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Video Art Project by Anita Glesta Points to Global Warming

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Video Art Project by Anita Glesta Points to Global Warming

Limited edition Video Stills from a video art project  titled Watershed by Anita Glesta  create awareness about the environment and the implications of global warming.

VIDEO ART: Anita Glesta’s video art project examines the impact of  global warming on Marine life

WATERSHED install compil from Anita Glesta on Vimeo.

NEW YORK, NY– The debate contest over global warming is a never-ending one. For decades, the supporters of global warming and their opponents have been embroiled in a competition of words about who is right or wrong about global warming and its impact on the environment. While supporters argue that global warming real, opponents of global warming have contended that it is a fabrication of unbelievers and those against economic development. Even as the debates rage on, there are clear indicators that strange things that could lead to dire consequences in future are happening to our environment now. From the extreme heat to severe cold, the weather has become so epileptic that scientists across the globe have expressed serious concerns about the future. An example of the ominous future projected by scientists is evident in Anita Glesta recent video art project. Titled Watershed, this new video art project offers the viewer stunning visuals of beautifully colored fish in clear, jewel-toned waters. But beyond the beauty of the colorful fish, there is the reminder that things are not as they were.

Glesta video art project is a reminder of how construction and the emission of dangerous gasses have affected water conditions. With dwindling water quality, acid rain, and the depletion of the ozone layer, it is clear that marine life continues to be threatened by changing water conditions. But this not just about water but also food supply. The food necessary for the growth of ocean life are also been affected by changing water conditions.

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For the fish food is essential and it is the fight of the fittest as they desperately contest with each other for what is left of their habitat and food.   Inserted in the video art project are images of men who seem to be the architects of the changing climate. The image presents a metaphor for our survival within the ecosystem of our planet – as well as inviting a forum on the global challenge of climate change and its impact on water levels in our rivers and oceans. By contrasting the images of the beautiful colored fish with the reality of our water systems with future dangers, Glesta presents a haunting experience that will make many accept the reality of global warming.

Glesta Video Art Project: Focus on emission of Dangerous Gasses

Image: Untitled video still 3 by Anita Glesta, from the video art project examining impact of global warming on Marine life

Anita Glesta, Untitled video still 3, archival digital pigment prints, 48 x 48 inches, 2014 – limited edition. Image courtesy of Cynthia-Reeves

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