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San Francisco Voters Support New Waterfront Project

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San Francisco Voters Support New Waterfront Project

Pier 70 San Francisco Waterfront Site. Photo: Shae Rocco. Image courtesy of Forest City


In San Francisco, voters show support for Pier 70, a new Waterfront Project by Forest City

SAN FRANCISCO –   Since the November 4 election, the focus has been on how the Republics walloped the Democrats. While there have been issues relating to Marijuana and same sex marriage, many other issues that were on the ballots have not been adequately acknowledged. One of such is Proposition F, an intuitive associated with Pier 70 project in San Francisco. Before the election, Proposition F was highly contested because the Pier 70 project design exceeded established heights limits along the city’s waterfront. In order to meet San Francisco’s new requirement passed in a June election that all building and architecture designs surpassing stipulated height limits for the city’s waterfront be put before the electorate, San Francisco voters had to vote on Proposition F during the November 4 election. After the ballots were counted, 72 percent of the vote were in support of Proposition F, paving way for the Pier 70 project. The first ballot initiative to be dealt with under San Francisco’s new requirement regarding new developments at the waterfront, the approval of Proposition F shows the desire of San Francisco voters to develop the waterfront that is major source of attraction for the city.

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The Pier 70 project to be developed by Forest City will convert part of a former shipyard near the San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood into a 28 –acre community with housing, parks, artists’ studios, offices, and retail stores. It is expected that this development will bring needed facelift to this area, and also aide economic development. As configured for Forest City , the master design has a maximum height of 90 feet, 50 feet above the existing limit on the site. Once the design is complete and the project approved by the city, the height limit will be enacted.

Image: Aerial view photograph of Pier 70 San Francisco Waterfront Site

Aerial view of Pier 70 San Francisco Waterfront Site. Photo: Shae Rocco. Image courtesy of Forest City

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