Digital Art by Illustrator Obery Nicolas Reveals Gory Fantasies

Obery Nicolas, Happy Halloween, Snakes, Masks and Smoke. Image courtesy of the artist

Obery Nicolas, Happy Halloween, Snakes, Masks, and Smoke. Digital art-Illustration- Image courtesy of the artist



Terrifying images of snakes, skulls, and masks celebrate the spirit of Halloween in Obery Nicolas digital art

Obery Nicolas Happy Halloween Snake Skull. Image courtesy of the artist

PARIS, FRANCE — As everyone prepares for Thanksgiving, it is important to remember Halloween. Although Halloween is over, the memories of the day filled with scary moments continue to thrive in the art. While many people were busy hanging Halloween decorations, watching Halloween movies, and playing Halloween games, Obery Nicolas, an Art director/ Illustrator was busy creating amazing digital art and illustrations to mark the day many have come to associate with everything evil.

Based in Paris, France, Nicolas’s visualization of Halloween is both funny and gripping at the same time. His art and illustrations will terrify the bravest. Using familiar images like snakes, horrifying masks, skulls and other creepy figures, Nicolas, who has done many illustration jobs, captured the images of Halloween in a way that will scare many. In one image, smoke bellowed from the eyes, mouth, and ears of a man wearing a hat. In another, snakes project form a gory mask-like monster, fulfilling the fantasy and folklore of all Halloweens. Each digital art poster has “Happy Halloween” written in white.

As everyone gets ready for thanksgiving, it is important to look back in time to that day when fear was celebrated with Halloween. You can see more of Nicolas’s  digital art and illustration on his website and art space.

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Obery Nicolas, Happy Halloween Bloody Beetroots show power of Digital art. Image courtesy of the artist

Obery Nicolas, Happy Halloween Super Hero Dripping Mask.Digital art. Image courtesy of the artist

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