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Buy Art: Support Baltimore Artists on Small Business Saturday

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Buy Art: Support Baltimore Artists on Small Business Saturday

Indalacio, Blowing Bubbles 2002, Oil on canvas 24 x 30 inch. Buy art and support Baltimore artists. Image courtesy of Light Street Gallery


On Small Business Saturday, support Baltimore Artists by buying art.


BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – After the Thanksgiving celebration and eating of turkeys, Americans ventured out on Black Friday to compete in the annual ritual of buying. But even as the buying of gifts continue in anticipation of Christmas, there is great preparation for Small Business Saturday.  It is essential to support Baltimore Artists as a way of helping them grow.

In Baltimore and many other places, there is great hope that people will contribute to keeping small businesses alive by patronizing local stores and galleries. There are many small business stores in Baltimore and they are all gearing up for Small Business Saturday. While everyone is set to shop Baltimore on the Small Business Saturday, it is important to also Support Baltimore Artists by buying works of art.

In addition to offering discounts, some of the stores and galleries are also providing other incentives to bring customers to their doors. On Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media, the brick and mortar businesses are putting their products and offers before thousands of customers. The Small Business Saturday promotion ideas are endless, leaving customers with many options. Started by American Express which is why many people refer to the day as American Express Small Business Saturday, the Small Business Saturday is expected to bring thousands of dollars to businesses in the Baltimore area this year.  People are also expected to Support Baltimore artists and craft makers by buying art and crafts.

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As anticipation for this year’s Small Business Saturday continues to grow, there is no doubt that local artists and craft people, galleries and art stores will benefit immensely from community patronage. If you can not directly go to the stores, many of the artists, crafters, art stores and art businesses have online stores and can be contacted through their websites.

Here is a list of galleries and places to buy art and crafts in Baltimore. Support Baltimore Artists:

 Light Street Gallery

Light Street Gallery located in Federal Hill showcases works by emerging and established artist most of who live in Baltimore, Maryland. You can buy paintings, sculptures, prints of original art and limited edition prints from the gallery. The gallery which recently underwent some renovation presents a conducive atmosphere for all art lovers. When you buy art, you support Baltimore artists


This is an art shop like no other. Located in the heart of Baltimore, Razzo is the place to buy one of a kind art pieces created by Tom Matarazzo.  A former police officer, Matarazzo has warmed his way into the hearts of collectors with his works. Some of Matarazzo’s creations include handmade trinkets and painted crab oyster shells. But what has brought him greater fame are his framed painted screens with land and water scenes. You can visit his shop to enjoy his outstanding creativity. You can see more of his works on his website and support Baltimore artists.

Psychedelic Art Exchange

For art lovers interested in buying or learning about 1960s Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters this is the place to go. Formed by founded by Scott Tilson and Glen Trosch, who have over 70 years of combined experience in the rare collectibles markets, shopping at the Psychedelic Art Exchange will help the organization grow as well as enhance the opportunity to educate all those interested in the 1960s experience.


Sankofa, located on Charles street is the place to truly experience Africa. The store showcases elegant, sophisticated as well as casual fashions from West Africa. It is home to many Africans in Baltimore and all those interested in both traditional and contemporary African fashion. Sankofa also carries jewelry, African textiles, sculpture, wood crafts and other art forms reflecting the history of the skilled designers, dressmakers, artisans and other that created these amazing collection of work. The atmosphere in the store is welcoming and there is always someone at hand to educate customers about what they have on sale.

The Book Escape

For those who love books, The Book Escape is the place to go. This is a bookstore that celebrates local writers in a way that brings relevance to their writings. Located both at the southern edge of the Inner Harbor as well as downtown, you will find books by celebrated writes like Laura Lippman, David Simon, best-seller Tom Clancy, Edgar Allan Poe and many others. Book lovers can get new and used book at the store, which has very pleasant and well-informed employees that make you feel at home.

Fells Point Gallery

Since inception in 1980, the Fells Point Gallery has continued to grow, attracting local artists into its fold. A non-profit artist collective, the gallery features the works of over 50 members, including oil paintings, watercolor paintings, sculpture, jewelry, and prints. This is a great place to support Baltimore artists by showing that you love their works. Even if it is just buying a print, every little contribution goes a long way.  

Robert McClintock

At the waterfront in the heart of Fells Point is Robert McClintock’s studio and gallery. The Self-taught photographer is celebrated in his community not just because of his outstanding images, but also because he is seen as part of the community which he diligently captures. In his digital photography, McClintock uses Adobe Photoshop editing to create art pieces that have attracted many to his gallery and photography studio. McClintock not only has a great personality, he is also very welcoming. Support Baltimore artists by buying his digital art and photographs.

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