5 Yoshiki Videos You Must See Before Otakon

Cover of Yoshiki Classical album, one of the most celebrated by the artist. Image courtesy of Yoshiki

Cover of Yoshiki Classical album. Image courtesy of Yoshiki


5 Yoshiki videos Set the Mood for Otakon Perfomance


BALTIMORE— Since the news broke that Yoshiki, leader of rock group X Japan will be coming to Baltimore, there has been great excitement across the city. Yoshiki will be performing at Otakon 2014 at the Baltimore Convention Center as part of the Sunday Concert. Based on his Yoshiki Classical World Tour, lovers of the anime, manga, video games, and music from the Far East are all looking forward to this performance that is bound to draw audiences from across the country.  These 5 Yoshiki videos sets the mood for that performance.

This is the not the first time that the multi-talented founder of X-Japan will be making his appearance at Otakon. His first Otakon appearance was in 2006, and he returned in 2010 with Sugizo to give a special performance. Yoshiki videos from that performance show how entertaining he is as a performer. While those appearances were special, his performance at Otakon 2014 is bound to be special.

Besides the fact that this is going to be a full performance, Yoshiki has promised something extra special.  These Yoshiki videos confirm it. For those who love Yoshiki, they know that this means electrifying performance. Yoshiki will perform with Katy from Violet UK and the Yoshiki Sextet. X Japan‘s Pata and Heath will also make an appearance.

Considered to be one of Asia’s most influential musical artists and the biggest rock icon, Yoshiki has been thrilling fans around the world with his new collection of compositions entitled Yoshiki Classical. This year, Yoshiki has taken his Yoshiki Classical World Tour to different countries including U.S, Mexico, Russia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. Yoshiki videos presented here show how  people have been receiving his performance.

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Yoshiki ‘s performance at Otakon ties into the organizations ideals which is to celebrate Japanese and East Asian popular culture. There is no doubt that devotees of anime, manga, video games, and music from the Far East will be thrilled by Yoshiki’s performance. To set the mood for his performance in Baltimore, here are five amazing Yoshiki videos of electrifying performance across the globe.

5 Yoshiki videos Set the Mood for Otakon Perfomance

Yoshiki Classical SXSW2014 Hologram Piano Battle (Trailer)

140425 – Yoshiki – HERO @ Yoshiki Classical World Tour Costa Mesa

X-Japan – Art of Life (Full)

X JAPAN YOSHIKI- Japan Expo Paris LIVE stage 2014

Yoshiki World Tour in London

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