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Glasergreen’s Photographs and Book Tell Stories of Service

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Glasergreen’s Photographs and Book Tell Stories of Service

L.S. Glasergreen, Floating Ice, Antarctica. © L.S. Glasergreen 2015


Stunning photographs of Antarctica and a book reveal a Peace Corps volunteer’s love for photography and service


Image: L.S. Glasergreen's Light in the distance, is one of the photographs from his Antarctica trip- art pictures

L.S. Glasergreen, Light in the distance, Antarctica. © L.S. Glasergreen 2015

Image: SPIRITO America vol.I front cover features photographs and journals of Peace Corps service-Art Photography

SPIRITO America vol.I front cover: $49.95 PDF book

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA  After serving as a Peace Corps volunteer from 1994-1996, L.S. Glasergreen returned home from Guatemala.  To share his memories of service he published a book about his experience, and why it is important to serve. Titled SPIRITO, the book includes selected journal entries  and  photographs highlighting the gift of personal social service.

Since returning to the United States, Mr. Glasergreen has been tireless in his efforts to help others.  In 2001,  he completed the Campus Walkway Project at the Stryker Orthopedics in Mahwah, New Jersey.

Early this year, Mr. Glasergreen updated his SPIRITO with the new title SPIRITO America vol. I. Even as  Mr. Glasergreen continues write,  he has continued to pursue his love of photography.  Recently,  he was in  Antarctica and he returned with amazing photographs.  The trip to Antarctica  was part of the 55th Anniversary of the US Peace Corps held from March 1-7.

Mr. Glasergreen’s trip to Antarctica was very enlightening. Antarctica that was the coldest place on earth was unusually hot. In March 2015,  the temperature was 63.5 degrees.  In a place that is always below zero, this was a strange occurrence for visitors.

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Like many others, Mr. Glasergreen also found the high temperature in Antarctica usual. To document the occurrence, he captured the impact of the unusual temperature in amazing photographs.  Mr. Glasergreen’s new collection of stunning photographs and writings brings attention to the issue of global warming.

One of the new Antarctica photographs  shows the consequences of the increase in temperature on ice glaciers. In the photograph, melting ice glaciers float slowly on an a calm ocean. Another photograph shows the sun going down.  Mr. Glasergreen who loves Networking human potentials with digital imaging reminds us all about the dangers of global warming with this striking photographs of Antarctica.

Beyond Antarctica, many of the photographs and journal entries in SPIRITO America vol. I. show Mr. Glasergreen’s devotion to assisting others.  But more importantly, they share the joy of meeting new people.  For anyone interested in volunteering for the Peace Corps or generally interested in serving others, this is the book to read. The photographs and memories tell fond stories.

Image: L.S. Glasergreen's I See the Moon, is one of his stunning photographs of Antarctica

L.S. Glasergreen, I See the Moon, Antarctica. © L.S. Glasergreen 2015

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