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Sculpture of Palestinian Worker Crossing the Border Highlights an Unresolved Conflict

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Sculpture of Palestinian Worker Crossing the Border Highlights an Unresolved Conflict

David Mesguich, Installation view of the sculpture of Palestinian worker in the exhibition at RX gallery on the lookout in the hallway, Paris, 2009. Image courtesy of the artist

ART PROJECT: Sculpture of Palestinian worker crossing the Israeli border is a reminder of an unresolved conflict


 Image- The Palestinians and Israelis Conflict makes border crossing impossible. Palestinians have to sneak across the Israeli border to work-Palestinian

David Mesguich, Installation view of the sculpture Palestinian worker in the exhibition at RX Gallery, Paris, 2009. Image courtesy of the artist


BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Since he became the United States Secretary of State, Senator John Kerry has resumed the effort to bring the Palestinians and Israelis back to the negotiating table. Taking over from where Hillary Rodham Clinton stopped, Senator Kerry seems determined to succeed where others have failed. From talking to Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority to Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, the new discussions have given many people new hope for peace.

There is so much optimism that the two-state solution necessary for the creation of an independent Palestinian state that will exist alongside independent Jewish state will be achieved. But the question many skeptics are asking is “Will Senator Kerry succeed where others have failed in bringing a resolution to the  Palestinians and Israelis conflict that has claimed many lives on both sides? This is the question many watches of the conflict between Palestine and Israel have struggled to answer.

Besides the effort for a political settlement, there have been great efforts to bring attention to the plight of the people and their suffering. In his recent sculpture, David Mesguich, an artist based in Brussels, Belgium, presents the challenges Palestinians face as they struggle to cross into Israel to work. Titled Borderline, the epoxy resin sculpture was done in 2009 for an exhibition in a gallery. Installed behind a pillar, the sculpture depicts a Palestinian worker hiding and on the lookout for the Israeli border patrol.

Although the sculpture Palestinian worker was created in 2009, it has great relevance in today’s events. It is a reminder of the Israelis and Palestinians history, and that despite Israel’s peaceful reconciliation with Egypt and Jordan, the conflict between Israel and Palestine remains unresolved.  The hope is that one day soon, the Israelis and Palestinians conflict will be resolved and we can see Palestinians and Israelis working together. You can see more of his sculptures on Behance

Image: Sculpture of a Palestinian Worker trying to cross the Israel border highlights the Palestinians and Israelis Conflict and the struggle for a resolution for the conflict

David Mesguich, view of the installation in “Cité internationale de Lyon”. Mural by Françoise Petrovitch. Palestinian worker.   Image courtesy of the artist



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