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Beyoncé Birthday reminds fans of her brilliance and progress through the years


Grown Woman-Youtube

Beyoncé turned 34 Friday. Looking at her growth through the years, it is not surprising that many people across the globe are celebrating her. From her music to style and substance, she has been a force to reckon with. Her music is powerful and in many instances, carry deep emotions. They not only reflect an aspect of her life, but also the power of love, and how people feel. They can also be thought-provoking. The outstanding ability to modulate her voice to capture emotions is what makes her music powerful.

Beyoncé albums have sold in the millions across the globe. Music has helped put her at the center of the world, including meeting presidents. The whole world knows about her and her beautiful music. When rumors went around that she was expecting, the question on many lips was ‘is Beyoncé pregnant?’ The answer came months later when she had a baby girl. Beyoncé and Jay Z have continued to nurture the child together with great love. In private and public, the couple has shown how their daughter has been a blessing. A great example is in the photo of Beyoncé and her daughter boating posted on Instagram recently.

To celebrate Beyoncé birthday, a group of friends and family member got together to curate a playlist of songs that reminded them of this celebrated songstress. The collection is eclectic and insightful. Yellow, a song by Coldplay reminds her husband, Jay Z, of their vacations. Part of Your World, from the Little Mermaid is the favorite of her daughter, Blue Ivy. Other songs include Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz, Happy by Pharrell and Holy Ghost by Kim Burrell among many others.

From all the Beyoncé birthday celebrations, it is clear that age continues to accentuate her growth.  There is no slowing down. For her, ‘Girls Run the World’.  A celebrated feminist figure who is often referred to as Queen, she celebrates girl power in her songs and videos

The best way to appreciate the power of Beyoncé as a musician and singer is through her music videos. Her music videos show not just her passion but also the richness of her voice. In these Beyoncé Youtube videos, we celebrate her birthday by allowing an insight into some of the features that make her very special.

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

Single Ladies-Youtube



Partition (Explicit Video)


Best Thing I Never Had

Best Thing I Never Had-Youtube

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