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A Multimedia Artist Follows His Instinct

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A Multimedia Artist Follows His Instinct

 Sany 2012 by the Multimedia Artist Maurizio Barraco is an abstract nude oil on canvas painting. Image courtesy of the artist


Artcentron celebrates multimedia artist Maurizio Barraco.

Barraco is an outstanding artist who uses figure painting and video art to communicate his thoughts and ideas. He lives and works in Italy. He has participated in exhibitions across the globe. He recently participated in a show in Venezuela where he showed two of his video art.

Image- Multimedia Artist Maurizio Barraco smiling before going to work

Maurizio Barraco . Image courtesy of the artist

Tell Us About Yourself

I am a multimedia artist. I studied and graduated from the University of Fine Arts around the beginning of the 90s. In recent years, I have studied engraving techniques and I have specialized in using these techniques in my work. Of late, I have become fascinated with video art and I have done a lot with this medium.

How is Your Life as a Full-Time Artist?

My life as a full-time studio artist involves the constant search for new ideas. I am continually studying new ideas, shapes, and forms as a way of bringing new meanings to my work. My research effort is not an attempt at technical proficiency but the search for beauty, which is not just aesthetically pleasing, but the beauty of the soul within expressed outwardly.

The evolution of my art is simple: learn and browse. I love to explore the human body and forms. No identities hidden and everything is mysteriously true. In the last two years, I have worked remotely with other artists. Working on a project based on a specific idea helps to free the imagination. Today, collaborations amongst artists are very easy. Unlike in the past, the issue artists contend with these days is not technical but conceptual. Ideas are of utmost importance when it comes to artistic collaborations. The development of the World Wide Web has made partnership even easier as art can be shared and manipulated.

What is Your Latest Project?

Lately, I have been working on a project that I titled “The Construction of the Body”. I am working with artists from all over the world on this project. This project has been very engaging and rewarding because of immense creative exchange. From the artistic development in my old Europe to the important discoveries of a key part of the art and new forms of artistic freedom in South America, the encounters have been limitless. The project has evolved into many areas, including video, digital photography, painting, and designs. All possible forms of conceptual and performances have also been explored as a way of re/creating the human form.

What is Your Perception of Art?

Art is not an abstract concept: art is central to human existence and part of everyday life. I work a lot in the area of video art not just because I love it but also because of the abundant opportunity it provides me to express myself and ideas. I explore not just the painterly features but also its ability to capture moments and movements. This approach has helped me create unique works of art. Some of my video art are instinctive. I also allow actors to explore improvisational skills in the expression of movement, moments, thoughts and feelings.

Final Thoughts

I have a strong belief that art should be collaborative because through collaboration artists around the world can share ideas and engage in creative exchange.

You can see more of Barraco’s works on his website. You can also buy prints of his art at 500px.

Image-, Japan Geisha 2012, oil on canvas by the Multimedia Artist Maurizio Barraco is the painting of Geisha dressed in a purple kimono

Maurizio Barraco, Japan Geisha 2012, oil on canvas 100×70. Image courtesy of the Multimedia Artist

Image: Barraco, Rosso Fuoco 2012, by the Multimedia Artist Maurizio Barraco captures a woman in the nude in this oil on canvas painting in red scheme

Maurizio Barraco, Rosso Fuoco 2012, oil on canvas 100×70. Image courtesy of the Multimedia Artist

Image- Geisha Woman 2013 by the Multimedia Artist Maurizio Barraco, is an oil on canvas 100x70 painting of a woman dressed in blue in a Sensual mood

Maurizio Barraco, Geisha Woman 2013, oil on canvas 100×70. Image courtesy of the Multimedia Artist