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Art Professionals Endorse Art Stage Singapore for a Memorable Outing

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Art Professionals Endorse Art Stage Singapore for a Memorable Outing

Love Me by Choi Jeong Hwa, Galerie Vanessa Quang. Image courtesy of Art Stage Singapore 2014

ART FAIR: Art Stage Singapore closes 4th Edition on a record high, bringing together artists, art collectors and professionals


Image Celebrity Lorenzo Rudolf at Art Stage Singapore 2014 with another art lover.

Lorenzo Rudolf at Art Stage Singapore 2014. Image Art Stage Singapore 2014

SINGAPORE–A total of 45,700 visitors visited this year’s Art Stage Singapore that ended Sunday. The art fair which has become the major Asian art event drew visitors and participants from across the globe. This forth edition of the Art Stage Singapore featured 158 exhibitors from around the globe, many of who are reporting significant sales. Paintings, sculpture and artworks in other media by emerging and famous artists like Zao Wuo-Ki, Gerhard Richter, Sakshi Gupta, Secundino Hernandez, Waqas Khan, Zhang Ding, Jean-Michel Othoniel , Anthony Gormley, Qiu Zhijie, teamLab, Jane Lee, and Naoko Tosa were sold by top galleries.

The highlight of this year’s event were The Platforms, a series of curated sales exhibitions that featured Southeast Asia, Australia, Central Asia, China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The shows provided the necessary contextualization and understanding of artistic development in Asia and the growing art market for collectors, artists and art professionals at the fair. “The concept of the Platforms” noted Kim and Lito Camacho, Filipino art collectors, “is an interesting one because it gives one the experience of being in a museum as opposed to a gallery booth. It allows one to experience and engage with the artworks in a different way. The country and regional Platforms allows one to experience the works by both established and emerging artists. It is also very educational – as one goes through the Platforms, they get to experience a diverse range of art from different countries, even within the same region.”

Art Stage Singapore 2014 continues to receive accolades from guests and curators for a great outing. David Lin of Lin & Lin Gallery, Taipei notes that“Art Stage Singapore is the best way to get into the Asian art world.” His sentiment is shared by Uli Sigg, collector and researcher of Contemporary Chinese art who said that “Art Stage Singapore always brings in new artists whom I do not know about, not only from my specialty – Chinese art – but from other parts of Asia and Southeast Asia. It is also a place to get to know the artists, and learn more about them and their works….I think it is a good idea to have Platforms because it is a way to distinguish Art Stage Singapore from other art fairs. Another distinguishing factor is the mix of galleries and I hope Art Stage Singapore will continue doing so while keeping its focus on art from Southeast Asia. I think that’s their unique selling point, which they should build on.”

Artists, curators and other emerging art professional are already looking forward to Art Stage Singapore 2015. Art fair insiders note that the eagerness is not just because of this year’s great outing, but also because of Art Stage Singapore events, which brings together art professionals from around the world. Art Auctioneers and art market monitors, however, points to the increase in art sales as the reason for all the zest. Biantoro Santoso of Nadi Gallery, Jakarta explained the enthusiasm when she noted that“The fair is ideal to meet new collectors, particularly international buyers.” Here are some images of works and people at this year’s event.

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Image- monumental sculpture made from recycled materials was one the center pieces at the Art Stage Singapore 2014. The Art Stage Singapore event drew art professionals worldwide

Entrance Arch , The Continuous Gate by Joko Dwi Avianto. Image Art Stage Singapore 2014

Image: People in a tunnel shows on the way to a mine. The artist is part of the long list of famous artists whose works were featured in The Platform, a special art event at the art fair.

Tunnel by Mark Justiniani, The Drawing Room at SEA Platform. Image Art Stage Singapore 2014

Image: This unusual sculpture borrows from science fictions and movies like RoboCop. Art market monitors say Art Stage Singapore is one the most successful Art fair in Asia Art Stage Singapore 2014

Seunghyo Jang, Space BM . Image Art Stage Singapore 2014