Photographer Matt Mawson Documents Life at the Mexico Fish Market

Sunset at the fish market. Photo: Matt Mawson

Sunset at the fish market by photographer Matt Mawson, is  one of the images from his study of the Mexico fish market. Photo: Matt Mawson

PHOTOGRAPHY: British Photographer Matt Mawson documents life at Mexico fish market


The train at the fish market. Photo: Matt Mawson

MEXICO — Besides tourists and travelers, the fish market in the Pacific coastal city of Mazatlán Sinaloa, Mexico is also a major attraction for photographers. Recently, Matt Mawson, a London based photographer , was there to document the way of life at the fish market. Mawson’s photographic project captures the activities of fishermen, fish sellers and the environment.

From the collection of images, it is clear that Mawson is not just a photographer but also a remarkable story teller. With his images, Mawson places viewers right inside the fish market in such a way that they become a part of the conversation. In one of the photographs, Mawson captures the seashore at sun set. In the distant are silhouettes of large ships anchored at the harbor. Just in front of them are small boats with fishermen and women offloading the catch for the day. Waiting and watching intently are several pelicans ready to share in the day’s catch.

One of the main forms of transportation around the fish market is the train. In one photo, Mawson captures a train in transit. The train is an essential mode of transportation, taking fish from the shores to the market place and other areas of Mexico. While the train is important, what makes the fish market exciting are the people. One image captures a man struggling to get his bicycle off a boat, and another reveals two lovers walking hand in hand towards a boat. In one image pelicans glide from roofs in their search for fresh seafood.

Matt Mawson’s photography project is a narrative that brings viewers to a place they might never visit. But more importantly, it inserts them into the conversations at the fish market. It is possible to hear the chattering of the fishermen and women as they haggle with their customers. The noise of the pelican can also be heard as they glide in the quest for fresh seafood. You can see more of  Matt Mawson’s  photo on Behance

Hand in hand, a man and a woman walk towards a boat. Photo: Matt Mawson

Man carries his bicycle off the boat at the fish market . Photo: Matt Mawson

Pelicans glide from the rooftop in their quest for fresh seafood. Photo: Matt Mawson

Conversation at the fish market . Photo: Matt Mawson

A customer gets ready to pay for his fish at the fish market . Photo: Matt Mawson

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