Ceramics Shine at Baltimore Artscape Festival

Brazilian Samba Dancers at Artscape Festival. Photo: Photo: Kazad/Artcentron

Brazilian Samba Dancers at Artscape Festival. Photo: Photo: Kazad/Artcentron

Ceramics stole the limelight at the Baltimore Artscape festival that also included Brazilian Samba Dancers


Flags of different countries on display at Artscape festival. Photo: Kazad/Artcentron

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND— One moment it was hot and the next it poured relentlessly. This year’s Artscape festival was characterized by erratic and unpredictable weather, but that did not stop the huge crowd that turned out for this annual art ritual. This year’s Artscape festival had an international theme and brought together people from different parts of the globe. There was art, music, dance and performances. Yes, there was a lot to eat and drink.

Unlike previous years when there were lots of paintings and artworks, this year’s Baltimore Artscape brought together a lot of potters and ceramists, some of who presented outstanding contemporary ceramics.

In many of the ceramics stands, there were pottery vases, polish pottery, glazed pottery and porcelain. Ceramics pieces in each stand were unique and appealed to many visitors who could not stop asking questions about how the ceramists created their ceramics. Many of the ceramics also seemed to challenge the definition of ceramics as some of the pieces deviate from establish notion of ceramics.

Explaining their works to the gusts, one of the ceramists explained that new forms in ceramics has ensured a change in ceramics vocabulary. “The way we describe ceramics has changed and so the question we ask is what is ceramics to you. It is the answer to this question that defines the ceramics we produce.

Professional Photography also made a great stand at this year’s Artscape. Photographers from different parts of the country presented the versatility of digital photography. There were photos of beautiful sceneries and studio photography. The most visible in the group of photographers present at this year’s event, however, was Tom Snyder of Swamphox Photography. Although all the works at the Swamphox Photography were photographs, they could also pass for original paintings because of the immense talent and creativity of the photographer.

Some of the paintings at this year’s event were also very impressive. Richard Wilson’s painting, for instance, drew a large crowd because of his compositions which are mimetic of everyday human activities. Some of the paintings, especially those focused on children, were very humorous. Many visitors, especially children who saw themselves in his paintings, could not stop laughing and urged their parents to buy a painting or an art print.

Several other artists also had good showing. They displayed art prints, abstract art and original art. This year’s Artscape also brought together fashion and Jewelry designers. Designers like Laurie Flannery and Ya Betta showed gorgeous jewelries.

But perhaps the major highlight of the final day’s activities was the Brazilian Samba Dancers. Dressed in their samba dancers costumes and Brazilian samba dance shoes, they the trilled the crowd as they danced around venue of the events. Many people joined the dancers as they thrilled the teeming crowd.

As the Artscape festival ended, people could not stop talking about some of the amazing ceramics they saw and their activities at the different ceramics stands. While some engaged in activities at different ceramics stands, including ceramics painting, others bought ceramics pieces to paint at home. Although their works cannot compete with famous ceramics pieces, the guets hold their achievement with pride.

Here are some of the images from this year’s Artscape Festival. All photos courtesy of Artcentron/Kazad

Ceramics on display at the Artscape festival. Photo: Kazad/Artcentron

Richard Wilson’s prints and ceramics on display at the Artscape Festival Photo: Kazad/Artcentron

Ceramics on display at the Artscape festival. Photo: Kazad/Artcentron

Brazilian Samba Dancers at Artscape Festival2. Photo: Photo: Kazad/Artcentron

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