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Arts and Crafts Lovers Converge in Baltimore for Craft Show

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Arts and Crafts Lovers Converge in Baltimore for Craft Show

Marina Terauds, Birds paper cut arts and crafts. Image courtesy of American Craft Council Show


American Craft Council Show brings arts and crafts enthusiasts to Baltimore

Nicholas Kekic, Transparent Colored Glass Pitchers, arts and crafts by Nicholas Kekic of  Tsuga Studios

Nicholas Kekic, Transparent Colored Glass Pitchers. Image courtesy of American Craft Council Show


BALTIMORE, MD., — Arts and crafts lovers and enthusiasts throng the Baltimore Convention Center Friday as the Baltimore American Craft Council Show opened. Drawn from across America, many of the arts and crafts aficionado and devotee came prepared not just to experience amazing arts and crafts, but also to buy art. As expected, many of the artisans, drawn from across America presented their best products to the crafts collectors. Across the well-organized Baltimore Convention Center, astounding arts and crafts are carefully arrange to get the attention of buyers. In some stands, artists and crafters demonstrate their crafts and skill to the amazement of arts and crafts fans. Many visitors quickly realized  that creating the fabulous pieces in front of them, simple as they looked, was no easy task.

There are many exceptional artworks to be enjoyed by arts and crafts enthusiasts at this year’s American Craft Council Show in Baltimore . It features   650 contemporary jewelry, clothing, furniture, home décor artists and crafts makers. This year’s American Craft Council Show has new innovations that highlight beautiful, handcrafted objects and extraordinary arts and crafts by Baltimore artists and others from across America. This crafts fair is a celebration of arts and crafts produced by outstanding crafts men and women. From contemporary jewelry to ceramics, decorative art, fashion clothing, furniture, home décor, every inch of the Baltimore Convention Center is filled with arts and crafts.

Arts and Crafts Education

Beyond presenting exceptional arts and crafts, this year’s American Craft Council Show in Baltimore is particularly focused on educating and engaging guests about the creative process. Let’s Make Inspiration Stations allows arts and crafts enthusiasts try their hands at creating their own arts and crafts. A major attraction at the crafts show, one of the favorite area of this section is aptly called “Make Your Mark”. Here, arts and crafts aficionados learn about the art of paper cutting. They are taught different techniques inspired by Annie Howe of Bmore Papercuts in Baltimore and Janelle Washington from WashingtonCuts  in Alexandria. Many were amazed as they were educated about how paper cutting artists use simple tools, like small blades and scissors, to create complex and intricate images from paper. Other participants in the Let’s Make Inspiration Stations include Art Glass Center at Glen Echo, Baltimore Area Turners, Bowerbox Press, Sebastian Martorana, Towson University Metalsmithing and Jewelry, Baltimore Clayworks, Union Craft Brewing among several others.

 Crafts Charm Collection

American Craft Charm Collection was one of the major attraction at last year’s show, attracting celebrates who came to the crafts fair to create their own special charms bracelets. With the success recorded in this area last year, it is not surprising that American Craft Charm Collection is generating a lot of interest.   The collection of one-of-a-kind charm bracelets, necklaces, cluster pendants, and pins by American Craft Council jewelry artists is attracting a lot of visitors, who were creating complete pieces or mix and match individual charms.

Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft

Image: Acrobat, Earthenware Ceramics arts and crafts by Jack Charney at the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore

Jack Charney, Earthenware Ceramics. Image courtesy of American Craft Council Show

The Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft section of the arts and crafts show is one of the best places to visit this year. As with other years, this section of the fair features amazing interior designers and decorators who educate guests about how to improve their living spaces. Titled “4 Elements”,  earth, air, fire, and water inspired some of the works in the Make Room area. Based on these four natural elements,  several interior designers created room vignettes inspired by select pieces of fine crafts that express one of Mother Nature’s awe-inspiring elements.

Working with the theme of Earth, designer Michelle Miller of Michelle Miller Interiors explores a mix of traditional and modern elements to create beautifully dynamic spaces that are whimsical and youthful. Fine work of artists at the show were central to Miller’s creative interior design. By placing their pieces in a unique situation, she made it possible to see the pieces from a different perspective giving them new meanings.

Exploring the theme of Water, Debbie McHale, Allied ASID, of Interior Transformations, and Lauryn Murphy, Allied ASID, NKBA, of Lauryn Murphy Interior Design began their design by examining the qualities of water. ” Water” they realized “can be a source of healing, relaxation, and peace, or it can be powerful and destructive.” To actualize their design as well as accentuate the inherent qualities of water, they combined handcrafted pieces from crafters at the craft show. The result is a beautiful, peaceful, nature-inspired oasis environment filled with tranquility.

Melissa McLay, Allied ASID of Melissa McLay Interiors took on the theme of Air. Inspired by the serene beauty of Michael Bauermeister’s wall piece and Jack Charney’s acrobat sculpture, McLay created sophisticated interiors that are timeless and functional. The ambient environment combines current design and traditional elements to accomplish the idea of the homeowner.

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Fire was the most challenging theme to deal with in terms of design, but that was what   designer Diane Taitt, ASID, Associate AIA of De Space DesignsInspirations picked. In spite of the challenge, however, she achieved an insightful atmosphere that accentuates the genius and beauty of the natural earth. Inspired by Thomas Kelly, Robert and Jacqueline Rickard, Taitt seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technology with the human spirit. Every aspect of her design celebrates the aspects of fire – hot, spicy, sharp, weightless, rough, and radiating color.   The living room, inspired by Thomas Kelly’s glass sculpture, captures the fluid energy and the colors of flames. The design trend is emphasized in the dining room where wood/earth foster the element of fire in air. The chandelier also represents the wind that allows fire to burn.

The   American Craft Council Show at Baltimore Convention Center runs through February 22. There is so much for arts and crafts enthusiasts to enjoy. From contemporary jewelry to ceramics, decorative art, fashion clothing, furniture, and home décor the ideas are endless. Beyond the amazing arts and crafts on display, there is also the opportunity to learn about arts and crafts . Many visitors are not only creating their own crafts but also leaning about the creative process. Perhaps, some of the visitors will show their own arts and crafts at next year’s event.

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