The Lion King Broadway Cast Entertain on NYC Subway Car

The Lion King Broadway Poster. Image courtesy of Disney

The Lion King Broadway Poster. Image courtesy of Disney



NEW YORK— For many New Yorkers, it is no more news that traveling by subway around New York City can  sometimes be very traumatic. Besides the fact that some of the cars can be packed full with little room for movement, many New Yorkers can also be very cranky, especially after a long day. To deal with the constrains of the sometimes very long commute uptown or downtown, many subway riding New Yorkers have developed individual ways to channel their thoughts and better spend their time. While some listen to music on their phones, others play games like candy crush, angry birds and many others on their tablets. However, there have been instances when some form of unexpected entertainment takes the mind of New York subway commuters off their digital gadgets. One happened on June 28 when the Broadway cast of The Lion King riding on the A train serenaded a New York subway car with the a cappella rendition of The Circle of Life. The reaction of the subway audience was mixed: While some seemed embarrassed, others gave the performers a rousing ovation. As expected, many on the A train documented the epochal art event with their cell phones and tablets. When the performance ended, many of the commuters went back to listening to music on their phones and playing games on their tablets. Some even pretended to be reading.

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The Lion King on Broadway is the stage adaptation of the Academy Award-winning 1994 Disney film, The Lion King. The film tells the classic journey of young royal heir Simba, who in the face of unbelievable adversities, fought to become the leader of the tribe. Directed by Taymor, with music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice, The Lion King opened on Broadway on November 13, 1997, and has gone on to become the top grossing musical performance. In 2013, The Lion King made history as the first show to gross more than $1 billion. The show has also won several awards. The performance in the New York A train by the Broadway cast of The Lion King shows why the show continues to attract a lot of audience across the globe.

The Lion King Broadway Cast Sings Circle Of Life on NYC Subway and Sings

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A look at the spectacular African world of  The Lion King live onstage.

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