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Fashion Designer Long Tran Turns Fashion to Avant Garde Art

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Fashion Designer Long Tran Turns Fashion to Avant Garde Art

Long Tran Women SS14. Image courtesy of Long Tran



Women and men fashion designs by Long Tran borrows from sculpture and 3D to create curious wearable art

Image: Long Tran's designs are not just for women, they are also for men with style who love fashion art

Long Tran Men SS14. Image courtesy of Long Tran

NEW YORK,NY.,—Originally from Vietnam, New York City based designer Long Tran, is on the brink of something new, fresh, and innovative with amazing concepts and top-notch craftsmanship. Tran, who has been designing on his own for nearly 7 years, began when he was still in high school. As he grew, his passion for fashion intensified. Tran did most of his studies at the Columbia College Chicago where he studied fashion & design. Soon after, he moved to New York City to attend Wood Tobe-Coburn College where he was a Fashion Merchandise major. Not fully satisfied, Tran quickly enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology and he became part of the FIT’s Accessories Design Program. Additionally, he also began interning part-time at Maria Cornejo + Zero to get his foot in the door.

After years of studies and apprenticeship, Tran concluded that it was time to branch out and do everything on his own. He established his own fashion house and his designs came alive. “Fashion is not dead just yet,” Tran said. Tran is keeping creativity alive and it is being unleashed through both his men’s & women’s collections. He has single handedly captured an array of seamless Couture high fashion art in his designs. Every garment is specially designed from the finest materials, and carefully fitted. His design process begins from just a simple thought process to sketching and bringing his art to life. Textures, new age 3D concepts with just a bit of fantasy are creatively combined for the imagination to transpire.

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Tran is a bundle of creativity. He is not only a designer, he also does his own photography and art direction. Although just a second love, photography and art direction helps him interpret a new breed of art and emotion drawn from his designs. It’s totally a win, win situation for him: art and creativity flows through his veins.

Image: A beautiful dress designed by Long Tran, the fashion designer for celebrities blend art with fashion

Long Tran design for women. Image courtesy of Long Tran

Image: This Unusual design for men by Long Tran, the fashion designer for celebrities, borrows from sculpture and 3D art

Long Tran design for men. Image courtesy of Long Tran

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