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Stunning Drawing Skills Distinguish Art Drawings Facebook Group

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Stunning Drawing Skills Distinguish Art Drawings Facebook Group

Jeffrey Appiatu, Stages of Evolution. Charcoal and graphite on Canson paper drawing.  Scale : 28 x 20 inches. © Jeffrey Appiatu 2015


Art Drawings, a Facebook  group is the place to share drawing skills and learn how to draw


Image: Pen, color pencils, pencil drawing titled Praise God by Merna Ahmed

Merna Ahmed, Praise God. Pen, color pencils, pencils. © Merna Ahmed 2015

Art Drawings is a Facebook art group dedicated to artists who love to draw.  Drawing for this group extends beyond the use of pencils, crayons, pen and other traditional drawing materials. If you can draw or create art using cables, wires and strings, then you can become a member of this group.

Art Drawings  Facebook art group is a place to learn how to draw.  What is particularly fascinating about this art group is that it has a lot of videos showing artists exploring different  drawing techniques. For aspiring artists who love to draw or want to learn to draw, the videos are very instructive.  They reveal techniques used by established artists to create amazing drawings. From drawing pictures to drawing ideas, there is so much to learn from the videos.

Although there are no details as to when the group started and membership requirements, what is clear is that the Art Drawings Facebook group  attracts members from across the globe. The opportunity of a level playing field where everyone can contribute is one of the strongest features of this Facebook group.  Although not all the works on the group’s Facebook page are exceptional, there are lots of great works to enjoy.

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One of the artists in this group is Jeffrey Appiatu, a 20 year old artist. Appiatu’s approach to drawing is delicate and sensitive. From the sketch to the finished work, there is great effort by the artist to go beyond likeness to the point of bringing forth emotions. In his recently  finished portrait drawing of a woman,  Appiatu  captures the beauty and emotion of the woman staring into space.

The Charcoal and graphite on Canson paper shows the brilliance of  this artist, and how much patience goes into creating such exceptional portrait drawing.  On his Facebook page, Appiatu allows an insight into the creative process that makes his drawing unique. He presents the step by step  approach from beginning to the end of the portrait drawing. It took 95 steps to get the drawing to the finish line. Commenting on his drawing, a  fellow artist noted ‘Got Mad Skills!’

But Appiatu is just one of the exceptional artists with amazing proficiency in this group. Merna Ahmed is another artist with great skills. A student in Cairo, Egypt, Merna Ahmed’s  approach to drawing explicate bravery. One of her recent drawings shows why this is an artist with a great future. Titled Praise God, the young artist uses colored pens, crayon and pencil to capture sun rays radiating on swirling waves.  The movement, color interaction, and composition make this piece very interesting.

In the hands of Jesse Lanecolor pencils are like magic wands. Lane who Studied at Texas A&M University has perfected his drawing skills from emulating old masters. Caravagggio, the seventeenth century Italian artists, is a  major source of influence for this young artist. Caravagggio developed tenebrism, a style of painting that explored very pronounced chiaroscuro.  Caravagggio’s influences are evident in many of Lane’s drawings that play on the dramatic contrast of light and dark.  In his Anatomy of Light Series,  Jesse Lane creates several portraits showing Caravagggio’s influences of dramatic illumination.

One of the drawings is titled OASIS. The colored pencil drawing is the portrait of a woman with water running  from her head, to her face and  neck.  The face of the woman with her eyes closed  tell the whole story of her emotion and mood. That mood is accentuated by the realistic rendition of the water flowing down her face. It is not surprising that this colored pencil drawing was accepted for the 49th Annual Richardson Civic Art Society Regional Show in Richardson, TX.  It is an outstanding piece of drawing.

From illustrators, to designers, and drawing enthusiasts, this group has a long list of creative minds. Besides showing off their skills, members can also create links to their own Facebook pages. This is another reason this group is very unique. Unlike many other groups that do not allow members to post links to their website or Facebook page, artists have the opportunity to create links. There are also many painters in this group.  Members not only have the opportunity to learn how to draw, but also understand how environment and culture inform artistic representation.

Image: Color pencil drawing titled Iraqi Touch by Nihad Mohammed

Nihad Mohammed, Iraqi Touch. Color pencil. Image courtesy of Nihad- Mohammed

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