Sylvester Stallone Films Costumes and Props on Sale

Sylvester Stallone Heritage Auction cover. Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auction cover for the Sylvester Stallone sale


Iconic costumes and props from Sylvester Stallone movies at Heritage Auctions

Machete and sheath used by Sylvester Stallone iconic character John Rambo in his 2008 film ‘Rambo’

LOS ANGELES – More than 1,400 iconic costumes and props from Sylvester Stallone movies and  films such as Rocky, Rambo and The Expendables, will go on auction on Dec. 18 – 20, 2015 at Heritage Auctions and Online. Slated for the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, the public auction will also include personal items from this celebrated actor, writer and director. A portion of the auction  proceeds will be donated by Sylvester Stallone to charities and organizations that assist veterans and wounded United States servicemen and servicewomen.

As a teaser to the  auction, Heritage Auctions has scheduled public previews of the Sylvester Stallone movies objects to be offered. From Sept. 19 – 21, fans in Dallas, Texas will get the opportunity to see selected auction items during public viewing. In New York City,  lovers of Sylvester Stallone films will also be able to view some of the actors movie memorabilia from Oct.19 – 21. The previews end in Los Angeles, California where viewing has been slated for  Dec. 16 – 19.

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Originally slated for October, the auction date was changed because of the overwhelming response to the auction. Greg Rohan, President of Heritage Auctions notes that Sylvester Stallone has embraced the tremendous response of the auction by consigning even more items from his collection. Rohan explains:

We’ve had tremendous worldwide response since the initial announcement this past July about ‘Stallone – The Auction.’  Because of the overwhelming reaction by fans, Mr. Stallone has consigned additional items from his international superstar career.

The consignment of more items from the Sylvester Stallone movies collection, and the mutual agreement to move the auction date to December, is expected to energize collectors as well as attract record auction prices. “Mutually agreeing to move the date to December will give us time to organize the items and create their descriptions for the expanded auction catalog. Also, with the upcoming release of Mr. Stallone’s new film, ‘Creed,’ in November, there will be even greater worldwide interest and the timing will be perfect for the auction,” said Rohan.

Among Sylvester Stallone movies items that will be offered at  the auction are:

  1. From the Academy-Award© winning 1976 film, Rocky, the black leather jacket Sylvester Stallone wore in his role as Rocky Balboa and Rocky Marciano’s boxing glove pendant trainer Mickey Goodmill (actor Burgess Meredith) gave to Rocky
  1. The boxing gloves Sylvester Stallone used as Rocky and the World Heavyweight Championship Belt he won in Rocky II in 1979, and Rocky’s “eye of the tiger” jacket worn in that film.
  1. Rocky’s boxing trunks from the match against Clubber Lang (Mr. T) in the 1982 movie, Rocky III.
  1. Stallone’s screen worn, white “Balboa” boxing robe from the 1985 film, Rocky IV.
  1. A U.S. Army flag patch jacket Stallone Stallone wore as John Rambo in 1982 in the first film in the Rambo series, First Blood.
  1. Fans can also bid on costumes and props used by Stallone in Judge Dredd (1995), the recent The Expendables movies and Rocky’s Harley Davidson motorcycle that appeared in both Rocky III and Rocky V (1990).

    John Rambo poncho worn by Sylvester Stallone in 1982’s ‘First Blood’. Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions

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