Saturday 24th February 2018,


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Madden Season Off Football Season With Kevin Hart

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Madden Season Off Football Season With Kevin Hart

Madden NFL 15. Football at its best. Image courtesy of EA Sports


BALTIMORE— Kevin Hart is one funny feller. From movies to stand up comedy, he has not failed to excite his audience. He is even more powerful when he combines with other comedians as he did in the new Madden 15 advertisement that debuted recently on YouTube. The advertisement, a mix match of ideas from different commercials, combines rap, and visual imageries to titillate viewers. The three-minute spot also features Dave Franco who engages Hart in an intense gaming competition. Even when Franco (Dave) was told his house was on fire, he was unperturbed. As the football season begins, this is the handy game to play not just for football lovers but all those who love video games.

Madden NFL 15 Gameplay: Official Thriller E3 2014


What’s New in Madden NFL 18


In continuation of creating excitement for video game lovers and football lovers, Madden has introduced exciting new ways to team up and play with friends. The Madden NFL 18 features all new gameplay features including target passing and blocking controls, plus new wide receiver and defensive back mechanics. The game also features three ways to play, arcade, simulation, and competitive. Pick your style and play your way. The game launches on August 25.

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