Dudley Family Reunion in North Carolina Rekindled Joyful Memories

Great Grandparents at the reunion. Photo: Kazad/Artcentron

Great Grandparents at the family reunion in North Carolina. Photo: Kazad/Artcentron



With exciting family reunion activates, members of the Dudley family shared memories of growing up, and why family is important

Introducing a new member of the family at the family reunion. Kazad/Artcentron

NORTH CAROLINA— On July 12, 2013, the Dudley family had their family reunion in Lumberton, the heart of North Carolina. The event brought together family members from across the country.  Families came from Florida, Maryland, Caroline, New Jersey, Minnesota and several other places.  There was great excitement as parents welcomed their children, many of whom they had not seen in years. Eyes welled with tears as children were introduced to their grandparents and great grandparents.

During dinner, there was so much to eat and drink.  The foods reflect different cultures, a result of the fact that many of the children and grandchildren are part of the global community. While some children are married to people from other cultures, others are in the military and have traveled across the globe experiencing other cultures.  Many of the family members have  Families also played fun games, engaged in creative activities, and exchanged addresses. Here are some of the photos from the Dudley’s reunion. All photos are courtesy of KAZAD/ARTCENTRON.

Mrs. Adeleke and her dad at the reunion. Kazad/Artcentron

Playful Ka’lisha Worsley with her mom, sisters and grandfather at the reunion. Kazad/Artcentron

Time to Eat. Photo: Kazad/Artcentron

Family members waiting to get their food at the Dudley family reunion. Kazad/Artcentron

Group Photo with grandparents. Photo: Kazad/Artcentron