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Modern Art Videos Celebrate Art Stage Singapore

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Modern Art Videos Celebrate Art Stage Singapore

Visitors at Art Stage Singapore 2014 that were also the focus modern art videos. Image: Art Stage Singapore


Contemporary art and events at Art Stage Singapore celebrated in several modern art videos rich in music


SINGAPORE –Although Art Stage Singapore is over, the art fair continues to be at the center of discussion. Besides its organization, the unprecedented crowd and art sales, The Platforms were commended.  Dr. Oei Hong Djien, an Indonesian art collector notes that“This year, we see new developments like the platforms and museum-like curated exhibitions, for example, the Taiwan platform curated by Rudy Tseng. It’s amazing….Every year, I meet artists from many other countries whom I do not previously know such as the artists from China. Through the fair, I got to know more about the artists’ works and hence, become more aware of what is happening in the art scene regionally and internationally.” Beyond the art event, some of the videos produced for this art fair that has become the most celebrated art occasion in Asia has continued to generate so much enthrallment. The modern art video captures some of the works and people at Art Stage Singapore 2014. Here are some the videos.

More than 131 galleries were part of the third edition of the Art Stage Singapore

More than 131 galleries from 25 countries were part of the third edition of the Art Stage Singapore. Locate in the exhibition center of Singapore’s spectacular Marina Bay Sands complex, the event brought together some of the best works by artists from across Asia and around the globe. With a strong focus on Southeast Asian art, 75% of the fair’s exhibitors were from the Asia Pacific Modern while 25% are leading international galleries such as Eigen + Art, Perrotin, or White Cube.

Modern Art Videos Highlight Closing of Art Stage Singapore 2013