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Junk Food War: Vasava’s New Project is Revealing

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Junk Food War: Vasava’s New Project is Revealing

An attack on the cheese filled junk food. Photography: Leila Méndez.  Image courtesy of Vasava


The Brutal War on Junk Food and Obesity in America comes into focus in a new project by Vasava


Image – Colorful and well-glazed donuts provide coverage for soldiers engage in a vicious food fight. Hiding around donuts and in donut holes, they shoot at each other

Soldiers engage each other hiding around donuts and in donut holes. Photo: Leila Méndez. Image courtesy of Vasava

BARCELONA SPAIN — In the last ten years, obesity in American has become a major point of discussion across the country. Besides the issue of obesity in children, adults are also growing fat.  The consumption of junk foods has been identified as the major cause of obesity in America. Beyond the consumption of junk food, however, recent obesity facts have shown that the lack of exercise and inactivity has also contributed to obesity in the United States.

While there are many other reasons for obesity, the one that has continued to dominate attention is the impact of junk food on children and adults. It is for this reason that Americans have declared war on junk food. Food and drinks like donuts, fries, bugger, hot dog, soda and other forms of junk food have been identify in this war on junk food.

The war on junk food has led to the introduction of different programs to promote fitness and healthy eating habits in children and adults. Different campaigns focused on obesity help for those who need them have also been instituted.  Let’s Movie, an initiative of the First Lady Mitchell Obama, is one of the well-known programs that have created a lot of awareness about obesity in America and the consequences. While the focus has been on childhood obesity, adults are also benefiting from this program, which is also addressing the issue of diabetes.

Successful as some of the programs initiated to inform people about the impact of the consumption of junk food have been, there are those who think they are imposing and intrusive. “They are trying to tell us what we can and cannot eat”, an opponent of the programs said.  The back and forth has led to what has been considered a war on fast food.

The food fight is the focus of a recent art project by Vasava, an unusual ad agency based in Barcelona, Spain. Created to illustrate Adweek Magazine The War on Food, the project intently captures the conflict that has been generated by the uncompromising war on food. In one of the images, soldiers, perhaps Special Forces, engage each other in a war over tantalizing, well-glazed donuts with luscious sprinkles. This is a brutal engagement. While two soldiers engage each other in the center of  the battle field, others hide in donut holes. Positioned in and around the donuts are casualties of this violent food fight. While some appear dead, others seem terrible injured. But the fight must go on.

In another piece, soldiers from opposing sides navigate tall French fries dripping with ketchup. Hiding behind tall crispy sticks of fries, they shoot at each other. This is a vicious fight to the end. A soldier is hit and falls to the ground. As his comrades rush to help him, they come under intense fire. This is the war on food, and there will be casualties. You can see more projects by Vasava on Behance.

War on Junk Food and Obesity

Photography: Leila Méndez. Agents US: Bernstein & Andriulli.

Image-Ready for the attack on the hot dog fortify with ketchup and mustard, soldiers cautiously move in to engage this junk food

Ready for the attack on the hot dog fortify with ketchup and mustard. Photo: Leila Méndez. Image courtesy of Vasava

Image- Fries dripping with ketchup provides coverage for soldiers as they attack each other in a war for fast food

Soldiers hiding behind fries dripping with ketchup attack each other. Photo: Leila Méndez. Image courtesy of Vasava

Image - Soldiers take over the big gulp of soda, filled with sugar and danger

Soldiers take over the big gulp of soda. Photo: Leila Méndez. Image courtesy of Vasava