Baltimore Summer Antiques Show Ends on a Sound Note

Conrad Wise Chapman (1842-1910), Valle de Mexico from Hacienda Morales circa 1878, oil on panel 8 5/8 X 16 inches. Image courtesy of Alexander Gallery

Conrad Wise Chapman (1842-1910), Valle de Mexico from Hacienda Morales circa 1878, oil on panel 8 5/8 X 16 inches displayed at the Antiques Show. Image courtesy of Alexander Gallery



A great showing by art auction houses and antique dealers at the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show left art lovers asking for more.

Fabulous Emerald & Diamond Ring: Centering a fine 3.26 carats oval emerald, very clean, with beautiful blue-green overtones, bordered by a row of round brilliant cut diamonds and a row of baguette diamonds, to the split shoulders set with similarly cut diamonds. Fifty diamonds totaling approximately 3.25 carats, mounted in platinum, approximately 3/4″ long across the finger to the finger nail. Image courtesy of Jacobs-Diamonds

BALTIMORE— The Baltimore Summer Antiques Show came to a close Sunday on a very sound note. Held at the Baltimore Convention Center, the annual event brought together art collectors and lovers of everything antique. For the whole weekend, this great Baltimore summer event in its s 34th year featured Art auction houses, art collectors, antique dealers, estate jewelers, and antiquarian book dealers, who brought out their best to show to the world. From Friday through Sunday, the venue was a beehive of activities as antique collectors, art collectors, antiquarian book collectors and art aficionados walk through the vast very conducive atmosphere of the Baltimore Convention Center to interact with precious art.

There were many booths with exceptional jewelry and gemstone for sale. From gold to diamond, silver and sapphire, there was so much to see and buy. Just as there were beautiful men’s diamond jewelries, there were also beautiful gemstones for women.  For those planning their weddings, the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show was filled the opportunity to buy some of the best wedding rings. Elegant styles of wedding rings in different shapes and colors abound. The fabulous emerald & diamond ring at the Jacob Diamond booth was most captivating and attractive. It attracted not just couples ready to tie the knot, but also those who just love fine jewelry.

Besides jewelry, there were also antiques and rare books for sale. Walking through the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show organized by the Palm Beach Show Group was like walking through an antiquarian book fair. There were so many antiquarian book sellers and used book for sale. From Friday through Sunday, rare book collectors converge around these booths to acquire first edition books or out of print books. Although some of the books were used book, they were very rare and valuable.

For all those who love art, there was so much art to see. There were paintings, sculptures, ceramics and textiles. Many of the works were in different styles and tradition: impressionism, abstract art, pop art and all other styles. There were impressionist paintings and modern art on canvas. Many of the participating galleries and art dealers presented their best, and art buyers were unrelenting in their effort to take some of the great pieces home. From modern art on canvas to large sculptural pieces, the Baltimore Convention Center was like a huge museum. The Art Baltimore 2014, a show -within a- show featured a spectacular collection of international fine art galleries. The array of artworks and galleries in this section included fine art and sculpture spanning time, from old European masters to contemporary works that engendered an amazing art experience for guests. For those who could not afford the large canvases and sculpture, there were also fine art prints on canvases.

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For all those who were able to visit this year’s Baltimore Summer Antiques Show, there was no doubt that they will carry the memory for a long time. Besides the art, antiques and rare books put on sale, the atmosphere was gorgeous. The Baltimore Convention Center was conducive and allowed visitors an environment to interact and engage with art and antiques. The courtyard within the show was most valuable to visitors who used the eating areas to meet and interact with their friends and also take the weight off. It is not surprising that many are already looking forward to next year’s event. Even those that did not buy anything know that visiting the venue and interacting with art and antiques was worth all the effort.

A Tiffany Studios New York Tulip table lamp Circa 1910. Base Signed Tiffany Studios New York 587. Image courtesy of BSAS

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