Portrait Drawing With Emotions and Patience

Sketch by Jeffrey Appiatu as part of his portrait drawing process. Stage7. Courtesy Artist

Sketch by Jeffrey Appiatu as part of his portrait drawing process. Stage7. Courtesy Artist


Jeffrey Appiatu explains his portrait drawing techniques and how he captures emotions


Jeffrey Appiatu, Stages of Evolution. Charcoal and graphite on Canson paper. Scale : 28 x 20 inches. © Jeffrey Appiatu 2015

Portrait drawing deserves a lot of patience. Besides trying to render the sitter’s features, the effort to capture mood and emotions makes drawing portraits very time-consuming. Jeffrey Appiatu’s recent portrait of a woman allows an insight into his portrait drawing techniques and how to draw portraits. The charcoal and graphite on Canson paper reveal the delicate skills and sensitivity that goes into portrait drawing. It took 95 steps to complete. From the preliminary sketch to the finished work, the painstaking effort of drawing is revealed. Here, we present a few of the step by step of Appiatu’s portrait drawing techniques, and approach to pencil drawings. For Appiatu, portrait drawing deserves patience and skills. Appiatu is a member of the Art Drawings, a Facebook group that provides portrait drawing tips for young artists. You can view more of his works on Instagram and Facebook.

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Stage 1: I begin sketching out the whole picture

Jeffrey Appiatu, portrait drawing. Stage1. Courtesy Artist

Stage 38: Once both eyes are done I draw the hair and ears.

Jeffrey Appiatu, Drawing the hair and ears as part of his portrait drawing process. Courtesy Artist

Stage 46: I then start to bring out the forehead

Image: Jeffrey Appiatu, Bringing out the forehead. Courtesy Artist

Stage 51: I work on the nose afterward

Jeffrey Appiatu working on the nose. Courtesy Artist

Stage 70: I then work on the mouth and the rest of the face

Jeffrey Appiatu working on the mouth and the rest of the face. Courtesy Artist


Jeffrey Appiatu is a 20-year-old Ghanaian pencil artist. He specializes in the genre of hyper and emotional realism. Jeffrey began drawing in 2011. He derives his inspiration from his mentor Kelvin Okafor. Jeffrey uses charcoal, graphite and black colored pencils to produce his works. His aim is to get his works to be featured in art galleries worldwide and to create an emotional connection between the viewer and the artwork.

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