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Paula Jones Follows Abstract Art to Create Inspirational Ideas

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Paula Jones Follows  Abstract Art to Create Inspirational Ideas

Paula Jones,  Pushing the Limits of Reality – 30 x 40 – acrylic – Mixed Media. Abstract Art.  Image courtesy of the artist



Paula Jones found her calling as an artist and painter after a probe that led to  self-realization and love of abstract art

Image: Mixed Media abstract painting titled Dare to Dream by Paula Jones-Abstract art

Paula Jones, Dare to Dream – 48 x 60 – Mixed Media. A great example of abstract art by the artist. Image courtesy of the artist

Image: Paula Jones working at vintage, a major art store in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Paula Jones working at vintage. Image courtesy of the artist

ARKANSAS— Sometimes, it is important to follow your heart. Paula Jones listened to her internal voice and now she cannot stop painting. Jones lives and works in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in the United States. Artcentron celebrates Jones today not just because of her outstanding talent, but also because she finds meaning in art.

Paula Jones’s abstract art and paintings are filled with meanings and morals. A devoted painter, Jones draws a correlation between painting and human existence. Just as mistakes during the process of painting can be used to understand and improve the painting, Jones believes that mistakes in life can be explored to advance ourselves.

For Paula Jones, painting came naturally. Even then, she was uncertain about why she painted. She figured it out during a study she did with an artist several years ago. The first thing she did at the art training was to ask herself the fundamental question: “Why do I paint?”  The answer to that question came from deep within. She recalls: “I paint, because I never allowed myself the time to PLAY!”   The clarity of that answer, however, did not dissuade her and she probed further. The fact that she equated painting with playing bordered her so much that she had to question her concept of art. The result was enlightening: “I thought that when I was painting I was playing….turns out the reason I was painting was so that I could eventually support myself. I demanded that of myself. I never allowed myself to just play.” Since the probe that led to the self-realization that painting was not playing, Jones has diligently pursued her dream to become an outstanding painter with a focus on abstract art. Her painting process begins with a conversation with the blank canvas. She explains:  

My paintings unfold and develop intuitively. I converse with the canvas, sometimes starting with an intention, or just allowing and knowing that this process works best for me. I paint a layer, then glaze – layer after layer – allowing the layers to build upon themselves creating the depth and richness in the paintings that I love. I find that even the “mistakes” frequently become an intrinsic part of the painting, and I instinctively know that this is much as our lives are. Our “mistakes” or learning experiences as I prefer to call them are layered with time and other experiences, creating the fine masterpieces that we are today.

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A talented painter and creative artists, Jones continues to use her abstract art to inspire others. In Eureka Springs, Arkansas she is making her mark in the art world. Artcentron celebrates Paula Jones and other creative minds. You can see more of Jones’s works on her website.

Image: Acrylic on canvas painting titled In Her Own World by Paula Jones an inspirational artist -Abstract art

Paula Jones, In Her Own World – 36 x 36 – acrylic on canvas. Image courtesy of the artist

Image: Mixed Media painting titled Strong and Silent is an inspirational artwork by Paula Jones-Abstract art

Paula Jones, Strong and Silent – 48 x 36 – Mixed Media. Image courtesy of the artist

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