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Video Details ‘Pointing Man’ Sculpture by Alberto Giacometti

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Video Details ‘Pointing  Man’ Sculpture by  Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti Pointing Man (L’homme au doigt). Estimated at $130 million. Courtesy of Christie’s Images Ltd. 2015 © 2015 Alberto Giacometti Estate Licensed by VAGA and ARS, New York


Christie’s video reveals the relevance of Giacometti’s Pointing Man in contemporary times


NEW YORK, NY.,– A new video by Christie’s on Pointing Man (L’homme au doigt) by Alberto Giacometti draws attention to details of the sculpture that may be invisible to many. From head to the outstretched hand, and gangling legs, the video shows the techniques and process explored by artists whose sculpture continues to generate great excitement for Christie’s Looking Forward to the Past. In some instances, the video attempts to unravel the thought of the artist as he molded the sculpture.

This new Christie’s video adds to the excitement of the Looking Forward to the Past auction, heightening expectations. The auction which will be held at Christie’s Rockefeller on May 11 in New York has masterpieces by some of the famous art masters in history. From Pablo Picasso to Claude Monet and Jean-Michel Basquiat, there is so much collectors have to look forward to.

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Christie’s video on Pointing Man by Alberto Giacometti brings attention not just to the amazing skill of the famous artist, but also the relevance of the sculpture in contemporary times. Although created more than six decades ago, Alberto Giacometti’s Pointing Man has great relevance in modern world. In world riddled with war and civil unrest, the sculpture points the way to peace even as beckons to others to follow. The Christie’s video states it succinctly describing the Pointing Man as a ‘A positive metaphor for civilisation emerging from the years of physical and psychic horror.’

Alberto Giacometti’s Pointing Man is estimated at $130 million but Christie’s hopes  it will surpass that estimate.

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