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Ubisoft ‘ Far Cry 4 ’ Crew Journey Through the Himalayas

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Ubisoft ‘ Far Cry 4 ’ Crew Journey Through the Himalayas

Elephants in an amazing landscape, feature that makes Far Cry 4 awesome. Image courtesy of Ubisoft


Far Cry 4 takes Ubisoft crew to the Himalayas, revealing the stunning tourist destination that influenced the video game

By Kazad

Image of oppressive leader Pagan Min in Far Cry 4′s, a video game that is giving video game players great excitement

Pagan Min: oppressive leader and Far Cry 4′s villain. Image courtesy of Ubisoft

SAN FRANCISCO, CA— Ubisoft, the multinational video game developer and publisher, has released the second video of the trek that inspired the world of Far Cry 4. The second of a three part series produced in collaboration with Virtue, vice’s in-house creative agency,  the series takes viewers on a journey deep into the real-world Nepal, revealing a treacherous adventure. The first video of this series was released recently during San Diego Comic Con.

In the series, Krishna Andavolu, Mark Thomas (Narrative Director) and Philippe Fournier (Production Manager) take a journey to the Himalayas, revealing the rich culture and history that influenced the making of the Far Cry 4. Walking through treacherous mountains, lush forests and challenging terrains, they take us through breathtaking scenes. While the main objective of the trek was to find ways to create the most authentic gaming experience, Andavolu, Thomas, and Fournier inadvertently reveal a major tourist destination that will make any tourist do a back flip.

Far Cry 4 is set in the Himalayas where Ajay Ghale confronts the oppressive regime of Pagan Min, a man known as much for his sense of style and charisma as well as his cruelty and calculated brutality. Ajay Ghale, who was returning to the country of his birth to fulfill his mother’s dying wish of spreading her ashes, is swept up in a rebellion to overthrow the oppressive regime of Pagan Min. The result is adrenalin pumping excitement as Ajay Ghale navigates treacherous landscape to stay alive. From the lush forest and harsh snowcapped summits of Kyrat, Ajay Ghale battles for survival in Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 4 comes to PC and other game consoles in November

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 Far Cry 4 Official Trailer

Far Cry 4 | Journey to the Himalayas 1

Far Cry 4 | Journey to the Himalayas 2

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