTLAND, OREGONThomas Riedelsheimer’s Breathing Earth screened on September 19 and 20 at the Northwest Film Center reveals an artist’s love of the environment . The film  focuses on Japanese sculptor Susumu Shingu, who pays tribute to nature with hypnotic and playful kinetic works powered by wind and water.

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For Shingu, “the wind is the absolute” and  the only constant in  the creation story. The wind which is part of nature has been a  major point of fascination for Shingu.  Shingu explain his attraction for nature in the Breathing Earth documentary: ‘As an artist I have been close to nature and have considered  how best to convey the wonders of nature.  That has led to my project to my project Breathing Earth.’

The 2013  film documents the artist’s  quest for a place where art and sustainability can coexist. From Japan, Italy, and Mexico—where Monarch butterflies congregate, the film captures the symbiotic relationship between Shingu’s works and the environment where they are situated.  “My works are created in a dialogue with nature. I translate the message from nature into movement,” Shingu explains

This is a film to watch as it shows Shingu’s genius  at  creating a cordial relationship between sculpture and environment. This is perhaps the best film on the  intermingling of artificial and natural.  The 97 minute film is subtitled in Japanese with English. Thomas Riedelsheimer also directed Rivers and Tides. He is a well-respected director  and celebrated across the globe for his insightful documentaries

TRAILER / Breathing Earth: Susumu Shingu’s Dream – Thomas Riedelsheimer

Breathing Earth: Susumu Shingu’s Dream/ Youtube

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