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Coffee Art Project Exposes Scary Impact of Caffeine Addiction

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Coffee Art Project Exposes Scary Impact of Caffeine Addiction

Obery Nicolas, ‘The Coffee Art Project’ 2. Image courtesy of the artist

ART ILLUSTRATION: The Coffee Art Project by Obery Nicolas combines fractured skull with coffee beans to revel the terrifying effect of coffee and caffeine addiction


Image: Coffee beans pure out of a fractured skull in an art illustration by Obery Nicolas for 'The Coffee Art Project.'

Obery Nicolas, ‘The Coffee Art Project.’ Image courtesy of the artist

PARIS,  FRANCE –Obery Nicolas’s The Coffee Art Project takes us into a world that many people are reluctant to talk about. Apparently, the objective is draw our attention to the dangers inherent in the over consummation of coffee and caffeine addition. One of the illustrations shows roosted coffee bean pouring from the mouth of a fractured skull. The substance of the illustrations feed into the current debate about caffeine addiction and the perchance for coffee lovers to drink too much coffee.

Although there is no specific reference to the types of coffee, the images are clearly indicative of the persistent issue of coffee drinking and caffeine addiction. The art illustrations seem to draw attention to coffee effects and question coffee health. Can drinking too much coffee kill you? While this is a question that continues to generate so much debate, it is important to note that a close examination of coffee history shows that coffee benefits to humans are immeasurable. For coffee lovers, there is so much benefit to derive from drinking coffee.  From helping with hypertension to stimulating our brain, coffee has great benefits.  You can see more of Obery Nicolas’s portfolio on Behance.

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Image: Obery Nicolas art illustration for 'The Coffee Art Project' features fractured skulls and coffee beans

Obery Nicolas, ‘The Coffee Art Project’ 3. Image courtesy of the artist

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