Art Basel: Collector Engages Sculpture

Art Basel in Basel 2015 | Galleries | Foksal Gallery Foundation

Collector examines a sculpture at Foksal Gallery Foundation during Art Basel 2015. Image courtesy of Art Basel


Wealthy collectors at Art Basel 2015 exhibited due diligence before collecting art


BASEL- Since Art Basel opened in Basel, it has been attracting a lot of art lovers who have come from around the world experience art from emerging and established artists.

This year, there is an increase in the number of collectors compared to previous years. During the opening preview, wealthy collectors who came from across the world went through exhibition halls looking for artworks for their collection.

The increase in the number of collectors at this year’s event is the result of an effort by the organizer to attract more collectors to this art event that has become an annual ritual. By increasing its VIP staff, all effort was made by Art Basel to cultivate new wealthy collectors who are either setting up their own galleries or acting on behalf of others.

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The result of that effort is very evident at this year’s Art Basel. In exhibition halls and gallery spaces, collectors are seen walking around looking at paintings, sculptures, installations and other forms of art.

In the photograph above, a collector intently examines a sculpture. Looking at the photograph one question that comes to mind is “What is he thinking?” Of course, the second question is ” Is he going to buy the sculpture?”

This photograph of the collector and the sculpture show how captivating some of the works at this year’s event are. From painting to sculpture, photography and other forms of art, collector exhibited due diligence before buying any artworks as evident in this photograph.

This photograph of the conversation between the collector and the sculpture shows why galleries ensured that only the best artworks were presented to the collectors.

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Art Basel: Collector examines paintings at Galerie Buchholz

Collector examines paintings at Galerie Buchholz during art fair 2015. Image courtesy of Art Basel | kurimanzutto

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