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Divine Voices of Praise Elevates the Spirit of God in Baltimore

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Divine Voices of Praise Elevates the Spirit of God in Baltimore

Divine Voices of Praise celebrating God and creating committed Christians. Image courtesy of Ark Church Baltimore



BALTIMORE— The Ark Church of Baltimore is one of the well-known churches in Maryland. Led by Bishop J. L. Carter and his wife First Lady Cora, the church since inception, has continued to grow even as many other churches dwindle in membership. Members of the church have attributed the growth and popularity of the church to the unflinching commitment of Bishop J. L. Carter, who has devoted himself to the advancement of God’s promises. Since September 1987 when he became chief servant of the Ark Church, Bishop J. L. Carter has devoted himself to creating committed Christians. He has also engaged the church in community services. Besides hosting a free pantry which provides food for the needy in the community, Ark Church also has a free Community Cloth Closet, where cloths are provided for the disadvantaged.

With the Church’s popularity, it is not surprising that when the church had its Annual Music Ministry Concert to glorify God and celebrate the fulfillment of His promises, the venue was filled to capacity.   Titled Songs of the Kingdom, guests began arriving at about 2:30pm for an event expected to start at 4:00 PM. At 4:00PM when the event eventually began, the Ark Church hall was filled to capacity and heavenly voices reverberated across the church.

Dressed in black and red suit and gowns, the choir began by singing praises to God for His kindness and promises fulfilled. Led by Marcus D. Smith, Minister of Music, the Divine Voices of Praise, a part of the Ark Church Music Ministry traversed harmonious musical notes to set the tone for an amazing performance. The audience sang along, swaying to the melodious tunes.

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When the first performance ended, the Choir got a rousing applause from the appreciative audience. But they were just beginning. The next few performances filled the house with the Spirit of God. The audience brought out their ipads, digital cameras, iphones, and other devices and began to take pictures. The flashes gave the Choir more boast, and their voices went heaven high. There were divine angels in the house as heavenly voices reached a crescendo.

When the performance at the Ark Church ended, everyone in the church was filled with the spirit of God. Thunderous applause greeted the Divine Voices of Praise as they took a bow. When the audience made their way home, they could not stop talking about the great performance they had just experienced, and how the songs have reinvigorated their commitment to serving God.

The Divine Voices of Praise from Baltimore, Maryland released a CD in 2010. Titled Be Still and Know, it was produced by Minister Isaiah Thomas, and Marcus D. Smith. Here are some of the songs in the CD.

Video: YouTube, Divine Voices of Praise

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